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Caprera: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Palau: La Maddalena Archipelago Catamaran Tour

1. From Palau: La Maddalena Archipelago Catamaran Tour

The best way to know the true essence of a new place is to act like a local. And that’s why we have designed our catamaran excursion, to make you feel the protagonist and integral part of it. Departure at 9.30 AM directly from Palau. We will then sail to the archipelago of La Maddalena. Our captain will involve you during the navigation entertaining you with some information and curiosity, while those who want can try the thrill of being at the helm for a few minutes. Our itinerary includes several stops during the day and is focused on relaxation and nature. We will have more than 7 islands to choose from such as: Razzoli, Budelli, Santa Maria, Spargi, Caprera and Santo Stefano. Our captain will choose the most beautiful coves based on wind and sea traffic. You will have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters of this paradise, snorkel and sunbathe. During the day you will be served an aperitif based on Sardinian products, sea pasta or land, depends on the ingredients that we find fresh in the morning, snacks and fruit. you will have water all day and unlimited soft drinks. The aperitif will be accompanied by a glass of prosecco and during lunch you will be served white wine. To conclude you will taste the Mirto, the typical Sardinian liqueur. In short, you will only have to bring a beach towel, a hat and sunscreen. We will take care of everything else. The return is scheduled for 16.30/17 and we will take you back to Palau.

Palau: La Maddalena Archipelago Comfort Boat Tour with Stops

2. Palau: La Maddalena Archipelago Comfort Boat Tour with Stops

A boat tour to the archipelago of La Maddalena: an authentic experience of contact with the beauty of the sea and nature. Choose our comfortable and never crowded ship. Are you looking for the best way to get to know the islands of La Maddalena, Spargi, Budelli, Santo Stefano and Caprera ( panoramic navigation ) and the coast in all its splendor? Book a relaxing excursion that can satisfy the desire to see with your own eyes how much the Sardinian sea shines in the most pristine and renowned places on the island. The nature will accompany you on an unforgettable boat excursion, a boat tour full of stops at the islands of La Maddalena archipelago. The itinerary is complete and full of magical moments, wonders to see and immortalize. You can dive into the most evocative waters in the world. Our boat excursion to La Maddalena depart from Palau. From here we set sail for the island of Spargi, the island of Budelli, the island of Santa Maria, and finally La Maddalena. The La Maddalena tour moves between the various islands. During the trip there are many stops: significant, unforgettable places, chosen for their rare beauty and for the importance they have at a naturalistic and historical level. The tour sails enjoying the panoramic view of the other smaller islands of the archipelago. When the sky is clear you can also see Corsica, the horizon is a breathtaking blue and it seems to touch the concrete image of an earthly paradise. It is difficult to describe, impossible to forget. We have reserved various special stops for you, to celebrate so much beauty with swimming in the best places. *The excursion First STOP - island of Spargi with the wonderful inlet of Cala Corsara, you will admire the famous rocks of the Head of the Witch, the Bulldog Dog and Italy in miniature. Second STOP - Natural pools-Island of Budelli. We will reach the Port of the Madonna, the famous natural pools known for the color, the slums and the transparency of the water: you will dive from the boat in front of the coast. Third STOP - Island of Santa Maria to the delight of young people and children, you will make a long stop for visit the omonimus beach Cala Santa Maria. Looking up, you will be able to admire the beauty of the bay. Fourth STOP - Maddalena historical center Our boat is very large, but we only carry only 80 passengers, much less passengers out of 250 of maximum capacity to make your trip unique and with the highest comforts on board, with us you will also visit this part of the archipelago, very suggestive, we will soon arrive at the center of La Maddalena. You can go down for a walk, enjoy an excellent ice cream and freely enjoy the town by shopping through the streets of the historic center and the alleys, the typical alleys of La Maddalena. *The itinerary may be subject to change without notice and according to the directives of the La Maddalena national park authority or the coast guard. The beaches are crowded during high season.

