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Crete Street food

Our most recommended Crete Street food

Chania: Old Town Highlights Guided Tour with Street Food

1. Chania: Old Town Highlights Guided Tour with Street Food

Discover Chania's Old Town on a private or shared group guided tour with a local. Learn about local history, and taste delicious Cretan street food as you explore. Meet your guide in Chania’s bustling market, then set off into the historic Old Town. Unravel the history of Chania as you stroll around the streets and admire the impressively well-preserved architecture. Stroll along the cobbled narrow paths of the city, and learn about Chania’s Venetian past, renaissance heritage, and Ottoman influences. Pass by famous landmarks and soak up the charming atmosphere as you mingle with the locals. As you explore, discover the flavors of Cretan cuisine, stop at colorful food shops and taverns, selling wine, olive-oil, cheese, herbs, spices, and more, and enjoy street food samples along the way.  

Heraklion: Cretan Cooking Lesson with Lunch in Arolithos

2. Heraklion: Cretan Cooking Lesson with Lunch in Arolithos

Dear guests, it will be our great pleasure to welcome you to one of the most beautiful sights in Crete, Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village. We will walk around the little streets visiting the premises and the museum where you will see the exhibition of our familial collection of old objects. We will visit the two old houses which will travel us back in time. Later on, we will go to the taverna where we will prepare together the delicious dishes of several recipes which we also consume in our weekly diet. Traditional Cretan cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. Here you can learn from us the secrets around each dish and participate hands-on in the process. You can create stuffed vine leaves, stuffed vegetables, pork with wine sauce, lamb with green beans, ntakos, tzatziki, and cheese pies. In case you have special dietary needs or allergies then you shall inform us beforehand to adapt the menu to your demands. You will enjoy the dishes you have prepared. Local wine and mineral water are included. The taverna has a panoramic view over the nearest valley and Heraklion City. You will have in front of you a lovely scenery of vineyards, olive trees, and the holy mountain of Giouchtas. Sounds of animals' bells will come to your ears. Your host and our team will be there to make you feel welcome and offer you a precious experience.

Rethymno: Old Town Walking Tour with Meal & Phyllo Workshop

3. Rethymno: Old Town Walking Tour with Meal & Phyllo Workshop

Take your taste buds on a journey on this guided walking tour of Rethymno's Old Town. Eat like a local as you step into a local café for breakfast. Learn how to taste honey, olive oil and raki like a Cretan. Uncover the secrets to making paper-thin phyllo. Have a feast under a lemon tree.  Start you tour at a Greek style kafeneio café in the heart of the city. Sit down in a square next to a running fountain and orange trees. Indulge in an authentic Cretan breakfast of a traditional Greek coffee or fresh juice and a handmade sfakianopita cheese pie coated with a layer of handmade jam. During breakfast, discuss the historical sites on your tour, the local traditions and customs, and how all these are connected to Cretan gastronomy. Learn how to distinguishing between high and low quality honey, olive oil, and raki with a tasting experience. Make your way to a 17th-century Venetian mansion house of Yorgos Hatziparaschos who has been making phyllo dough by hand for over 63 years. Be memorized by how the simple ingredients of flour, water, and salt are masterfully worked into the thin dough used in Greek desserts like baklava. Continue to a restaurant hidden in an Ottoman-style inner garden. Feast on Cretan meal under the lemon trees. Savor traditional dishes, cooked with fresh local ingredients and served in a stylish, modern way. Reflect on how the past connects with modern Cretan life with your host. End your tour at your meeting point.

