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Cairo Citadel

Cairo Citadel

Cairo Citadel: Our most recommended tours and activities

Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Citadel & Old Cairo Tour

1. Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Citadel & Old Cairo Tour

Start with pickup from your accommodation in Cairo or Giza. Enjoy a comfortable journey in an air-conditioned vehicle as you discover some of the world-famous landmarks of Cairo. First, visit the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization with your expert Egyptologist tour guide. Stroll through the many exhibits which display more than 50,000 artifacts from Ancient Egypt. Learn about the history and evolution of Egyptian civilization, as well as their customs and traditions. Next, visit the famous Citadel of Saladin, also known as the Citadel of Cairo. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has a storied history dating back nearly 850 years.  Built by the Sultan of Egypt, Salah Al-Din on the Mokattam Hills, enjoy views of the city as you hear about the citadel's fascinating history. Explore one of the oldest markets in the Arab world, Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, a beautiful 14th-century market that still retains traces of its former glory.  Walk through the old lanes of the bazaar where you can browse for antiques or handicrafts from the shops. Then, visit a local restaurant to enjoy a traditional Cairo lunch. Lastly, visit the prominent landmarks of Old Cairo such as the Hanging Church, the Church of St. Barbara, and the Church of Abu Serga. Afterward, be returned back to your hotel or selected location in Cairo or Giza by your tour guide.

From Cairo: 8-Day Tour of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan with Cruise

