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  • Cologne: Kölsch Beer Brewhouse Tour

    1. Cologne: Kölsch Beer Brewhouse Tour

    Take a fascinating tour of the brewhouses of Cologne, taste a distinctive Kölsch beer in each, and learn more about the Cologne lifestyle. Learn about the Kölsch Convention of 1986 and how this type of beer is a protected regional speciality within the EU. Discover what a Kölsch and Alt beer have in common, and what a “Köbes” and a “Pittermännche” are. By the end of the tour you’ll understand where the German phrase “to have something on your tally stick” comes from. Visit the following brewhouses in Cologne Oldtown: Brauhaus Früh am Dom or Brauhaus Sion, Peters Brauhaus or Dom im Stapelhaus, Brauhaus zum Prinzen (replete with many photos of local hero Lukas Podolski) or Sünner im Walfisch, and finally Bierhaus en d’r Salzgass (a highlight of Cologne Carnival) or the Bierhaus am Rhein Finish the tour by receiving a souvenir certificate that proves your expert knowledge of Kölsch beer.

    It wasn't made clear that the tour was in German, which the German tour guide was annoyed about when we arrived (once we found her). Fortunately her colleague, Boris, was amazing and great fun. Should be made clear that this is not a brewery tour but a tour to some pubs essentially.

  • Cologne: 3-Hour Harbor Tour Cruise

    2. Cologne: 3-Hour Harbor Tour Cruise

    Enjoy some of Cologne’s harbors and their facilities with explanations from a knowledgeable local guide in German on this 3-hour harbor cruise. The tour on MS Rhein Cargo, MS Rheinland or MS Rheinperle examines the history of the Rheinau Harbor, offers insights into the Deutz Harbor and Mülheim Harbor and takes you into the container harbor Niehl, one of Germany’s largest inland harbors. During the tour your guide will offer you useful information and exciting anecdotes about Cologne's harbors, their history, dates and figures and you can observe the work in the harbor Niehl, a unique insight in the city.

  • Cologne: Chocolate Museum Entrance Ticket

    3. Cologne: Chocolate Museum Entrance Ticket

    The Chocolate Museum is located in Cologne's old town, on the Rheinau harbor peninsula, surrounded by river on both sides. It can be easily recognized by the Malakoff Tower, which is located directly in front of the museum.   The museum houses a collection that traces 5,000 years of chocolate history. The 4,000-square-meter space contains exhibits that shed light on the origins and the culture of chocolate and how it has developed through centuries.  The treasure trove looks into pre-Colombian, Maya, and Aztec ways of using chocolate at the time when cocoa was a drink dedicated for Gods. From America cocoa travelled to Europe, where it became accessible only to wealthy classes. Cologne's Chocolate Museum will show you how chocolate became a treat for everyone and how media and advertising campaigns started spreading the news about this sweet snack.

    Visiting this museum was one of the best step for our short vacation there in Köln. My family and myself we were very surprised about this type of presentation, this line process to produce chocolate there was more than interesting. Thank you Chocolate Museum!

  • Cologne: Virtual Reality Time Travel to Old Cologne

    4. Cologne: Virtual Reality Time Travel to Old Cologne

    Set out on a thrilling journey with TimeRide and experience the undestroyed Cologne and the fascinating lifestyle of the legendary twenties! Together with the charming hatter Tessa and the Cologne streetcar driver Pitter, you will discover the exciting time after the end of the First World War, the British occupation, and the Spanish flu. Your time travel in three steps: · The Cinema: In the 1920s, more and more movie theaters evolved into massive movie palaces. The cinema was a ubiquitous and glamorous part of everyday life and an important source of information. Step into our “Lichtspielhaus” and take a seat together with the fine society: an entertaining short film in the style of that time will show you the historical development of Cologne in the twenties. · The Hatter's Store: In the hatter’s store of the Riedschneider family you will dive together with Tessa into the world of gla...

  • Cologne: Rickshaw Sightseeing Tour

    5. Cologne: Rickshaw Sightseeing Tour

    Enjoy Cologne by rickshaw. Your friendly tour guide will show you to the nicest spots of the city, providing you with an understanding of Cologne's culture and history. You are welcome to choose an individual starting and ending point of your personal rickshaw experience in Cologne's center. Each tour includes many facts and stories about Germany's oldest big city and touristic highlights. You will also visit many of the city's most famous sights, such as the Cologne Cathedral, the Rhein River Boulevard, Old Town Cologne, River Side Cologne, the Middle Age Town Hall, and the Chocolate Museum. Each tour is an individual experience, and your guide will provide you with an unforgettable way to see Cologne.

