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Our most recommended Lam Dong Outdoor sports

Extreme Dalat Canyoning

1. Extreme Dalat Canyoning

This is the most popular tour for foreigners in Dalat. The activity includes abseiling, swimming, trekking, water sliding and jumping into the water. There are three abseils: One dry cliff (18 meters) and two wet cliffs: The biggest 25m waterfall (You can do the two times) and the Washing machine. 100m Zipline challenge or 18m dry cliff. Two cliff jumps (7 and 9 meters). Two natural water slidings. 9-kilometer trekking. Free time swimming. We just do small groups, a maximum of 5 people, so you can have less time waiting and more time Canyoning.

9-hour Dalat Outskirt Tour with 3 Stunning - Majestic falls

2. 9-hour Dalat Outskirt Tour with 3 Stunning - Majestic falls

• Start the day with a vist of Truc Lam Monastery Pagoda, a serene and peaceful place, visitors can stroll around the temple grounds, taking in the beautiful gardens, enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings. • Next, we'll head to Datanla Waterfall, where you'll have the chance to experience the longest Alpine coaster in the area. As you zip down the tracks, take in the breathtaking scenery around you. • Drive along the winding Sam pass mountain and stop to take photos at the hillside of the pass. From this vantage point, you can see the 18 holes Sam gold course stretching below, a green oasis in the middle of romantic mountainous terrain. • Visit a black pepper garden and learn about the cultivation and processing of this spice. At the black pepper garden, you can see the process of growing, harvesting, and processing the pepper. You'll also learn about the different types of pepper and their uses in Vietnamese cuisine. • Our next destination is the Pongour Waterfall, also known as Seven Step Waterfall. This natural masterpiece falls through a 7-storey terraced stone system and has captivated many tourists with its stunning beauty. • After a delicious lunch, we'll take you to the Elephant Waterfall, also known as Lieng Rowoa waterfall. The wild beauty, charm, and mystery of this place will leave you awestruck. The large rocks, shaped like elephants, form a herd of elephants through the ingenious arrangement of nature. • We'll then visit a silk weaving facility, where you'll see the entire production process, from growing mulberries and raising silkworms to laying eggs, releasing cocoons, and weaving silk. The silk products made from this silk factory are bold, traditional, soft, and full of sophistication. • No tour of Da Lat would be complete without trying some of the local delicacies, including rice wine. We'll take you to a place where the wine is cooked using traditional manual methods for the quintessential drops of ethnic alcohol. • Visit a coffee plantation you can learn about the cultivation and harvesting process, once stop at coffee showroom you can observe the beans being roasted and processed, and taste different types of coffee. Robusta coffee has a strong and bitter taste, Moca coffee is light sweet, and Liberica coffee is a bit sour. • After a scenic drive up the winding Ta Nung Pass Mountain, returning to Da Lat city with the final stop at breathtaking view for scenic Ta Nung pass views and the ever green plantation in distance

From Dalat: Private Countryside and Waterfalls Tour

3. From Dalat: Private Countryside and Waterfalls Tour

Enjoy a day trip to Vietnam’s magnificent countryside near Dalat with a guide and driver. Choose from a motorcycle or car vehicle for your day out.  Enjoy the views as you leave the outer limits of Dalat, with beautiful scenery comprising pine forests, flora, and vegetable farms to accompany you to the first stop.  First up is Elephant Waterfall, one of the biggest and most stunning in the province. Even take a peek inside one of the hidden caves and stand behind the waterfall. Then move onto the buddhist temple located next to the waterfall with memorable giant Lady Buddha and Happy Buddha statues. Next up is a visit to a local village that specializes in craft activities such as making rice wine and preparing coffee. See the activities in situ, with demonstrations of what the coffee bean is like, the process of preparing Vietnamese coffee, and enjoying your own cup of it right there in the coffee plantation.  A few last nature stops before you head back to Dalat — Pongour Waterfall, one of the most beautiful in Vietnam, and Paradise Lake.  And just when you thought you couldn’t fit more in, head to “Chicken Village” — a local village with the largest chicken sculpture in Vietnam standing at 4.5 meters.   Sit back and relax with a transfer back to your accommodation in Dalat in the late afternoon after your fun-packed day.