2. From Cairo: 8-Day Tour of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan with Cruise

Day 1 Our representative will be waiting for you outside the exit hall with the sign of nice tours to welcome you to Egypt. Then head directly to the restaurant to enjoy a traditional Egyptian lunch. After that you will move to the check in at the hotel booked for you (5-star). In the evening, at about 7 p.m., you will go to a gala dinner on a Nile cruise ship while enjoying the folklore party and other traditional shows to live an experience of the Egyptian vibes during the boat moves on the Nile. Then return back to the hotel to relax and overnight. Day 2 After breakfast at the hotel, your private guide will take you to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Feel the majesty of the pyramids that were built to last forever, and they did so to became one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the only surviving wonder of the ancient world. Continue your day tour with a stop in Memphis, one of the most important cities in more than 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian history. It was a center for the worship of the god Ptah, and its temple was one of the most important places in ancient Egypt. Next is Saqqara a real open-air museum. Take a closer look at the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser and learn about the pyramids of some of the most important kings of the Old Kingdom. Enjoy a lunch break, then return to the hotel, where you will have dinner and overnight. Day 3 Meet your guide after breakfast at the hotel to explore the two different sides of Cairo, Egypt. Islamic and Coptic Cairo. First you will start by visiting Islamic Cairo that includes two of the most beautiful Islamic symbols. Cairo Citadel is the most popular Islamic monument in Cairo. It was built by Saladin Al-Ayubi in 1176 A.D, and it was the center of government during the Ayyubid era. Move to the elaborated decorated Muhammad Ali Grand Mosque. It is sometimes called the Alabaster Mosque, and its walls are covered with alabaster panels. Watch the candlelight that illuminates the Arabic inscriptions in the mosque, and the mihrab is decorated with gold. Moving to Coptic Cairo, you will start by visiting the Church of Saint George also known as Mary George. One of the few round churches built in Egypt, the St. George Church was built on top of an ancient Roman tower connected to the monastery below it. Your next stop will be the famous Hanging Church, which is believed to be the first basilica-style church built in Egypt. The church includes 110 icons, most of which are made of ebony and some are inlaid with ivory. The oldest and holiest of them dates back to the 8th century. Your day in Cairo includes lunch at a local restaurant between the visits, then return to the hotel where you will rest after the long day, have dinner and overnight. Day 4 After breakfast at the hotel, our representative will pick you up and take you to the airport to take the flight to Luxor. Upon arrival there, your guide will be waiting for you outside the exit hall with the sign of nice tours to recognize him. Move to explore the beautiful and historic city of Luxor and all its monuments. You will start your tour on the eastern bank of Luxor, where you will visit the Karnak Temple. Home to three main temples, several smaller enclosed temples, and several outdoor temples – the impressive structure combines the achievements of many generations of ancient builders over 1,500 years. Move on to the smaller but equally impressive Luxor Temple. This beautiful temple contains well-preserved hieroglyphs and statues and was the center of annual Opet celebrations. Finally, go to the boat to check in at lunch time, and at about 4 or 5 pm our representative will return to take you to a one-hour tour of the felucca in the Nile and then return to the boat to relax and overnight. Day 5 In the early morning ( kindly ask the reception to prepare a breakfast box for you) our representative will pick you up to live a life time experience of hot air balloon ride over the city of Luxor and watch the city as an open museum where you will be able to take a look over the west and east bank and the Nile river that split between the two banks in a marvelous view. When the balloon lands, our professional guide will be waiting for you to explore the stunning west bank of Luxor city, starting from the Valley of the Kings. In a world governed by the rules of the afterlife, the ancient Egyptians attached great importance to their burial places. The Valley of the Kings looks like a dull, rocky gorge from the outside, but hides elaborately painted and carved tombs beneath the surface. Continue to the stunning Temple of Hatshepsut. The inscriptions on the walls of the temple tell the story of the birth of Queen Hatshepsut and her trading trips to the country of Punt, now known as the modern state of Somalia or the peninsula. Stop at the giant statue of Memnon, and enjoy taking amazing and fun photos with family and friends. Then return to the boat to enjoy lunch and sailing towards Edfu. Day 6 While you continue sailing along the Nile River, it's time to discover Egypt's most beautiful hidden gems in Edfu and Kom Ombo. In the morning after breakfast on board, your guide will meet you to visit the hidden gem of Edfu, the Temple of Horus. Edfu Temple represents the lost art that displays the true spirit of ancient Egyptian civilization from the perspective of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Return to the ship for lunch and continue sailing to Kom Ombo where your guide will be waiting for you to explore the temple. Kom Ombo means a pile of gold and the temple is dedicated to two gods: Sobek, the crocodile god, and Haroeris (the falcon god, Horus). Learn more interesting facts about the unique temple with your Egyptologist's guide. After your tour of Kom Ombo, return to the ship for dinner and continue sailing to Aswan at night. Day 7 In the early morning once again ( you will take your breakfast box with you) and go with a group to the most beautiful temple in Egypt. Enjoy the trip to the Great Temple of Abu Simbel. Hear the story of how the temple of Abu Simbel was moved to be saved from destruction due to floods, and to be put on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was built by Ramesses II, who dedicated it to Egypt's national gods: Ptah, Ra, Amun, and Ramesses II as a deified king, the son of Ra. After visiting the temple, you will return on board to enjoy lunch before your guide picks you up again to visit the beautiful Temple of Philae, the Pearl of Egypt. The walls of the Philae temple are covered in ancient hieroglyphics, and among the large sculptures of the gods of ancient Egypt are inscriptions in the ornate pictorial alphabet, telling the stories of this civilization. After finishing the visit of Philae, enjoy a traditional felucca ride on the Nile River and then return to the ship to relax and have dinner Day 8 After breakfast on the ship , you will be picked up and transferred to the airport for your return flight to Cairo where your tour ends and our agent will be waiting for you to welcome you once again at Cairo and will take you to your hotel safe and sound.

Cairo: Dinner Cruise on the Nile River

3. Cairo: Dinner Cruise on the Nile River

A dinner cruise on a Nile River Steamer is a fabulous way to enjoy a night out while you’re visiting Cairo. You'll cruise in comfort and elegance as you take in the lights of the Cairo skyline at night. During the evening you'll enjoy an open buffet that features international and Egyptian cuisine. In addition, you’ll be entertained by a folkloric and belly-dancing show. Experience a perfect ending–or addition–to your visit to Egypt. This is a full evening out and a great opportunity to enjoy good food, unique entertainment, and a romantic evening gazing at the sights along the banks of the Nile.

Cairo: 1 or 2-Hour Felucca Ride on the Nile with Transfers

4. Cairo: 1 or 2-Hour Felucca Ride on the Nile with Transfers

After pick-up from your hotel in Cairo, take a felucca ride on the Nile. Enjoy refreshing breezes with a ride on a traditional Egyptian sailboat. Along the way, learn interesting facts about the history of Cairo. Enjoy an incredible outing with friends or family away from the stress of the big city and see a spectacular view of Cairo from the water. Sit back, relax, and watch the sun set.