From Santa Teresa Gallura: La Maddalena Full-Day Boat Tour

3. From Santa Teresa Gallura: La Maddalena Full-Day Boat Tour

Discover the wonders of the La Maddalena Archipelago! The motorboat leaves daily from the port of Santa Teresa Gallura at 9:00 am ( meeting point at h 8/8.15 ) and makes an evocative navigation in the area of the Straits of Bonifacio and then reaches the most beautiful coves and coastlines of the Archipelago. Visiting the beauty of the La Maddalena Archipelago by boat will be an experience you will always carry with you! With the motorboats of the Consorzio delle Bocche you will be able to admire and swim in an unspoiled territory. With the motorboats we can dock at the jetties of the beaches of S. Maria and Spargi through the help of footbridges. For years a vast sea area of about 20,000 hectares and its seven main islands: La Maddalena, Caprera, Budelli, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria, Spargi, and Razzoli are part of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, which actively preserves the marine and terrestrial environment. We will also take a close look at the Pink Beach one of the symbols of the Park, a wonder of nature, whose myth was also extolled and made immortal by Michelangelo Antonioni's famous film Deserto Rosso. We will come back to Santa Teresa di Gallura around 5pm. Bring cash with you because the landing fee required by the municipality of La Maddalena is not included, it must be paid only in CASH (NOT with credit cards) during check-in. The landing fee is €5 per person. If you are a group of friends or several families, it is recommended not to make separate reservations as otherwise there is no certainty of embarking on the same boat.

From Palau: La Maddalena Archipelago Full-Day Boat Tour

4. From Palau: La Maddalena Archipelago Full-Day Boat Tour

Explore the beauty of North Sardinia on a full-day boat cruise of the La Maddalena archipelago. Sailing onboard the Lady Luna 2, visit the most beautiful islands of a magnificent natural park, stop to swim on sandy beaches, and more. Depart from the harbor in Palau for the short, 35-minute sail to Budelli. Marvel at the pink sand of Spiaggia Rosa, the dramatic rock formation of Roccia del Coccodrillo, and splash in the sea from Piscine Naturali. Continue to Santa Maria island and feel the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea. Make a long stop at the beach there to sunbathe and relax. After the stop, take a break for lunch, and if you wish, you can buy typical Sardinian dishes on board or bring your own food. Arrive next at Spargi island, where the beaches of Cala Corsara or Cala Granara are lapped by emerald waters and protected from the wind to create perfect conditions for sunbathing. End the tour with a stop at La Maddalena island and visit the town of La Maddalena. Wander the colorful streets to find souvenir shops or gaze at the boats in the Cala Gavetta marina. En route back to Palau, sail past Santo Stefano and Caprera islands for the last look at the high life of the seas.

Palau: La Maddalena Archipelago and Caprera Island Boat Tour

5. Palau: La Maddalena Archipelago and Caprera Island Boat Tour

Enjoy an unforgettable boat trip to the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago and Caprera! Discover all the most beautiful islands in the area including Spargi, Budelli with the famous Pink Beach, Santa Maria, La Maddalena and Caprera with cala Coticcio nicknamed "Tahiti"! Enjoy a bar restaurant service with typical Sardinian products for sale on board. First, head to La Maddalena and discover its historic center including the church of Santa Maria Maddalena and the 'Caruggi', the characteristic streets of the island. Use your Elena Tour Card included with the tour to gain discounts at selected shops on the island. Make a stop on the white sandy beaches of Cala Corsara on the island of Spargi and take a swim in the crystal-clear waters. After making your way along the east coast of Spargi, check out Budelli Island's pink beach and the natural pools. Stop for a swim near the beach on Santa Maria Island and swim from the boat to Caprera at Cala Coticcio "Tahiti". After the eastern part of Caprera and S. Stefano, head back to the seaport of Palau and then La Maddalena.

