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Campbell River: Whale & Wildlife Discovery Cruise

1. Campbell River: Whale & Wildlife Discovery Cruise

Spend a day on the water and discover local wildlife on this Campbell River cruise. Visit the Salish Sea, Discovery Passage, and Johnstone Strait. With an abundance of wildlife in the area, you are likely to encounter many animals both on land and at sea. Choose from two vessel options for your cruise. A covered vessel with indoor seating offers a good option for families. Alternatively, a zodiac-style vessel offers a good option for those who like being outdoors and want to feel the wind through their hair. Hop aboard your chosen vessel, then sit back and relax. Keep an eye out for humpback whales, killer whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, bears, Steller sea lions, and more. Learn from an on-board naturalist and listen to the sounds of whales through hydrophones. While it might not be possible to guarantee you’ll see all of these animals on your tour, this tour offers a great opportunity to see everything that is possible.

Campbell River: Whales, Wildlife & Culture Tour

2. Campbell River: Whales, Wildlife & Culture Tour

Go in search of a variety of fascinating wildlife species which can be found off the coast of Vancouver Island, including humpback whales, orcas (killer whales), porpoises, dolphins, sea lions, otters, bald eagles, and a variety of marine birds. The tour vessel includes both indoor and outdoor seating options. Take the outdoor adventure seats that allow for wind-in-your-face exploring and wildlife watching. Inside the warm and protected cabin, find comfortable seats with large windows and a bathroom. As you explore the area, learn more about the rich history of the First Nations of Campbell River and the Discovery Islands. Learn about the tribes who have resided in the region for centuries including the Homalco, Klahoose, Tla’amin, K’ómoks, Wei Wai Kum, We Wai Kai, and more. The guides and skippers will share their expert knowledge of history, legends, stories, and culturally significant sites throughout the excursion.

Campbell River: 6-Hour Whale Watching Boat Tour

3. Campbell River: 6-Hour Whale Watching Boat Tour

Discover an abundance of wildlife in the waters of the Salish Sea, Discovery Passage, and Johnstone Strait. Encounter Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Bears, Steller Sea Lions, and so much more, on a 6-hour Whale Watching Tour, onboard either a Zodiac or Covered vessel with onboard washrooms. Begin at the Floathouse with a brief explanation of the wildlife you may encounter, a map of the general area of travel, and safety information. Travel to see a variety of wildlife in a well maintained, 12 passenger vessel. Enjoy a nature interpretation by your certified Naturalist Guide and Captain. Eat an onshore lunch of freshly made wraps, snacks of homemade baked goods and granola bars, and beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and water. Don't forget to bring your camera and binoculars (tripods not recommended). Take in the calm and beautiful scenery while traveling through the narrow passages between the Discovery Islands and into Johnstone Strait, rather than into the open Pacific Ocean. Hear the vocalizations of Orca or Humpback Whales through the onboard Hydrophones (underwater microphones) if those opportunities arise (Orca and Humpback Whales do not communicate all day).

Vancouver Island: Full-Day Grizzly Bear Tour at Toba Inlet

4. Vancouver Island: Full-Day Grizzly Bear Tour at Toba Inlet

Cruise along Discovery Passage to the magnificent Toba Inlet and admire the breathtaking panoramic views surrounding you. Disembark the boat and spend 3 hours spotting grizzly bears along the Campbell River, accompanied by the Klahoose First Nation. Marvel at up-close views of bears frolicking and feeding in the river, along with an array of other wildlife both on land and in the water. Learn interesting facts about the environment from a certified naturalist and captain. Hear the stories and legacy of the Klahoose Nation and their connection to the land from your local guide as you explore the wilderness. Stop to admire the famous waterfalls of the spectacular Toba Inlet.