Old Cairo: Full-Day Islamic and Coptic Cairo Private Tour

5. Old Cairo: Full-Day Islamic and Coptic Cairo Private Tour

Meet your professional tour guide in your hotel lobby. Then, head off to the first stop of the private tour in an air-conditioned vehicle, one of the most famous sightseeing stops of Islamic and Coptic Cairo. Visit the Citadel of Salah al-Din and El Moez Street to admire the architectural beauty of Islamic tradition.  After that, proceed to a local restaurant for lunch to sample traditional cuisine. Next, drive toward Old Cairo's main attractions, including the Hanging Church, also referred to as Al-Muallaqa Church. Check out the Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church. Later on, visit the old market and Bazaar of Cairo called Khan El Khalili Bazaar. Prepare to be amazed by the local, handmade items. After enjoying your time wandering through the market, your full-day tour will end with a drop-off back at your hotel.

Cairo Citadel, Old Cairo and Khan El Khalili: Private Tour

6. Cairo Citadel, Old Cairo and Khan El Khalili: Private Tour

Enjoy a fantastic orientation tour of Cairo on an 8-hour excursion that takes in the major monuments of Old Cairo and the maze of streets and stalls of the historic Khan El Khalili Bazaar. Following a hotel pick-up from Cairo or Giza, you will drive up to the Saladin Citadel, constructed by Salah al-Din on the Moqattam Hills in 1183 AD as a defence against Crusader armies. Known for its fresh air and sweeping views of Cairo, it is now a preserved historic site of mosques and museums, including the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha. Designed by the Turkish architect Yousif Boushnaq, who came to Cairo especially from Istanbul to build the great building, the mosque's alabaster structure stands in beautiful contrast to the sandstone city. Continue to the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East. Discover a maze of alleys that has been at the center of Cairo’s trading activities since the 14th century. Then, visit Old Cairo to see major attractions such as the Hanging Church, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the Church of St. Barbara, and the Church of Abu Serga, one of the oldest Coptic churches in Cairo.

From Cairo: Private Full-Day Tour of Historical Alexandria

7. From Cairo: Private Full-Day Tour of Historical Alexandria

Starts at 07:00 am with Pickup from your hotel in either Cairo or Giza By our Tours guide and transfer by Private A/C Vehicle to Alexandria where it` is 220 k/m away from Cairo. Arrive Alexandria around 10 am and start your day Tour there Visiting The Roman Theater (A theater with marble seats up to 800 spectators, Galleries, Section of mosaic flooring & a pleasure garden surrounded by Roman Villas& baths). Then a visit to The Catacomb of Kom El-Shoqafa (Tombs on three levels, also contains the Tri-cilium where relatives used to sit on stone benches to feast the dead, a center with relieves of bearded serpents, Inside are 2nd Century AD statues of Sobek &Anubis wearing Roman Armor). Then visit Alexandria Library & Also you will Visit Qaitbay Citadel & El Mursi Abu Elabas Tour Finishes with drop off at your hotel in Cairo you will be back to Cairo around 19:00 pm. Note: Alexandria Library is Closed on Friday so you will be able to take Photos from outside

Cairo/Giza: Guided Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian Museum Tour

8. Cairo/Giza: Guided Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian Museum Tour

With an Egyptologist guide leading the way, this Cairo day trip lets you visit iconic ancient Egyptian sites including the Pyramids of Giza and Great Sphinx, followed by a visit to the Egyptian Museum. You can choose to take a private tour, or join a group tour. Your guided tour begins at the Great Pyramids of Giza. This iconic site is home to three large ancient Egyptian pyramids, as well as the Great Sphinx and remains of a workers’ village. The biggest attraction is the Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu which is commonly known as the Great Pyramid. It is the last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The magnificent structure is an amazing testimony to the ingenuity of ancient Egyptian builders thousands of years ago.  The much-photographed Pyramid of Khafre or Chephren is the only one of the three pyramids which retains some of the original limestone casing. The smaller Pyramid of Menkaure or Mykerinos makes up the trio. There are several optional activities available around the pyramid complex including camel rides, horse and carriage rides, Nile river cruises and entrance to the interior of the pyramids. These activities are optional and incur additional fees to be paid on the day. No visit to the Giza Pyramid complex would be complete without a close-up look at the mysterious Great Sphinx. With a long and troubled history, this half-pharoah, half-lion monument has intrigued travelers to Egypt for centuries. Who is the face of the Sphinx? You can also visit the Valley Temple which belongs to the pyramid of Khafre. The temple served an important role in the preparation and mummification of the king before burial. Having an Egyptologist guide on hand during your visit to Giza will certainly come in handy with such a rich history.  Not far from the pyramids you will have a short stop at the Institute of Papyrus. Here you can see how ancient Egyptians made the first paper in the world. Test out your bargaining skills and negotiate a good price for a papyrus souvenir to take home. Enjoy an optional lunch at a restaurant in Cairo before continuing to the world-famous Egyptian Museum. The museum is home to an immense collection of rare and valuable artifacts from the pharaonic period including mummies, chariots, jewelry and everyday items. Mostly famously the Egyptian Museum is home to a mesmerizing exhibit dedicated to Tutankhamen's collection of treasure, gold and jewelry. The glittering artifacts were discovered untouched in King Tut’s sealed burial chamber in 1922 by Howard Carter. With more than 250,000 artifacts, your Egyptologist guide will once again guide you through the fascinating history of ancient Egypt, and help you navigate the jam-packed museum. Your Cairo day trip concludes with transfer back to your hotel.

