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Things to do in Douz, Tunisia

Our most recommended things to do in Douz, Tunisia

Douz 2-Day Sahara Desert Camel Trek

1. Douz 2-Day Sahara Desert Camel Trek

On day 1, following an early pick-up from your hotel or accommodation in Douz, meet your Bedouin cameleers and begin your camel trek. Enjoy riding the camel through the fascinating views of the golden dunes and the amazing landscape which will change as the day progresses. At midday, break for lunch. While the chef prepares a delicious meal, take the opportunity to take photos of the impressive desert. After lunch, continue your journey and ride the camel til sunset. Watch the amazing sight of the sun setting behind the golden dunes. Arrive at the desert camp, and sit down for a traditional Berber dinner with famous flatbread prepared on an open fire. Spend the night under the starry Saharan sky, drumming around the fire. In the early morning, enjoy the charming sunrise as you eat a Berber breakfast. Continue to ride the camel through the remarkable dunes and fantastic landscape, from there, your Tunisian desert adventure will wind to a close. Trek back to the initial meeting point, where your return transportation to Douz awaits.

Tozeur: Half-Day Star Wars Film Set Locations Tour

2. Tozeur: Half-Day Star Wars Film Set Locations Tour

Start your visit with the Dune Sea, the Krayt Dragon Ridge and the location of the igloo of Lars Family Homestead exterior on the Chott El Jerid. The location was also used in Attack of the Clones and the final shot of Revenge of the Sith. Continue across Mides and travel to ‘Star Wars canyon’ where 9 scenes were filmed including: when the Jawas were attacked and buried, Jawa Rock, and the scenes of the Tusken Raiders. Return back to Nefta and travel to the Mos Espa film site beautifully located amongst the Sahara dunes. Here, find the Pod-racing arena, the Mos Espa streets, Watto’s shop, market, and Sebulba’s Café. East of the set you will find the Yardangs, where the Jedi fight between Qui-Gon and Darth Maul in Episode I was filmed. It was also the location of the Queen’s Royal Starship. Finish the tour with a look at Ong Jemel ‘the neck of the camel’ where Darth Maul arrives on Tatooine and releases the Sith Probes. After finding Anakin and Qui-Gon, Darth Maul is seen flying over the cliffs.

Douz: Sunset or Sunrise Sahara Desert Camel Ride

3. Douz: Sunset or Sunrise Sahara Desert Camel Ride

Have an authentic Tunisian experience throughout this desert camel safari tour. Escape the city buzz of Douz atop a dromedary (Arabian camel), the traditional Berber mode of travel. Following pickup from your hotel, you'll be whisked off to the stables to meet your "cameleer", who will accompany you throughout your sand dune journey. You can take in all the beauty that Tunisia's Sahara has to offer, as you follow the hand-picked trail. You can climb sand dunes, admiring the ever-changing landscapes as the beauty of nature will is brought out even more by the sun over the dunes. Your camel will be friendly, and the guides will be sure to capture your memories on camera for you. Make the most out of your time in Tunisia with this authentic, once-in-a-lifetime desert experience.

From Tunis: 2 Days Sahara Express Experience

4. From Tunis: 2 Days Sahara Express Experience

Day 01 : Pick up from your place of residence and departure to El Jem, visit of its coliseum , measuring 148 meters long, 122 wide and 36 meters high, served during two centuries. Its capacity estimated at 35,000 spectators and its imposing size class unquestionably among the largest amphitheatres in the world. This building dating from the third century, shows the greatness of the Roman Empire. Continuation to Matmata located at 40 km west of Gabes, on a mountainside, it is a Berber village of 1800 inhabitants, at an altitude of 600 meters. The name Matmata came from a Berber tribe originating from Morocco, descendant of the Temzit. Matmata is very well known for its troglodyts houses. Troglodyte homes are homes built into the ground as a way to escape the heat of the summer sun, creating their own natural air conditioning. As you walk around on the surface of the ground, you can peer down into these craters, which are the courtyards of these homes. Some of the courtyards have sheer drops of up to 30 feet deep. These courtyards have rooms cut into the ground where residents live. Typical Tunisian lunch in Matmata Departure after the lunch towards Douz also called the desert gate, discovery of the city, check in at your hotel, dinner and accommodation Day 02 : Early breakfast and departure for Chott El Djerid to experience the sunrise on this beautiful salt lake, located between the Gulf of Gabes and the Algerian border, for nearly 300 km, the desert is covered with Chotts, desert areas covered with salt deposits that rest on a mass of mud. When it rains, the chott is covered with water and becomes a kind of inland sea. The mirages are frequent on this salted plain, of a brilliant whiteness. Departure for chebika via Dgueche, picturesque small village of the Tunisian south. Arrival in Chebika, discovery of this mountain oasis, formerly a Berber village that was washed away. Visit of Ong Jmal, known as the setting for the famous 'Star Wars' saga. But Ong Jmal is above all a magnificent place, completely disconnected from time and space. Visit of "Mos Espa" Proceed to Gafsa where you will have lunch On the way back to Tunis, panoramic visit of Kairouan a fascinating city still anchored in a distant past. One of Islam’s holy cities, it was the first capital of the Maghreb. Designated a Unesco World Heritage site, it conceals several marvels and it is also Known as Capital of traditional hand made Carpets Back to your place of Residence.