Dalat: Guided Countryside Loop Motorcycle Day Tour

4. Dalat: Guided Countryside Loop Motorcycle Day Tour

Experience the thrill of a lifetime and discover the mesmerizing beauty of Vietnam's countryside on an epic guided motorbike tour. As you embark on this adventure, the journey itself is just as remarkable as the destinations you'll visit. Ride through picturesque pine forests and lush vegetable farms as vibrant flora surrounds you, creating an idyllic backdrop for your adventure. Your first stop will be the breathtaking Elephant Falls, one of the largest and most awe-inspiring waterfalls in the region. Take in the majestic scenery and even venture inside one of the secret caves or stand behind the thunderous waterfall for a truly unforgettable experience. Next, visit the adjacent Buddhist temple and be captivated by the towering Lady Buddha, the tallest statue of its kind in Vietnam, and the unforgettable giant Buddha of Happiness. Get a glimpse into the local way of life when you visit a nearby village that specializes in traditional crafts such as rice wine making and the production of Weasel coffee, Silk Factory, Mushroom farm. Witness the process firsthand and savor a cup of authentic Vietnamese coffee straight from the plantation. The adventure continues with stops at Pongour Waterfall, widely regarded as one of the most stunning waterfalls in all of Vietnam, and the serene Paradise Lake. But that's not all! You'll also visit the unique "Chicken Village", home to the largest chicken sculpture in Vietnam, standing tall at an impressive 4.5 meters. As the day draws to a close, sit back and relax as you're driven back to your accommodation in Da Lat, relishing the unforgettable memories and experiences of a day filled with adventure and wonder.

From Dalat: Day Trip Canyoning Adventure with Picnic

5. From Dalat: Day Trip Canyoning Adventure with Picnic

Embark on an adventurous day out with a full-day experience canyoning near Dalat, Vietnam. Hike through the jungle, encounter waterfalls, abseil, and more. Start your experience with a pickup from your Dalat accommodation. Arrive at Datanla and have a quick training with your professionally trained guides before heading out on your adventure.  Take part in an adrenaline-filled jungle hike, abseiling down waterfalls, swimming, and free jumping. No previous experience needed to take part — you’ll be in safe hands with our experienced guides and professional equipment.  Explore an area normally off-limits to tourists that can only be accessed by canyoning through it. A popular activity in Dalat since 1990, you’re sure to see the best of Vietnam’s nature.  Best of all, enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by some of Vietnam’s prettiest natural sights. Round off the day with a return transfer back to your accommodation in Dalat.

From Hanoi: 2-Day Halong Bay Sightseeing Cruise with Meals

6. From Hanoi: 2-Day Halong Bay Sightseeing Cruise with Meals

Explore Halong bay on an overnight cruise. Take a shuttle bus from Hanoi cruise through the bay to see highlights like the Tung Sau Pearl Farm, Ti Top Island, and Sung Sot Cave. Have the option to take part in activities like swimming, visiting caves, singing Karaoke, and squid fishing. Day 1: Board a comfortable shuttle bus outside your accommodation in Hanoi's Old Quarter area and relax on the transfer to Halong bay. Check in at a lounge and board the cruise ship. Be introduced to the itinerary and listen to a short safety briefing from the cruise manager. Savor a delectable lunch and admire stunning views as the boat cruises towards the southeast of Halong Bay. Pass by the Fighting Rooster rock formation and the Finger Islet. Hike to the top of Ti Top Island for stunning panoramic views of the Bay. After your hike, go for a refreshing swim in Halong Bay’s emerald waters or purchase a drink and sip from a coconut in the shade. Go back on board for a sunset party with a happy hour special from from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM where you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free drink deal at the Aquamarine Thalassius Bar. Sit down to a set menu dinner under the stars. Spend some free time relaxing or squid fishing with the complimentary tools that are provided at the reception area. End the day by sleeping in your cabin that has a private balcony. Day 2: Start your day with an early morning Tai Chi lesson on the sundeck with a breathtaking view as the sun rises over Halong Bay. Have a light breakfast at the ship's restaurant before heading to the magnificent Sung Sot Cave, one of the biggest caves in Ha Long Bay with large stalactites. Return to the ship, check-out, and return to Tuan Chau Island where brunch is served at the restaurant while the boat heads back to the harbor. Disembark at the Tuan Chau Marina and return to Hanoi by bus.

