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  • Belém: Full-Day Furos & Igarapé Boat Tour with Lunch

    1. Belém: Full-Day Furos & Igarapé Boat Tour with Lunch

    Spend your day cruising along the Guamá and Acará rivers to tour the waterfront of Belém. Explore the natural channels between two rivers or lagoons, called furos, which are typical to northern Brazil. Visit a local riverside community to experience, and learn what life by the river is like. Take in the daily activities of different boats on the river and enjoy the beauty of the diverse Amazonian habitats as you travel down the waterways. Sail around Combú Island, passing through Furo do Benedito and Furo do Paciência. Visit a waterfront village, and learn about how locals interact with the environment, make use of natural resources in their daily lives, and activities such as fishing, hunting, and agriculture.  Choose to add your experience with a trip at dawn to Papagaios Island, a habitat for thousands of parrots. Watch the city come to life in the morning, and as the sun begins to...

  • Belém: Marajó Island Day Trip with Buffalo Farm Visit

    2. Belém: Marajó Island Day Trip with Buffalo Farm Visit

    Visit Marajó Island in the north of Brazil and enjoy majestic rivers, beautiful beaches, exotic food, and fascinating local culture. Choose between a day trip to Souré and Salvaterra and start the day with a boat ride across the awe-inspiring Pará River. Souré Trip: Arrive by boat at Camará Port and head straight to Araruna Farm. There you’ll learn about buffalo farming and the importance of these huge animals to the local population. In fact, you may even see the police officers of the area riding a buffalo on patrol. After a snack break, visit a ceramics and buffalo leathercraft center before continuing on to Pesqueiro Beach. Relax by the beach, enjoy the waves as the Pará River meets the Atlantic Ocean and take time for a bit of lunch (not included).  Salvaterra Trip: Arrive by boat at Salvaterra and continue to the Rural Tourism Unit Açaí Nativo (UTRAN) to learn about buffalo rais...

  • Belém: Ilha do Mosqueiro River Beach Trip with Lunch

    3. Belém: Ilha do Mosqueiro River Beach Trip with Lunch

    Enjoy a full-day tour to the bucolic Mosqueiro Island, approximately 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Belém by car. Sunbathe on the beach and take a dip in the calm waters. Benefit from included lunch and hotel transfers. Mosqueiro Island is connected to the mainland by the 1.5-kilometer (0.9-mile) Sebastião de Oliveira bridge. The 243-kilometer² (94-mile²) island is located on the eastern coast of the Pará River (the southern arm of the Amazon), in front of Marajó Bay. On your day trip, discover some of the island’s 16 beautiful freshwater beaches with waves and tides, over 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) of clear sands, and lush vegetation. Much of the island’s tourism is entirely organic: people go there because it’s a charming natural place with distinctive gastronomy. Lunch is included, and your day is all about having free time to swim and sunbathe on the calm beaches.

  • From Belém: Icoaraci Ceramics 3-Hour Tour

    4. From Belém: Icoaraci Ceramics 3-Hour Tour

    Take a 3-hour tour from Belém and discover the village of Icoaraci, the largest center for the production of Marajoara and Tapajônica ceramics. Visit the Livramento neighborhood, where the picturesque Igarapé do Paracuiri is located. Learn how artisans who extract clay from here, to produce handicrafts. Browse the many shops filled with pottery, and see the entire process of ceramics production — from clay extraction and shaping, to the final product. Admire the huge variety of styles and colors, including reproductions of Marajoara and Tapajônica pieces, and stylized pieces with manganese coating.

  • Belém: Ilha dos Papagaios Birdwatching Sunrise Tour

    5. Belém: Ilha dos Papagaios Birdwatching Sunrise Tour

    Start the tour before dawn with pickup from your hotel in Belém or make your own way to the meeting point. As the city sleeps, depart for Papagaios Island, crossing the river in a small boat. At the docks, watch as hundreds of market stalls selling bread and different fruits open their stalls ready for the morning trade. Cruise across the water for 20-minutes until you arrive at Papagaios Island, a habitat for thousands of parrots. As the sun begins to rise, gaze in awe at the unique sight of thousands of parrots flying across the sky. Marvel as the sky appears to turn a tint of green in this festive greeting to the sun. Cross back across the water and conclude the tour with drop-off at your hotel or at the meeting point. Alternatively, choose to extend your experience with a trip to the 'Furos', the lowland lagoons of the area formed by river flooding which provides the habitat for mu...

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