All in One - Ecobike City Tour - Food Tasting - Wine Tasting

4. All in One - Ecobike City Tour - Food Tasting - Wine Tasting

Discover the best of Heraklion in one thrilling day with our Ecobike Full Day Tour. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the city, indulge in a delightful food tour tasting, and savor exquisite wines during a memorable wine tasting experience. This all-in-one adventure allows you to explore, taste, and enjoy the diverse facets of Heraklion. During the tour, you'll embark on a fascinating historical journey, visiting iconic landmarks and historical sites. Our knowledgeable local guide will share captivating stories and insights, bringing the city's history to life. Along the way, you'll stop at local eateries to sample authentic flavors and culinary delights, experiencing the vibrant food scene of Heraklion. As the tour progresses, you'll have the opportunity to delight your taste buds with a wine tasting experience. Discover the unique flavors and aromas of Cretan wines as you learn about the region's winemaking traditions. At the end of this immersive adventure, you'll be left with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for the history, culture, and flavors of Heraklion. Whether you choose to continue exploring the city's bustling streets or head back to your hotel, this tour will leave you with a newfound love for Heraklion's vibrant spirit. Join us on the Ecobike Full Day Tour and experience the ultimate blend of history, food, and wine in the heart of Heraklion. Explore, taste, and enjoy a day of discovery that will create lasting memories.

Rethymno: Private Old Town Highlights Tour with Street Food

5. Rethymno: Private Old Town Highlights Tour with Street Food

Explore the old part of the city with the assistance of a local guide, who will tell you about the history, culture, and daily lifestyle of Rethymno, as well as the traditional cuisine. Discover the marks the Venetians and Ottomans left behind after their long presence on the island. Find the hidden treasures of Cretan modern life and cuisine by visiting quaint little food shops and taverns. Browse through a variety of local products, such as olive oil, cheese, and local herbs and spices. Visit some artisan shops along the way. Learn about the production process and the cooking traditions still alive today. Get an insider’s perspective by speaking with the people behind the scenes. You'll try a bowl of sheep yogurt with thyme honey and nuts; a selection of delicious mezes; you will sample Cretan cheeses and seasonal local delicacies and desserts and enjoy drinks such as the unique Cretan raki.

Chania: Guided Walking Food Tour with Tasting

6. Chania: Guided Walking Food Tour with Tasting

We will set a meeting point in the heart of modern Chania town and we will start our experience in the Cretan taste. As a first stop we will try the famous traditional Bougatsa which combines the light salty taste of fresh cheese with sugar in an extremely crispy thin layer of dough. Of course, a Greek traditional coffee could not be missing of this typical Chania breakfast. Then we will find ourselves in the paradise of herbs and not only... A local expert of herbs will introduce us to the many different varieties of herbs from the mountains of Crete that are known for their healing and soothing nature. Malotira, Fliskouni, Diktamo, Sage, cinnamon, honey, oil and legumes, all organically produced and only from the island of Crete. Next stop will be in the mayor’s house, not for us to meet him but because there we will visit a local, family running, traditional “kaltsounadiko”. The word means the preparation room of the traditional dish called “kaltsouni” which is a kind of small pie with traditional sheet, filled with cheese or greens or a mixture of these two and baked in the oven or fried. Sweet and savory dishes will excite our taste buds... And now the time has come to try all the types of cheeses produced in Crete. The traditional and the contemporary, marry to give us the ultimate taste!!! Next stop the Cretan cheese world. This small shop is the branch of a cheese factory, well known to the locals, that presents its flavors to us. We will try different types of cheese that are made in in modern facilities but preserving the tradition. At this point a break is necessary and so we will follow the way to the old port of Chania having a walk next to the sea giving us the opportunity to share with you some of the history of the city. Following, we will be welcomed under the shade of the Plane trees with a different dish from the southern region of Chania, the Sfakia area, with their homonymous pie and the famous Dakos dish. Through the most picturesque alleys and after a short walking we will enjoy Gyros and beer. You should not leave Greece without trying the traditional souvlaki!!! And if you thought we were done you were wrong…Have you ever heard about Loukoumades?? If yes then we have a surprise for you, if not then get ready for an explosion of flavors in your mouth that will last for a long time and you will remember it forever. Golden balls of dough filled with chocolate, deep fried and covered by honey and sesame... Of course, our gustatory journey could not miss the ice cream that will accompany this wonderful treat.

Heraklion: 2–Hour Cretan Food & Sightseeing Walking Tour

7. Heraklion: 2–Hour Cretan Food & Sightseeing Walking Tour

Feed your body and mind in Heraklion, the capital city of Crete. Visit its major monuments with your guide, discover the the modern aspects of the Cretan diet its connection to the history of the city. Learn how the people of Crete eat, and how Crete's enviable food culture was born. On this Heraklion tasting tour, stop at a Cretan family bakery, the daily meeting point of locals. Taste Greek coffee assorted with kalitsounia (traditional sweet pies with soft cheese filling), raisin pies and cinnamon cookies. Discover the herbs and spices at a traditional Cretan shop, and take the chance to savor Cretan mountain tea. Move on to try organic extra virgin olive oil, considered to be the best in the world, made with varieties of table olives. Try goat–sheep cheese, Gruyere, parmesan, soft cheese and natural yogurt with honey.