Ho Chi Minh to Cat Tien National Park – Dalat (3 days)

7. Ho Chi Minh to Cat Tien National Park – Dalat (3 days)

Day 1: Saigon to Cat Tien National Park (160 Km - 6 Hours Riding) After picking up the hotel , as you set off, the first stop on your adventure is a visit to a Rubber tree and Cashew plantation, indulge in local fruits, witness volcanic remnants, observe Tobacco-Making techniques, and engage with villagers making Rice Paper. End the day at Cat Tien National Park, surrounded by stunning biodiversity, in a cozy bungalow for a tranquil night Day 2: Explore Cat Tien National Park Start your exploration by embarking on a fascinating hike from the crocodile lake to the park’s headquarters. Walk through the lush surroundings, enjoy the serene atmosphere and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Along the way, keep an eye out for the numerous birds that call the area home. Witness the vibrant colors and melodious songs of birds while enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Continue your adventure with a 5km hike through the enchanting forests of Cat Tien National Park. Dense foliage and towering trees create an immersive experience that transports you to a world untouched by human intervention. Along the way, be prepared to encounter a variety of wildlife. From playful Monkeys swinging in the treetops to elusive Deer grazing in the bushes, every step brings you closer to the park’s rich biodiversity. As the sun sets and darkness covers the park, prepare for an exciting nighttime safari. With the help of spotlights and professional guides, venture deep into the park to witness the nocturnal creatures in their natural habitat. Keep an eye out for elusive creatures like Owls, Civets, and other nocturnal predators. The thrill of observing these animals under the cover of night will add a sense of mystery and excitement to your expedition. During your exploration of Cat Tien National Park, get ready to be captivated by its diverse ecosystem, rich wildlife and stunning natural beauty. From hiking through the woods to witnessing countless species of birds, culminating in an unforgettable nighttime safari, this experience promises an immersive encounter with nature’s wonders. And continue to stay here one more night. Day 3: Cat Tien to Dalat (160 Km - 6 Hours Riding) After bidding farewell to Cat Tien National Park, embark on a journey through expansive coffee and tea plantations, immersing yourself in the art of cultivation. Witness the awe-inspiring Pongour waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery. Delve into the world of mushroom farming, learning about the intricate techniques involved. Visit Chicken Village, a hidden gem where the K'ho ethnic group resides, offering a glimpse into their traditional crafts and customs. Conclude the day with a visit to Paradise Lake, a serene oasis amidst breathtaking landscapes. As you return to Da Lat, savor the captivating views of the majestic mountains. Your 3-day adventure from Saigon to Cat Tien National Park concludes as the tour guide escorts you back to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

Dalat Motorbike – Camping – Canyoning Adventure (2 Days)

8. Dalat Motorbike – Camping – Canyoning Adventure (2 Days)

Day 1: Dalat Countryside Motorbike Exploration and Camping Embark on the Dalat Expedition Extravaganza, beginning with a seamless hotel pickup. Equipped with a motorbike and helmet for your safety, you'll embark on a thrilling countryside adventure. Traverse winding roads, picturesque routes, and quaint local villages, with stunning vistas of verdant fields and aromatic coffee plantations. The journey includes awe-inspiring encounters with two majestic waterfalls that will leave you spellbound. Pause along the way to savor the views and indulge in local treats, all while gaining insights into the region's culture and traditions from your knowledgeable guide. As the day winds down, you'll be led to a splendid campsite by the tranquil Tuyen Lam Lake, offering a serene environment to unwind and connect with nature. But the adventure need not end here. After the Motorbike Tour: Campsite Bliss and BBQ Delights At the campsite, discover a haven of relaxation and tranquility, perfect for unwinding after an exhilarating day. Retreat to fully furnished tents that provide comfort and respite from the outside world. To refresh from your exploits, immerse yourself in a soothing hot bath within the camp's comforts. As the sun sets, prepare to indulge in an exquisite BBQ feast. Savor succulent meats, an array of vegetables, and a medley of delicacies, expertly grilled over an open flame. Each bite embodies the essence of outdoor dining, a symphony of flavors that dance upon your palate. Embrace tradition as you partake in the time-honored ritual of roasting sweet potatoes and corn over a crackling campfire, infusing the atmosphere with rustic charm. Vegetarian guests will find their tastes catered to with our thoughtful and diverse menu, ensuring a delightful dining experience tailored to their preferences. Day 2: Into the Wild Embrace the dawn with birdsong as your backdrop. Enjoy a hearty breakfast amidst the serene Campground before embarking on a thrilling day. 1. Start with a campsite pickup and a scenic drive to Datanla waterfall. 2. Check-in and get guidance on equipment at the abseiling point. 3. Begin with an 18-meter dry abseil. 4. Experience a captivating Tyrolean Traverse over a waterfall and river. 5. Refresh with free swimming at the waterfall's base. 6. Slide down a natural waterfall water slide. 7. Challenge yourself with a 25-meter waterfall abseil. 8. Jump into welcoming waters from a 7-meter rock cliff. 9. Conquer the formidable 13-meter "Washing Machine" waterfall. 10. Enjoy a well-deserved picnic lunch. 11. Trek uphill 40 minutes to the van and your hotel. Reflect as the adventure concludes between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM, tailored to group size and strength. Day 2 unfolds thrilling escapades amidst Datanla's wonders, crafting lasting memories.

