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Outdoor Activities Tourism Agency on Madeira Jeep Safari tours with Land Rover Just Go Tours is an outdoor activities company that was created for those who seek for adventure and getting to know the best places around Madeira Island. It was started by a local guide and the most passionated person about the Island, who loves its Island and its Job. With more than 17 years of experience as a tour guide and driver, our tours are delivered in the most personalized way possible so you can feel confortable and enjoy all the hidden places that only a local knows The tours are made in different languages: Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish The explanations given during the tour are about the history of Madeira Island in general and specific talks about the places we visit. We share with you all the information about villages, the Laurissilva forest, plants, flowers and animals that inhabit the Island and also the Levadas, which are the channels of water that cross the mountains. The tours are more personalized and made in small groups from 2 to 6 people, in the case of being a family or a group of friends we accept reservations up to 8 people. We never go in a caravan with other cars. We always try, whenever possible, to avoid places with too many people, avoiding large concentrations of tourists. All tours have a predefined itinerary of places to visit, but they can be changed due to the weather. We will always make the trip in a flexible way to go to places where the weather is better, where everyone can see and enjoy in the best way Madeira Island. The 4x4 Tours are made only with the real machine, the Land Rover, which is built to cross all the off-road hidden trails of the Island, perfectly made for all those who like adventure and go where the other’s can’t go, and also in a comfortable and stylish way. Outdoor Activities Tourism Agency provide: - Jeep 4x4 Safari Tours with Land Rover - Hiking in the Levadas and Mountain - Tours for the sunrise and sunset - Private tours

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