Northern Sardinia: La Maddalena Archipelago Boat Trip

6. Northern Sardinia: La Maddalena Archipelago Boat Trip

Set sail for an exciting experience full of island vistas and stops at historical destinations, like the island of La Maddalena. Take in amazing views of the sea and the coasts of islands, and jump into the crystal clear waters during designated swimming stops. Savor a tasty pasta dish onboard. Depart from the ports of Laconia, Cannigione, and Baja Sardinia, and navigate the coasts of the islands of Caprera and Santo Stefano. Hop off on the island of La Maddalena for the chance to shop and visit sites of historical and cultural interest. Then, continue towards the most beautiful islands of the Maddalena Archipelago with stops on the islands of Spargi and Santa Maria. Continue towards the Manto della Madonna and the Island of Budelli, famous for its pink beach. During the boat tour, admire rocks sculpted by the wind and water erosion resulting in real natural sculptures, including the head of the witch, the dog, and the boot. On your way back take in views of Punta Sardegna, Porto Raphael, Palau, and Capo d'Orso.

From Palau/La Maddal: Boat Tour of La Maddalena Archipelago

7. From Palau/La Maddal: Boat Tour of La Maddalena Archipelago

Set off from Palau, on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, and discover the La Maddalena Archipelago aboard a very comfortable, refurbished 1956 vintage motorship. Your experience will be accompanied by the expert crew's information about the places you'll see while sailing and where you'll stop, including Caprera, Budelli and Spargi. You will see the most beautiful sights of the archipelago and be able to dive into the crystal clear waters of the Spiaggia del Cavaliere, the beautiful Cala Connari and admire from the boat the soft beach color of the famous Spiaggia Rosa. You will spend a day in the wilderness, between fun and relaxation, that you will hardly forget. Itinerary: - Departure from the port of Palau 10:30 a.m. - Panoramic navigation of about 30 minutes between Santo Stefano and Capo d'Orso, passing the Fort of San Giorgio, the Villa Marina Tower, the former American NATO Military Base and the Caprera Sailing Center - 30-minute swim stop at Cala Serena (Caprera)  - 40-minute sail to the island of Budelli - Offshore stop at Cavaliere beach of 1 hour and 30 minutes in which you can choose to stay on board and use the services on board, snorkel near the boat or reach the beach on an inflatable boat accompanied by the crew - Sailing to the island of Spargi - Stop at Cala Connari for 2 hours where you can choose to stay on board and use the services on board, snorkel near the boat or reach the beach by swimming - Return to Palau at approximately 5:30 p.m.

La Maddalena: Archipelago Boat Tour

8. La Maddalena: Archipelago Boat Tour

Visit the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago with a boat tour. Admire the islands of Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and visit the suggestive historic center of La Maddalena. Choose between 3 different starting points: Cannigione, Baja Sardinia or La Maddalena. First stop: shopping in the characteristic historic center of the town of La Maddalena (one hour); Second stop: 1h15m on the beach in the beautiful Island of Spargi (Beach Connari or Beach Granara) Third stop: photo stop at Spiaggia Rosa Beach and Piscine Naturali di Budelli for a short swim from the boat; Fourth stop: 1h15m on the beach in Cala Santa Maria on the island of the same name. Throughout the tour, everything we are going to see closely will be explained in Italian and English with anecdotes and curiosities! We will go with our boats to see places such as La Madonnetta, Cava Francese, La Roccia dell'Orso, the bridge that connects La Maddalena with Caprera, the Base NATO, the base of the Navy, the Caprera Sailing Center and much more !