Dalat: Motorcycle Tour with Camping and Kayak

9. Dalat: Motorcycle Tour with Camping and Kayak

On Day 1 at 08:30, we will pick up guests from their hotel and embark on a thrilling motorbike tour of Dalat's picturesque countryside. Our journey will take us through some of the most stunning landscapes the region has to offer. We will stop at some places like: - Trekking to the mountain peak - Twisty mountain rouds - Coffee plantation & Weasel coffee - Cricket farm - Rice wine making - Enjoy a traditional Vietnamese lunch at a local restaurant. - Elephant waterfall - Visit Linh An pagoda to admire the tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam 71 meters. - Ethnic Minority Villages - Silkworm village and factory The adventure doesn’t have to stop there. Then we'll head to our campsite, set up camp and enjoy a cozy campfire with a Bbq dinner under the stars. Overnight at the campsite with full facilities. Day 2: Wake up to a breathtaking sunrise and enjoy an alfresco breakfast with amazing hot Tea and Coffee. This morning you will spend 3 hours stand-up paddle boarding on the calm water of the beautiful Tuyen Lam Lake. You head back to our campsite to relax before packing up and heading back to the hotel at 11:AM.

From Dalat: 4D3N Central Highlands Explorer Loop

10. From Dalat: 4D3N Central Highlands Explorer Loop

Day 1: Da Lat to Lak Lake via Scenic Countryside Your tour guide will meet and greet you at the hotel where you stay in Dalat and from there we embark on an exciting motorcycle tour to explore Dalat's must-see highlights: Crazy House, Dalat Former Railway Station, and Dragon Pagoda. Then, venture into the remote countryside to admire terrace fields and learn about local farming. Enjoy winding mountain rides with stunning scenery. Take a break at a beautiful restaurant for delicious Vietnamese cuisine. Trek through lush rainforests and experience the beauty of the Central Highlands. Observe rice agriculture and friendly M'nong ethnic minority people. Relax at our lovely hotel facing Lak Lake, where you'll check in and stay overnight. . Day 2: Lak Lake - Dray Sap Waterfall Overnight at Long Stilt House Wake up to the tranquil sounds of the rural village. Enjoy breakfast and coffee while observing the M'nong Ethnic Minorities' morning activities—farming in the fields and fishing on the lake in their wooden boats. Take a stroll through Jun Village to experience the traditional culture and daily life of the M’nong people. Continue our motorcycle ride through charming villages. Trek to the peak of Elephant Rock Mountain for breathtaking views of the village. Visit a brick factory to learn about traditional brick-making methods. Ride through scenic jungle paths to witness the majestic Dray Sap waterfall. Nearby, you can take a refreshing swim in the natural "Fairy Pool." Spend the night in a traditional Long House in the highland jungle. Enjoy an exciting dinner with BBQs and bamboo-cooked rice. . Day 3: Dray Sap Waterfall to Bao Loc via Ho Chi Minh Trail After breakfast, we begin our fantastic ride along the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, passing through the breathtaking landscapes of the Central Highlands. Explore rustic villages, learn about local livelihoods, and hear stories of their bravery during the Vietnam War. This journey offers a chance to experience untouched natural beauty, away from tourist crowds. Enjoy the winding mountain pass to Bao Loc, where you'll encounter picturesque terraced rice paddies and tea farms. Arrive at our lovely hotel around 05:00 pm for check-in and a great night's stay. . Day 4: Bao Loc to Da Lat via Pongour Waterfall and Chicken Village Starting early from Bao Loc, we make our way to the mountain town of Da Lat, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the journey. Don't miss a visit to the magnificent Pongour Waterfall. In the afternoon, we ride through charming villages, mountain passes, and lush jungles, capturing spectacular photos of the Central Highlands. Learn about the unique culture of the K'Ho Ethnic minority in Chicken Village. After a scenic drive through the countryside and a visit to Truc Lam Temple, we return to Dalat before sunset. Check-in at your chosen hotel, concluding our thrilling 4-day adventure.

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Did 3 waterfalls, cliff jumping and a zipline. The guides spoke good English and I felt very safe. It was a great adventure. They took tons of photos. The lunch was amazing.

Our guide Hiep (aka Leo) was fun and knowledgeable. We really enjoyed spending time with him and were wowed by all we saw. We would give him more than 5 stars if we could.