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Nishiki-Tenmangu ShrineMarkets, bazaars, & souks

Our most recommended Nishiki-Tenmangu Shrine Markets, bazaars, & souks

Kyoto: Walking Tour in Gion with Breakfast at Nishiki Market

1. Kyoto: Walking Tour in Gion with Breakfast at Nishiki Market

Start out the tour by enjoying the fresh, morning air while walking through Gion. A local tour guide will show you around the calm and quaint morning of Kyoto.  Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere which is a big contrast to the vibrant energy at night. After a healthy little walk, you will visit a shrine that is loved by locals. Once arrived at the market savor a one of a kind Japanese breakfast along with tasting 4 to 5 exquisite dishes selected by your local guide. Nishiki Market has over 400 years of history and has been loved by locals as the "Kitchen of Kyoto" for a long time. The name implies that Nishiki Market is rich with the famous gourmet cuisine of Kyoto. Your local and knowledgeable guide will provide you with valuable information that you cannot get from an ordinary sightseeing tour. During the tour, you are welcome to ask any questions about the history and culture of Kyoto. Your local guide is happy to answer all of them.

Kyoto: Nishiki Market & Depachika: Food Tour with a Local

2. Kyoto: Nishiki Market & Depachika: Food Tour with a Local

Ever wanted to spontaneously book a tour on the same day you take it? This short guided walking tour will have you wandering the aisles of Nishiki Market and a Depachika food hall. Sample delicious Japanese delicacies and local food favorites in just two hours! This is perfect if you only have a couple of hours to spare. You can also choose from multiple start times for a time that suits you. Known as ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’, Nishiki Market is a lively and busy indoor market filled with vendors selling everything from seasonal food and Kyoto specialties to produce, knives, and even cookware. This food lover’s paradise has a rich history and tradition, with numerous stores being operated by the same families for many generations. Wander around this bustling marketplace and discover unique flavors and ingredients that make Kyoto’s cuisine so special. Your friendly and knowledgeable guide will also introduce you to a Depachika food hall. Located in the basement of a department store, this food hall is a treasure trove of delicious treats and delicacies, ranging from traditional Japanese sweets to international gourmet delights. Sample the many different dishes on offer, soak up the bustling atmosphere, and discover the unique flavors and tastes of Kyoto's food scene.

Kyoto: Nishiki Market Food and Culture Guided Walking Tour

3. Kyoto: Nishiki Market Food and Culture Guided Walking Tour

Start at the vast 400-year-old Nishiki Market, nicknamed 'Kyoto's Kitchen,' where over 130 food shops and stalls will beckon your taste buds. Stroll through the Market and learn about its history and taste the various dishes unique to Kyoto including: Tofu Skin, traditional local home cooking, Hamo (Japanese Pike Conger Eel) Tempura, minced beef cutlet, probiotic drink and etc. Then, rest your appetite by visiting a nearby shrine dedicated to the God of Education and walking through a local shopping street where various shops from long-established shops to the latest shops line up. Stop by Takoyakushido Eifukuji Temple, a small Buddhist temple located at the corner of the shopping street. This is something Kyoto that you can feel temples close to you in everyday life. Finally, you will arrive at Rissei Garden Hulic Kyoto where an old elementary school was renovated. Have some drink, sit in an open space, and listen to your guide. This place is filled with the modern history of Kyoto; how this area was once important and lively, the time of modernization, and how this elementary was built. The guide will tell you the story about this place and Kyoto. The tour finishes at this place, Rissei Garden Hulic Kyoto. From the finishing point, you can easily access to several train stations/bus stops, downtown, Pontocho (geisha district and popular dinner restaurant area), Gion (geisha district), and Kiyomizudera (one of the most famous temples in Kyoto known for its stage with a great view).

Kyoto Nishiki Market Food Tour

4. Kyoto Nishiki Market Food Tour

Your experience will include stops at family owned stalls and shops which have stood the test of time. At a few of the stops sample specialty products like tsukemono (vegetables from the surrounding mountains preserved in vinegar), yuuba (the world’s smoothest sashimi tofu made from the world famous Kyoto mountain water), Kamaboko (seafood preserved in fish paste), Tako (Octopus with quail egg) and Macha Warabi Mochi (a special traditional sweet covered in ground tea leaves). During the tour learn detailed information about the ingredients of different Japanese dishes, how their food is prepared and what is used to eat it. Your experience will do more than just give you a chance to taste Kyoto’s delicious food but will also give you a sense the history and atmosphere of the Nishiki Market experienced by the Japanese for generations. You will be consumed with physical and visual stimuli every step of the way and enjoy stories from the past told directly from shopkeepers and families you will spend time with. After your market exploration walk to a nearby restaurant and have a course lunch featuring beautiful and delicious local dishes.

Nishiki Market Food Tour with Cooking Class

5. Nishiki Market Food Tour with Cooking Class

Explore Nishiki Market with your local Japanese guide, followed by a cooking class. It only takes 15 minutes to walk through this historical food market if you do not have anyone to explain about its history, custom and foods, but if you have someone who is knowledgeable about the market, you can easily spend hours. You can ask question about the foods you may not have seen before to your guides, and even to some shop staff to who your guide will help translate.  What is more unique about this private tour is that you can cook your own donburi (bowl) meal by the ingredients you just bought in the tour. Ingredients cost is included in the tour. You can choose from three options; Kaisen-don (seafood), Ten-don (tempura) or Oyako-don (chicken & egg).  The tour starts from the Nishiki Market Western entrance. You will be briefed about the tour then you will start the tour. Typically you should spend about 1 hour in the Nishiki Market and later you cook and eat your own donburi in 1 hour.  Tour tour is private so you can ask as many questions as you may have, and the tour moves at your pace.

Kyoto: 3-Hour Food Tour with Tastings in Nishiki Market

6. Kyoto: 3-Hour Food Tour with Tastings in Nishiki Market

Meet your guide at Karasuma Oike station and then walk to the local supermarket where you’ll see many types of vegetables, processed foods, and ready-made foods from all over Japan. Next, visit a local chocolate shop and find various types of chocolate ‘art’. Here you’ll get to taste a chocolate of your choosing. Your guide will then walk you to a cafe which has been loved by the locals for many years. Come back later for a cup of coffee. Stroll on to a snack shop and taste a unique snack made of buckwheat. Learn about Japanese pickles at local shop where you will taste a few different types of pickles. Your guide will explain how they are made and when the Japanese eat them in daily life. While on Teramachi Street, your guide will point out several restaurants for dishes like shabu shabu, tonkatsu, soba, tempura bowl, vegetarian food, and Japanese sweets. If you have a few more days in Kyoto after the tour, you may want to come back and try a few restaurants you get to know in this tour. On Nishiki Market Street, you will get the chance to try various types of foods. Savor the options from croquet, takoyaki (octopus ball), deep-fried vegetables, black bean, sashimi or sea food, Japanese spice, and more. The tour ends in Daimaru Department Store B1 food court. Learn why shops are so popular that people line up for long periods of time. Decide if your up for a wait to try some more delicious Japanese food!

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