La Maddalena: Caprera,Spargi,Budelli & Santa Maria Boat Tour

9. La Maddalena: Caprera,Spargi,Budelli & Santa Maria Boat Tour

Embark on a full-day boat tour of the whole La Maddalena archipelago to visit the islands of Caprera, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria, and La Maddalena. Make numerous stops at beaches and for swimming, and reach places larger boats cannot reach in a dinghy. Meet your skipper for the day at the port before setting off on your tour. Stop for your first swim at Cala Brigantino, and enjoy this totally wild and unspoilt deserted beach on Caprera. Then, continue to Cala Coticcio to immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters away from boats. Our navigation speed allows us to move from one island to another without wasting time. Unlike other boats, the dinghy does not suffer from rolling and pitching. Guided by an expert skipper you can spend an amazing and unforgettable day. Our excursion to La Maddalena starts from the port of Cannigione and lasts a full day. New full optional dinghies, in the name of safety and comfort! With our excursions we would like to imprint in the mind of our guests the images of a memory that will remain an unforgettable holiday. The standard tour starts from the private port of the Arzachena nautical club, 1 km north of the port of Cannigione, when you can park your car for free. (h10.00) 10.20 am Arrival in Caprera. It's time for the first swim of the day and our destination is Cala Brigantino. An anchor swim on a totally wild and unspoilt deserted beach, where we will be alone! Skirt Caprera on a northerly route, visiting all the spectacular ravines of the island, until you reach Budelli. Anchor in front of Cavaliere Beach to enjoy the natural pools. Savor an aperitif based on typical Sardinian products offered by the captain. Next, it's time to go down to the beach for the longest stop at lunchtime. Relax on Cala Santa Maria and buy some lunch before heading on to Rosa Beach. Take photos of this beautiful, inaccessible beach. Continue toward the island of Spargi ,where you'll find the beautiful beaches of Cala Granara and Cala Soraya. Take a magical dip in the water a few meters from shore, then move on to Cala Corsara to spend time on the beach. Afterward, begin the return to Cannigione. On the way, admire the western side of the island of La Maddalena and the island of Santo Stefano, as well as the symbol of the city of Palau, the famous bear rock. The tour concludes at the original starting point.

From Palau: La Maddalena Islands Half-Day Rubber Boat Tour

10. From Palau: La Maddalena Islands Half-Day Rubber Boat Tour

Join an experience of a few hours, away from the routine, to live a dynamic excursion aboard a comfortable dinghy departing from Palau or if you prefer from La Maddalena. Depending on the wind of the day, an experienced skipper will choose the best route with which to get to know the islands of La Maddalena Archipelago such as Budelli and Spargi or to Caprera island to dive into the clear waters of the famous Tahiti of the Mediterranean, Cala Coticcio. A fun but unmissable tour, if you have a few hours available. Depending on the weather conditions of the day and the decisions of the skipper to ensure maximum safety and relaxation, you can make one of the following two routes: La Maddalena Archipelago - Sailing to La Maddalena Archipelago - Half an hour stop directly from the boat at Porto della Madonna - Half an hour stop directly from the raft or on the beach in Cala Conneri on Spargi island - Reentry  or Caprera island - Sailing to Caprera island - Half hour stop directly from the dinghy to Porco island - Half an hour stop directly from the boat at Cala Coticcio - Half hour stop directly from the dinghy at Cala Napoletana - Reentry The itinerary may be modified according to the weather conditions and the decisions of the Skipper. Rubber boat Gassa - Length: 8 m - Width: 4 m - Maximum capacity: 12  - Sundress - Awning - Ladder - Outdoor shower of fresh water - Minibar - Equipment: floating tubes, lifebuoys available for all participants

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Great excursion. We stopped off at La Maddelena first and had an hour to explore then we were back on board to another island to enjoy the beach and sea. We had about an hour there then back on board for a delicious pasta lunch. We traveled to another island and saw the pink beach en route. We had about an hour and a half at Santa Maria Island to again enjoy the beach and sea. We arrived back to the port around 5pm.

A must go, crew is super organized, helpful and knowledgeable about history of islands etc. islands are magical the combination of the clear blue water and mountains, rocks and greens and the sandy beaches are wow. I’m a solo traveller and really enjoyed it, get a camera with you to capture hundreds of photos

nice trip, 1 hour on La Maddalena, 1 hour on the beach (I don't remember which one) and 1.5 hours on Budelli. good pasta, small portions but they served another one if someone wanted it. very nice service.

Price performance unbeatable. Nice crew, top trip, you have to do it when you are in Sardinia. Doesn't get any better. Absolutely great...

it's a very beautiful place and tha trip it's so nice