Campbell River: Whale Watching Cruise with Lunch

5. Campbell River: Whale Watching Cruise with Lunch

Take a whale-watching cruise through Discovery Passage on a partially-covered and spacious boat on this tour from Campbell River. Have the chance to spot humpbacks, dolphins, and orcas in their natural environment. Enjoy lunch during a stop on the route. Board the ship at Brown’s Bay Marina in Campbell River and begin your whale watching adventure. Travel with a captain that is fortunate enough to be a part of a whale watching community in Campbell River, so they know where to look to increase your whale-spotting chances. Venture out further and explore some of the more pristine and remote areas of the coast. In the spring and fall, see black bears and grizzlies scavenging on the beach. Make a stop to go to shore and eat homemade sandwiches and snacks. Sip on coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. Return to your starting point at the end of your tour.

Vancouver Island: Bute Inlet Full Day Grizzly Boat Tour

6. Vancouver Island: Bute Inlet Full Day Grizzly Boat Tour

Journey to the Orford River Valley aboard a comfortable, modern, high speed covered vessel. Enjoy the spectacular scenery on the way to Bute Inlet and the Orford River, renowned as one of the best places to observe Grizzly Bears in the wild. Bring your camera as the specially designed viewing platforms provide ideal photo opportunities. The Orford River offers some of the best Grizzly Bear viewing on the west coast. We will travel 2 hours, by boat, through the Discovery Islands searching for marine wildlife and whales along the way. We offer the longest tour in Campbell River, ensuring there is plenty of time for viewing wildlife on the water as well! When we arrive, we will be met by the Homalco First Nation guides and transfer to our van. After a short orientation, we will drive to the bear viewing platforms. From our perch in the viewing towers, situated above the salmon spawning channel, you will have an unobstructed view of Grizzly Bears as they roam the river banks.

Campbell River: 4-Hour Ocean Rapids Ride

7. Campbell River: 4-Hour Ocean Rapids Ride

Take a boat down the Campbell River to whirlpools and rapids. Experience ocean rapids up close and follow the tides as they rush between the Discovery Islands on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Visit ocean rapids at Seymour Narrows, Okisollo, Hole In The Wall, Yuculta, and Arran Rapids. The last stop is between the Discovery Islands on the east coast of Vancouver Island, where the tidal waters are some of the fastest in the world.

Vancouver Island: Coastal Adventure from Brown's Bay

8. Vancouver Island: Coastal Adventure from Brown's Bay

Discover magnificent natural scenery and wildlife on this guided tour by boat. Your coastal adventure will begin at the marina, just 19km north of Campbell River. From there, your captain will decide whether to head North through the spectacular Seymour Narrows and Okisollo Channel, or south around Quadra Island. Spot friendly harbour seals, shy harbour porpoises, and the mighty Bald Eagle from the comfort of the boat. If you're lucky, you will be greeted by larger creatures, such as humpbacks, orcas and pacific white-sided dolphins! The tour runs for approximately 3 hours, and will return back to the dock at Brown's Bay Marina. The Narrows Floating Restaurant is a great place to finish off your afternoon, for anyone who wants to sit and enjoy a bite to eat and a refreshing drink!

Vancouver Island: People, Water, & Land Campbell River Tour

9. Vancouver Island: People, Water, & Land Campbell River Tour

From supplier's website: Join us for an immersive cultural tour into the Homalco traditional territory. Travel to Aupe (Church House), an important cultural and historical village site and through the Salish sea while learning about Homalco peoples’ history, traditions, language and culture. Accompany a First Nation guide on an interpretative cultural journey and search for marine mammals, birds and other wildlife. Our half-day cultural trip allows guests to participate in a hands-on experience of First Nations culture. Depart from the Coast Marina and venture into the Salish Sea to learn about the Xwémalhkwu (Homalco) First Peoples and the wildlife that shares their home. The journey takes you through Homalco territory and provides excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing and whale watching. At your destination, your guide will share some stories and the history of the area before you disembark to explore the most recent home of Homalco people in their traditional territory (weather permitting). Your arrival in Aupe begins an interpretive walk around the village, exploring the history of Aupe and the people that call it home. This village site will come alive while you hear about Homalco culture, traditions, and the Homalco way of life. On the return journey back to Campbell River there will be even more opportunities to spot marine wildlife while the scenery provides inspiring vistas from which to reflect on your adventure.

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