From Douz: Overnight Safari in Tunisian Sahara Desert

5. From Douz: Overnight Safari in Tunisian Sahara Desert

Day 1 Enjoy the convenience of being picked up from your hotel in Douz in a Land Cruiser. As you drive to the desert, hear your guide’s stories of the Sahara desert’s past and present. Learn about the many customs and traditions that you’ll experience throughout your evening. Explore the Douz Desert Reserve on a wildlife safari. Spot Arabian gazelles, fennecs, and oryx. Afterward, head to the Bedouin-inspired camp on the grounds of a private royal retreat. Walk through the entranceway, past the gentle flickering lights of the campsite and take a seat at your table. Before your meal starts, you’ll take part in a range of cultural activities. Enjoy an Arabic mint tea and sit back and relax. Watch the Bedouin chef prepare a traditional lunch. Take part in a breadmaking demonstration. Gaze at Tunisia’s national bird, the falcon. Return to your table to watch a cooking demonstration and learn how to prepare local flatbread over an open flame. Feast on a 4-course dinner under the stars. Taste a variety of Bedouin specialties. After your meal, sit around the bonfire and gaze up at the stars. When you're ready for bed, make your way to your Arabic tent, complete with a comfortable mattress, pillows, and blanket. Settle in and enjoy sleeping in the heart of the desert. Day 2 Wake up to a beautiful sunrise and the scent of strong Arabic coffee. Watch as your breakfast is prepared. Feast on traditional breakfast bread. After eating, meet your driver and return to Douz.

Sahara Desert: 2-Day Tour with Food and a Night in a Tent

6. Sahara Desert: 2-Day Tour with Food and a Night in a Tent

Day 1 : In the morning, our driver and guide will pick you up from your hotel and the adventure will begin. Leave the island via the ferry and head to Matmata the cave village. Take the time to visit a troglodyte house dug underground and meet a Berber family. Enjoy a nice rosemary tea served with olive oil and honey. Continue to the Berber village of Tamazret and enjoy a coffee break. Head, then, to Douz, the door of the desert where you will enjoy a good lunch in a local restaurant. Possibility to book a quad ride on the dunes (paying on site with local providers) Continue to meet Bedouins and camels and leave the vehicle to begin an authentic experience. The camel ride will begin and you will go to the heart of the dunes with the camel drivers. After 2 hours, stop and help set up the tent between the dunes. The camel drivers will look for wood to light the fire and you will take the time to stroll in the dunes and admire the unique sunset. At the beginning of the evening, around the fire, watch the preparation of the sand bread (bread baked under the sand and the embers). Enjoy a good dinner prepared over a wood fire and spend the evening dancing to the rhythm of Bedouin music. Night in a tent under the stars Day 2: When you wake up, try not to miss the moment of the sunrise. Then, enjoy a good breakfast on the dunes and go back to your 4wd. Thank the camel drivers and continue your return adventure. Visit Sidi Idriss the filming location of Star Wars. Continue to the Berber village of Toujane and visit one of the best Ksours of the Tunisia south. Enjoy a local Tunisian lunch and return to the island of Djerba via the Roman causeway

Tozeur: 2-Day Desert Overnight Stay in a Tent & Camel Trek

7. Tozeur: 2-Day Desert Overnight Stay in a Tent & Camel Trek

Day 1: After an early departure from your accommodation, embark on an oasis adventure with an overnight stay in a tent. The first stop will the Chebika Oasis, where you’ll visit an old village, stroll through the mountain landscapes, and discover hidden freshwater sources that spring from the side of the mountain.    Continue to Tamerza and pass by the massive waterfall before wandering through the magnificent canyons of Mides. In the afternoon, savor a local lunch at a homestay. Then, cross the famous salt lake of Chott Djerid towards the town of Douz, also known as the ‘gateway to the Sahara.’ With more than 5000 square kilometers, Chott Djerid is considered to be the largest chott in northern Africa. In Douz, visit the local market before heading to the sandy village of Sabria. Here, experience the dunes on camelback and watch the sunset change the color of the sand. Reach your desert camp before nightfall and enjoy an authentic desert night with a campfire and a demonstration of sand bread preparation under the stars. Savor dinner and enjoy an overnight stay in a tent. Day 2: Following breakfast, return to Douz, where you’ll have the possibility to join a quad or ULM ride that you can book onsite with local providers. After some leisure time, depart for Tozeur with a stop in Kebelli where you’ll enjoy a midday meal. Then, drive to Souk Lahad to visit the hot water castle and watch the cooling system for irrigation water that comes out of the ground to irrigate the palm groves of the region. Finally, visit the petrified sand dunes of Debebcha, a unique fossilized landscape shaped in the form of dunes before returning to your hotel in Tozeur, where your driver and guide bids you farewell.