Rethymno: Old Town and Food Tasting Private Tour

8. Rethymno: Old Town and Food Tasting Private Tour

Begin your tour, from the 4 Martyrs square, which is the border between the walls that still unite the new and the historical center of Rethymno. Cross the main entrance of the Old Town known as "Guora Porta" and immerse yourself in its atmosphere. During your tour of the picturesque alleys of the old town, you will come acrosss unique monuments such as the Rimodi Fountain, the Neradze Mosque (or Gazi Hussein) with its high minaret, churches and squares. Αs you stroll along the cobbled narrow paths of the old town, stop at traditional food shops and taste selected samples. Then, make a stop and enjoy a tasty coffee with snack at café which is located in one of the most central historical alleys of the Old Town.Admire the landscape surrounded by historical buildings of great cultural heritage of Crete. Having enjoyed your coffee just a few meters away, get ready to meet the baklava workshop of Mr. Giorgos Chatziparaschos and watch how he produces handmade phyllo crust and kadaifi in the traditional way. Continue your tour through the narrow streets of the Old Town observing the public and private buildings, squares, Venetian mansions and discover through them the history, its myths and the way of life of the local people until today. In the end, relax and enjoy Cretan meze dishes and wine at traditional meze taverna, which is located in one of the most picturesque narrow streets of the Old Town.

Chania: Guided Food and Wine Walking Tour with Lunch

9. Chania: Guided Food and Wine Walking Tour with Lunch

Your tour guide will take you and your small group in places where you can converse with town folk and sample traditional delicacies such as fresh tomatoes, olives, traditional Cretan cheese with honey, Cretan salad, "sigklino", "dolmades", "pastitsio", "ntakos", "mizithra" and the local spirit, "tsikouthia". You will also participate in a delicious wine tasting as you learn first-hand the traditions and customs of this beautiful country. Your walking tour will allow you to view up close and personal this scenic port where old buildings, museums, churches and shops are all built close to the panoramic harbor. Throughout the tour you will have the opportunity to see a variety of sites on a hill that provides a sweeping view of the city of Chania. You will begin to get a sense of Italy, maybe Venice or Florence, in the mesmerizing atmosphere of conditions that mix both character and culture of the Cretan people and their traditions. Accompanied by your local, friendly and knowledgeable guide, this tour will open your eyes to so much more than the average excursion as you will be provided with a glimpse into a culture's long, rich history. This is by far not your typical historical tour, sign up now and be a part of discovering what Greece is all about on this intimate introduction to the people and lifestyle of Chania.

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Our guide Kostos made the tour informative, fun, interesting and very enjoyable . His knowledge of local and country history, architecture and Greek mythology , traditions of Creten life, families / communities helped us appreciate and enjoy our time here all the more. The food was amazing , we will buy honey and olive oil with knowledge now and of course the sampling of local alcohol . We thoroughly recommend this tour to add depth and fun to your holiday in Rethymno . Brilliant fun

Sophia was a wonderful guide! She was timely, professional and was very watchful of our tight schedule. We enjoyed such delicious food and beautiful alley ways and flowers while waking to the next tasting. Her knowledge of the area and it's history was amazing. Because of this tour, we decided this is a place we would definitely come back to for a longer stay.

My wife and I had a wonderful afternoon with Evie. We toured the rustic village, prepared some food and dined outdoors in the courtyard overlooking the valley and could see Heraklion off in the distance. There were just the two of us and it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Kelly was a great guide. We ate well, she shared both historical and current info about the island, and went above and beyond on giving us ideas for spending the rest of our days on Crete. After a couple of hours with her, we were set for the week.

it was an amazing experience. Evie was an exceptional host and the food was amazing! ended up being a private tour which was great! would highly recommend.