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Cologne Family-friendly activities

Our most recommended Cologne Family-friendly activities

Cologne: Chocolate Museum Entrance Ticket

1. Cologne: Chocolate Museum Entrance Ticket

Awaiting the visitors is a walk-in tropical house, natural history information on cocoa, exhibits from the pre-Columbian cultures of Central America, an important porcelain and silver collection from the Baroque period, as well as numerous old machines from the time of industrialisation. In a glass chocolate factory and in the chocolate atelier, visitors can experience how chocolate products are made industrially, but also individually by hand. And: there is a 3-meter-high chocolate fountain in which 200 kg of delicious chocolate constantly bubble up for tasting. Tasting is expressly encouraged!

Cologne: TimeRide VR Time Travel Experience Ticket

2. Cologne: TimeRide VR Time Travel Experience Ticket

Set out on a thrilling journey with TimeRide and experience the undestroyed Cologne and the fascinating lifestyle of the legendary twenties! Together with the charming hatter Tessa and the Cologne streetcar driver Pitter, you will discover the exciting time after the end of the First World War, the British occupation, and the Spanish flu. Your time travel in three steps: · The Cinema: In the 1920s, more and more movie theaters evolved into massive movie palaces. The cinema was a ubiquitous and glamorous part of everyday life and an important source of information. Step into our “Lichtspielhaus” and take a seat together with the fine society: an entertaining short film in the style of that time will show you the historical development of Cologne in the twenties. · The Hatter's Store: In the hatter’s store of the Riedschneider family you will dive together with Tessa into the world of glamorous fashion of the twenties. In the 1920s, everyone wore a hat and the choice of hat said a lot about the wearer! In the lovingly decorated store, the art of wearing and making hats is illustrated using numerous originals from the Diefenthal family of hat makers in Cologne. You’ll also learn more about Tessa’s urgent special order… Will her important delivery arrive on time at Neumarkt thanks to Pitter? · The VR-Ride: The highlight of your journey back in time to 1926: On your virtual ride with the first electric Cologne streetcar, you will experience the beauty of the city before its destruction in World War II. With your VR goggles, you’ll enjoy a 360° panoramic view and discover iconic landmarks of old Cologne, many of which have disappeared or are barely recognizable today: Cologne Cathedral’s surroundings at the time, the old main train station, the Schauspielhaus theater, the city hall led by Konrad Adenauer, and much more. At Neumarkt, your trip ends in the colorful carnival hustle and bustle with a “Grand Finale”.

Cologne: Cologne Zoo Christmas Garden Entrance Ticket

3. Cologne: Cologne Zoo Christmas Garden Entrance Ticket

Visit Cologne Zoo after dark and take an enchanted walk through the Cologne Christmas Garden. Follow the 2km route and see how the zoo has been transformed with sparkling illuminations. See how millions of light points and colorful light installation have contributed to a land of winter wonders in Cologne. Admire the impressive animal and plant life of the park as you wander through a fairytale landscape. Purchase a hot beverage or savor tasty dishes at the park. Embrace an ideal festive activity with your family and loved ones.

Cologne: Guide Walking Tour for Children

4. Cologne: Guide Walking Tour for Children

Take a guided walking tour of Cologne created specifically for kids 8-12. Discover the oldest part of the city, its ancient sites, and hear stories about the Romans, the building of the Cathedral, and the role of the devil in its construction. Bring your kids and let them experience history. Arrive at the meeting point and being the walk through the oldest parts of Cologne. Look around at the ancient ruins and listen to the tale of the Heinzelmannchen, a mystical race of creatures connected to the region. Next, visit the little guy that hung his naked backside out of a window to rub the nose of Tunnes just to make a wish come true. Explore the Roman underground, and hear tales of their influence. Give kids a chance to feel engaged in the history of Cologne.

Cologne: Sagen- und Histörchentour in German

5. Cologne: Sagen- und Histörchentour in German

Discover Cologne's Old Town and immerse yourself in the city's eventful past. Listen to the tales and legends and find out, whether there is an element of truth in some of them. Learn why the Heinzelmännchen (little elves) disappeared from Cologne and hear the story behind the white woman, who people still see today. Find out why there are so-called Grinköpfe (grimace masks) on some house walls and hear about the devil's relation to Meister Gerhard and a corrupt mayor. Listen to the amusing and interesting stories from the Middle Ages and see Cologne's most famous sights.

Cologne: Boeing 737 1-Hour Flight Simulation at the Butz

6. Cologne: Boeing 737 1-Hour Flight Simulation at the Butz

Enter the cockpit of a real Boeing 737, the most successful aircraft of all time, where all the instruments, sounds, and functions are like the real thing. Invite up to 12 friends who will sit behind you in an actual Boeing passenger cabin and look over your shoulder as you embark on your virtual flight.  Take off from the historic Butzweilerhof airport in Cologne and design your own route around the world. Feel the aircraft accelerate down the runway and take off into the sky. From here, choose to fly to any of the 24,000 airports worldwide and try your hand at a simulated landing. Fun and realism are the priority on this flight simulation. Choose to go through different emergency situations and weather scenarios with a professional pilot helping you every step of the way.  After the simulation, take some free time to explore the "Butz." Open year round and accessible free of charge, this is the meeting place for car lovers of all kinds. Checkout the specialized workshops, high-quality accessory shops, and varied restaurants available on the MOTORWORLD Cologne campus. 