From Douz: Camel and Quad Bike Tour With Transfer

8. From Douz: Camel and Quad Bike Tour With Transfer

Following a morning pickup from your accommodation in Douz, meet your guide and hop aboard your vehicle. Then, leave the busy souks behind and travel out into the Golden Sand desert surrounding the city, where life ticks by at a far slower pace. Start your adventure with a 2-hour camel trek, and ride deeper into the Sahara desert with your cheich (traditional scarf) wrapped tight to protect you from the winds. Stop off at a village near the palm groves to enjoy the view. During your visit, perhaps chat to your hosts and gain insight into life outside the city. Then, pull on your helmet and goggles and hop onto your quad bike for an adrenaline-pumping, 2-hours spin along the dusty trails. Travel through ancient Berber villages and farms with your guide and enjoy panoramic views over the rugged terrain. When it’s time to head back to Douz, hop back aboard your vehicle for the return journey to your accommodation in the city where your tour will come to an end.

From Douz: Sahara Desert 1-Hour Quad Biking Tour

9. From Douz: Sahara Desert 1-Hour Quad Biking Tour

Explore Tunisia's Sahara Desert on the back of a quad bike during this tour. Pilot your own quad bike, which allows you to motor up and down the enormous sand dunes, reaching places that traditional tours can't access. With all equipment provided: helmet, hood, and goggles to protect from flying sand and a tea break at a desert camp, this adventure tour has elements to keep you comfortable as well. Enjoy the silence and serenity of the Sahara before hopping back on your quad bike and continuing your rugged desert ride. Conclude your tour back at the base camp.

Tunisia: 5-Day Private Discovery Tour

10. Tunisia: 5-Day Private Discovery Tour

Discover the highlights of Tunisia in this comprehensive private 5-day tour. Relax, as your meals and accommodation throughout the tour are catered for including delicious traditional breakfasts and lunches and dinners in various stunning locations.  On the first day, you will be picked up from your hotel in Tunisia and will visit 'El Jem', a well-preserved Roman amphitheater. You will then head to Kairouan to visit the 9th century Aghlabid basins and then head on to marvel at the spectacular Grand Mosque, the oldest in North Africa. Your expert guide will provide an overview of the history and Tunisian traditions and you will spend the night in Tozeur.  On the second day, you will visit the breathtakingly beautiful Chebika and Tamerza waterfalls before heading to see the natural spectacle of the Mides Canyons. In the afternoon, you will enjoy a horse-drawn carriage tour in the Palm Groves before heading to the desert, where you can see the movie set where they filmed star wars - perfect for any film fans! Afterward, you will head to Douz with a stop to view the salt lake on the way. At Douz, you can see the famous winding lanes of the souk markets and enjoy either a camel or quad bike tour through the desert sands.  The third day is for heading into the Sahara desert, an incredible arid landscape full of tall dunes. Enjoy lunch looking out over the plains before checking in to the luxury desert campsite. The evening here will be spent enjoying delicious traditional food and listening to drumming as you warm yourself around the campfire.  On the fourth day of the trip, you will head to Matmata to visit the 'Troglodyte' Berber town. Here you can see the famous underground structures where many people still reside today. Continue onwards to  Ksar Hadada to visit the ancient castle there before stopping by Chenini to visit the '7th Asleep' mosque and museum. You will then spend a restful evening in Tataouine.  The last day will involve you indulging in some shopping at the winding Jara Souk where you can purchase some souvenirs from this amazing trip. You will be dropped back at your hotel, satisfied in the knowledge that you have truly discovered the real Tunisia. 

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Truly amazing!!! As exceptional as I imagined ✨ the organization was very well done and we were able to have transport from our hotel El Mouradi Douz directly. We even got dropped off by camel directly at the hotel at the end. About 6 hours of dromedary in total, 2 hours in the morning, rest at the camp at noon, 2 hours at sunset that is too magnificent and then a small party by the fire. The starry sky and even shooting stars the next morning wake up at 6:30 to admire the sunrise, breakfast and hop another 2 hours of dromedary to the hotel! We even stopped “picking” sand roses! The whole team were very warm, attentive and smiling. A beautiful energy emerges from them ✨ To do absolutely!!! Worth the expense, lifetime memories (and lots of great photos) and one less thing on the bucketlist ✌️

Excellent organization, everyone is very caring and the staff seem to appreciate their work very much and it shows in lots of little details. The camel drivers are particularly charming. The camp is equipped with adequate sanitary facilities, the food is good and the tents are very comfortable. In the evening there was a fire and a trio of musicians playing traditional music. I highly recommend.

Very good in relation to the cost, the camel driver Abdullah very focused on having a good time and the organizer of the camp helped me get transportation to the activity and then to my next destination. Highly recommended.

This was a good tour. We went to all of the areas as described. The driver was very friendly and helpful.

Great tour and great driver that showed us even more places than what was planned