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tsitsikamma 3timers ziplinetur i regnskovens trækroner

Tsitsikamma: 3-timers zipline-tur i regnskovens trækroner

Varighed: 3 timer
Lille gruppe
35 anmeldelser

Oplevelsen er den første af sin art i Afrika. Glid fra den ene platform til den næste langs et stålkabel 30 meter over skovbunden. Opdag…

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My guide, Fatima was a life saver. she was so patient and supportive at all time. she knew the mountain and could explain animal life and nature from any spot. on our way down, my back locked and I could almost not walk. she was highly trained for the situation and offered to carry me down. furthermore she offered several times to carry my bag. I slipped a few times and was quite afraid at times... and every time, fatima was so supportive and motivated. I can only give 10 out of 10 stars to fatima. she was the reason I reached the top and enjoyed the most beautiful view ever. afterward she texted me, to see if my back was better or worse. she also took pictures of us during the hike. don't hike without a guide... and do request Fatima. she is an angel. best experience ever ... also after the hole back thing...

Cape Town: 3-timers løvehoved Sunset Hike Anmeldt af Komal, 26/12/2019

Very well organized, the staff onboard was excellent - we liked, in particular, the guide, Keith, he was really good. The views were fantastic, Cape Point and the walk from Cape Point over to the Cape of Good Hope was spectacular. We saw several animals. We stopped at Boulder Beach to see penguins, and that was the only thing I wasn't too sure about. The wind was extremely strong so sand flew into eyes, ears, mouth, and hurt (not the fault of the organizers though), but I didn't like the crowd around the penguins, far too many people let in at one time. I thought the penguins didn't quite have enough space.

AN AMAZING AND EYE-OPENING EXPERIENCE Thank you for an incredible educational and eye-opening tour of the township of Langa. Me and my family, were all so pleased to be guided by two kind locals, who gave us an amazingly personal tour. It was such a pleasure meeting and greeting all the other people of Langa. We came, thinking they would look at us as intruders, but soon realised they were glad to open up their homes and share their story with us, and we ended our tour with a new view of townships. We think everybody should have the same experience as us, as it showed us the hidden side of South Africa.

Cape Town: Halvdagstur gennem byens townships Anmeldt af Marianne Lynge, 12/01/2020

Vi havde en perfekt bådtur hvor sejlene blev sat på katamaranen og vi gled ud på det sydlige Atlanterhav. God service og rundhåndet servering af skøn Sydafrikansk Champagne! Helt fantastisk fik vi så også se finhvaler - kæmpe oplevelse hvor skipper fulgte hvalen! Når vi sammenlignede med de øvrige både så var vores båd den eneste der satte sejl!

We had an outstanding tour at the sea today. We managed to see pingvins, whales, seabirds, dolphins, and a big colony of seals. Our captain said it was a good day, and indeed it was. Speaking about the captain, he was super informative and good to spot the animals. I can recommend african eagle tours.