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90% of tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh City have only been around touristy area, which doesn’t provide real traveling experience. They are always looking for the local one, however, the fear of strange places with lots of risks makes them hesitate. Understanding that, we, as a young, enthusiastic, dynamic young team, founded A.N Saigon Food Tours, which bring tourists to the real local experience with friendly & professional tour guides. You will join us to experience 6-7 local destinations plus 5-6 kinds of Vietnamese best food, which touristy restaurants don’t have. Everything is included in the range of $29 – $39. So, what does A.N means? In Vietnamese, it’s ”Ăn Nhậu”, means parties in the local way. In English, it’s “About Now”, the slogan for travelers – “When you travel, it’s about now, and when it’s about now, just do it”. Although we are named A.N Tours, we also provide all kinds of tours in Ho Chi Minh City, which bring the real local experience to you…

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