Cologne City Discovery Game

7. Cologne City Discovery Game

Discover Cologne as never before with this original interactive game experience. Using your cell phone, your challenge will start on the side portal of the Roman north gate CCAA in front of the cathedral’s main entrance. Simply open your e-mail link and your adventure will begin! Set off to explore Cologne as you solve 16 clues, with each correct answer taking you to the next location. As you proceed through the challenge, learn more about the history of the city and the local culture with fun facts. If you need a little helping hand, ask for hints to help you solve the clues. Take in some of Cologne's most beautiful sights, visit some of its oldest spots and find out things you never knew about the city. If you're looking for a fun way to experience the city, then this is a truly unique opportunity.

Cologne: Sherlock Holmes Smartphone App City Game

8. Cologne: Sherlock Holmes Smartphone App City Game

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Sherlock Holmes by collecting clues as part of a fun smartphone game. Solve the murder of a fictional character with your colleagues, friends, or family, and explore the highlights of Cologne, including Alter Markt and Tierbrunnen. Make your way through the city by downloading the game app that will lead you around with specific directions. Take part in a unique adventure, full of brain teasers, puzzles, and lots of British humor. Become a high-class detective for a day and work alongside Sherlock Holmes. Take as long as you need to tackle this criminal case, stopping to explore the area whenever you wish to. Restart the game when you're ready and have a blast while you come across iconic sites, such as Alt St. Alban and Schmitz Saule. Whilst this game does not focus on interacting with your surroundings nor informing you about it, it is the perfect activity to explore this amazing city in a fun and interactive way. Get ready for a walk through the most beautiful places in the city.

Cologne: Kölsche Highlights-/Altstadt Tour in German

9. Cologne: Kölsche Highlights-/Altstadt Tour in German

Between the Cologne Cathedral and the "large St. Martin" at the Rhine is where the old town of Cologne is located. Even the old carnival hit "Die Hüs´cher bunt om Aldermaat" (text and music: Gerhard Jussenhoven/Jupp Schlösser; 1938) reflects the charm of this district with its medieval townhouses. The area also testifies to Kölscher peculiarity. Throughout this tour, allow yourself be carried away into the time of the Romans as you learn stories, legends, and anecdotes about Cologne's history. Get to know Cologne's Town Hall and the Jewish Quarter, as you encounter them with your local guide. Stories about breweries, pubs, historical personalities, and sights, invite you to a tour into the heart of Cologne. Experience and learn about medieval Cologne on this barrier free tour.

Explore Cologne’s Best Street Art Quarter

10. Explore Cologne’s Best Street Art Quarter

Explore the hip neighborhood of Ehrenfeld and its vivid murals with a local guide on a walking tour in Cologne. From large murals on buildings to small stickers, and paste-ups on gates and lampposts, admire multiple pieces of art and learn the story behind them. Start right outside the Köln-Ehrenfeld S-Bahn station and be greeted by wall-to-wall murals. Find a Berlin-based street artist El Bocho’s artwork just outside the train station, near bike railings. Explore the arches, tunnels, and exterior station walls. Just outside the station, see the Edelweißpiraten (Edelweiss Pirates) mural, a poignant tribute to the heroic group of working-class youth who opposed the Nazi rule. Look for the Capitan Ehrenfeld mural at the corner of Glasstrasse and Stammstrasse After working up an appetite, treat yourself to a piece of cake at Goldmund Literatur Cafe. Head to Senefelderstrasse to marvel at an iconic mural by ROA, a Belgian graffiti and street artist. Finally, find yourself back at Ehrenfeldgürtel to look for the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival project on the residential building. Get a chance to pop into traditional art galleries scattered across the neighborhood and enjoy frequently changing exhibitions on street art.

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This was one of our favorite activities in Cologne. Other plans fell through so my adult daughter and I chose this as a convenient spur of the moment activity. Great choice. It is a 3 part activity, all sitting, which was a relief for our feet. The historical aspect is fascinating and the VR event was amazing. Relax, don’t feel self conscious about looking around. You’ll understand when you go.

Great to look round the museum and small factory - also to taste some of their wares and see how some of the moulded chocolate items are made. Made all the better by 'YourGuide' selling the tickets cheaper than at the venue. I could order the tickets in their reception area and immediately get in cheaper :)

Really nicely done. Great circular route through the zoo. Small highlights everywhere. If you don't get in the Christmas spirit. Just great. Should you have seen

This museum is definitely worth the visit if you've ever so much as TASTED chocolate! The exhibits and interactivity was as interesting as it was informative.

It was really cool to walk around and see chocolate being made! The staff were friendly and there’s lots of opportunities to get some chocolate!