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We had a really great experience! First, we were only the 2 of us and 2 guides so that made it really intimate and personal. Going around the city on the back of a scooter in traffic that may seem like pure chaos is an experience in itself! We tasted 11 dishes on different spots in the city down back alleys that we would have never found ourselves. It was all very tasty! Our 2 guides Azura and Vince were very nice and informative and were willing to answer all our questions even if they were not food related. They also helped me with a special request to taste the balut egg (duck egg with embryo inside) - it wasn't on the program but they found one for me. The tour was a fantastic experience!

Ho Chi Minh-byen: Aftentur på motorcykel med streetfood Anmeldt af Jens Horslund, 08/01/2020

2 fantastiske unge vietnamesere der kørte os perfekt rundt på 5 markeder - super oplevelse