    This was a great trip made all the more enjoyable by our guide Victor. He was very knowledgeable and full of interesting facts. The only way to see Cologne! X

  • Old City of Cologne: Guided Walking Tour

    6. Old City of Cologne: Guided Walking Tour

    Go on a guided walking tour of Cologne, one of Germany’s oldest cities. Experience 2,000 years of history as you see the city’s iconic landmarks and architecture, from the relics of the Roman founders to the 21st century. Learn about German brewing and optionally taste a sample. Start at Cologne Cathedral that features Gothic architecture that took centuries to build. Learn about the rich history of this church. Then, walk to the Romano-Germanic Museum through the bustling street where people, street musicians, and other artists frequent. Look through the windows and spot a very impressive mosaic. Just 1,800 years ago, parties were celebrated here. Next, discover how much Germans and especially the people of Cologne love beer. Learn about the city’s almost 1,000-year-old brewing traditions and pub etiquette. Hear how all waiters in Cologne have the same name. Before moving on, taste ...

  • Cologne: Guided E-Scooter Tour

    7. Cologne: Guided E-Scooter Tour

    See the most beautiful landmarks of Cologne on a 3-wheeled scooter. Start your tour at the Alter Messeturm at the edge of the Rheinhallen in Deutz with a view over the Rhine to the famous Cathedral of the city. Cruise to the Hohenzollern Bridge - one of the city's landmarks and the busiest railway bridge in Germany. Cross the bridge on the way to the main station, catching beautiful views of the old town and the Rhine promenade. Pass the Heinrich-Böll-Platz with the striking Ludwig Museum and the Philharmonie, then drive around the imposing Cologne Cathedral. Venture through the small alleys of the historic Gürzenich with its hay market and then continue to the hub of the Old Town, the Old Market Square with the oldest town hall in Germany. After a short break, visit "Tünnes and Schäles", two puppet sculptures embedded in the culture and humor of the city. Rub their noses for an extra p...

    We accidentally booked the tour not knowing it was in German. The tour guide was German but still did the tour for us and did a great job. The scooters were very nice and fun! I hope they add a English tour guide in the future. I wish the pickup location was closer to the other side of the river. It was too far away from all the attractions.

  • Cologne: Historic Town Scavenger Hunt

    8. Cologne: Historic Town Scavenger Hunt

    The Cologne scavenger hunt will take you past the most beautiful sights of the Rhine metropolis. Start your adventure at the main station and then head to the Cathedral, which is Cologne's landmark. Also, discover the Heinzelmännchen fountain, the old market with the town hall, the Heumarkt, the Great St. Martin church, the Rhine promenade, and much more. Your city game box contains 16 sealed and numbered envelopes, each holding riddles that need to be solved. Follow clear and precise directions and find your way to the various sights. Once you solve a riddle you will be given a number, which reveals which envelope to open next. You won’t know ahead of time in which succession the Scavenger Hunt City Game envelopes need to be opened. Have fun while you receive detailed information regarding the historical background of every attraction.

  • Cologne: 11-City-Highlights Scavenger Hunt

    9. Cologne: 11-City-Highlights Scavenger Hunt

    A modern city rally awaits you, during which you will tackle tricky puzzles whilst uncovering interesting information. From the very first task, you will be already immersed in a world full of hidden clues and mysterious hints. You'll actively communicate with each other, getting closer to each other as you enrich your peers with your knowledge. You decide when you start and finish your adventure, completely independent of travel guides and groups. To participate, you only require a smartphone with an active internet connection. After you redeem your voucher for this city quest on the homepage, your guides will immediately send you a start link via mail. From there you can start the scavenger hunt by accessing the link through your smartphone. You will follow the route that takes you from one showplace to the next, answering clever questions and solving tricky puzzles on the way. Durin...

  • Cologne: 3-Hour Guided Bicycle Tour

    10. Cologne: 3-Hour Guided Bicycle Tour

    Enjoy this 3-hour bicycle tour of Cologne, where you will get around the city and explore the main highlights. Your lively and motivated guide it'll bring entertainment and humor to the table to share their city with you. Get a wonderful new perspective on Cologne's Old Town, as well as a splash of nature with the magnificent Rhine Promenade and Rhine Meadows. Take a refreshing stop at the halfway point to enjoy a cold beverage. Ride with all your friends and family as this tour is suitable for all ages and experience levels. The group size is kept small and the pace will be comfortable to enable you to take in the sights as you go. You'll have a well-maintained bicycle, which is easily adjustable for different heights and simple to ride.

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What people are saying about Cologne

Felix, the name of our tour guide, was absolutely great! A warm welcome and immediately understood perfectly, since the starting point is super central, there is a few information about the cathedral in advance! Well designed tour because not only the usual "slogged down", no, on the contrary, you are asked questions whether you dare to make an estimate. A lot of background knowledge as well as many hidden locations are visited and shown which, as a city tourist, would never have found or seen. New and technically top bikes! Highly Recommended.

We had Christoph as our rickshaw driver and guide. He showed us areas that we didn't know before and told us a lot about the history of Cologne. It was very impressive and funny. We'll be back, it was a fantastic experience

We had a very competent, friendly, humorous, very well informed and brilliantly narrating rickshaw driver. We would have liked to explore Cologne with him for another 2-3 hours. We heard and learned a lot.

It was very informative, you get things told that you don't even know. The driver was in a good mood and was fun to listen to.

We had a great time with our Guide and enjoyed the tour tremendously:-)