Cairo: Old Cairo Guided Tour by Car with Lunch and Pickup

9. Cairo: Old Cairo Guided Tour by Car with Lunch and Pickup

Our representative will pick you up from your accommodation in CairoGiza to Join a group of people to visit one of the most beautiful and unique areas in Egypt, Old Cairo. Starting the tour with Muhammed Ali Mosque, stand in awe of the size and majesty of the inside of the Mosque, also fondly referred to as the Alabaster Mosque, and thanks to its outstanding beauty, it’s the most visited mosque in Egypt. Moving to the next stop Salah El Din Citadel, High above a bustling Cairo, looking out over the city of a thousand minarets, stands the Citadel, silent and proud. The Citadel has stood for over 800 years, a sentinel to the city and a testament to Egypt’s military and architectural legacy. The last stop will be the Khan El-Khalili, The perfect place to shop for souvenirs for friends and families, The bazaar is loud, crowded, colorful, and exciting—full of all kinds of goods and shiny baubles.  After the unique visit, relax and enjoy the Egyptian lunch in a local restaurant. and then our driver will drop you off at your accommodation in Cairo safe and sound. 

From Cairo: Giza Pyramids Tour with Light Show and Transfer

10. From Cairo: Giza Pyramids Tour with Light Show and Transfer

View the amazing Giza Pyramids of Cheops, Chefren, and Mykerinus. Enjoy the Sound and Light Show as bright, colored lights shine against the pyramids. Listen to the audio story of the Sphinx and learn about the history of Thutmosis IV, Akhnaten, Nefertiti, and Tutankhamun. Begin your experience with a hotel pick-up. Go on a drive to the pyramids and see the light show. Appreciate the story of the Sphinx as the blue, and green lights shine on the Giza Pyramids of Cheops, Chefren, and Mykerinus. Hear the story of how the pyramids were built. Enjoy the audio narration as you learn the history of great and famous figures from ancient Egypt, such as Tutankhamun, and Nefertiti. Meet your driver after the show for a comfortable ride back to your hotel.

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Exceptional experience on an 8-day Egyptian tour, thanks to meticulous planning and Zeinab's daily updates. The itinerary included major historical sites, and the guides, particularly David and Kareem, were knowledgeable, enhancing the experience. All the guides also taught me how to avoid scammers so I paid a reasonable price for everything. The tour is ideal for Egypt newcomers and is more insightful with an extra day for Cairo's museums. Physical fitness is necessary for early starts, but solo travel allows for less crowded temple visits. Adding a day to explore Cairo's museums is something I'd recommend. The hot air balloon ride in Luxor was a highlight, offering breathtaking views of the city at sunrise. For those with extra time, a trip to Dandera Temple and catching a sunset at the Sofitel Hotel in Aswan are the must-dos. Be prepared for early mornings, as some days start as early as 4 am.

everything's great. Lots of food, everything tasty. Attractions in the form of dances, animations, jokes, great singing. Folklore and entertainment. We will remember you very fondly! there was also no problem for the driver to pick us up from another part of Cairo and then take us to another address to the hotel. Thank you ❤️

Randa, our guide, was simply superb. The whole day was very well organised from start to finish, and Randa was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, communicative, and a pleasure to spend the day with. Recommended.

A day filled with historical facts. Thanks to our wonderful and knowledgeable guide. A truly amazing tour. Highly recommend.

It was really good amazing had lots of of fun driver on time everything was perfect