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Things to do in Province of Oristano

Our most recommended things to do in Province of Oristano

Oristano: Sardinian Jewelery Workshop with a Goldsmith

1. Oristano: Sardinian Jewelery Workshop with a Goldsmith

Unmissable experience to discover an ancient art of the tradition of Sardinia. You will visit a goldsmith’s workshop in the heart of Oristano where, through our expert guides, you will learn to realize with your hands one of the techniques that are at the base of all goldsmith’s workings, both traditional and modern: the wire! Starting from the casting, through the lamination to end with the drawing, you will see transform the ingot into an increasingly thin wire! In fact you will engage in a wire processing laboratory with traditional and modern methods. Dexterity and creativity are qualities that have been inherited from the parents of the goldsmiths who will show you the traditional techniques. The father of goldsmiths was also a great collector of minerals. It is from this passion for gems that this activity began. In the workshop, different themed collections are created, all made up of unique pieces. If you want you can make a simple jewel to take away with you. In any case you will take away an experience to remember with many stories and anecdotes about the history of the Sardinian island!

Oristano: Olive Tree Grove Guided Visit with Tasting

2. Oristano: Olive Tree Grove Guided Visit with Tasting

In the countryside of Oristano, there is a company that produces with love and passion extra virgin olive oil, the result of a project started in 2016. A portal from the 1700s, a dilapidated farmhouse, an ancient well and a stone mill they will be the backdrop for this beautiful experience in contact with the nature and traditions of Sardinia. Centenary olive trees tell a story that fascinates. Only indigenous crops from which oils are born that will be tasted through a sensory journey, led by Paola and Antonello, which will lead you to discover (and taste!) many aspects of olive trees and oil. It will be carefree hours full of curiosities that will make you escape from the daily routine and will also introduce you to this face of the island!

Sardinia: Nuraghe Losa Entry Ticket and Guided Tour

3. Sardinia: Nuraghe Losa Entry Ticket and Guided Tour

Explore the Nuraghe Losa in Abbasanta, one of the most important Nuragic fortresses in Sardinia, on a guided tour. Step back in time to the age of Homer’s heroes and learn about the Nuragic civilization who built the settlement. Choose between a private or group tour to discover this ancient site. Start at the Nuraghe Losa information center, where you’ll find a cafe, alongside brochures and information panels about the site. Begin your tour with a short walk up to the nuraghe. Hear about the site’s Bronze Age origins and continued use through the Roman and Medieval periods. After the tour, take some time to look around the site’s museum hall, grab some food from the cafe and relax in the picnic area.

Sardinia: Rent an E-bike in Oristano

4. Sardinia: Rent an E-bike in Oristano

Rent your electric bike in Oristano and explore its beautiful territory, from the fantastic west coast to the inner areas of central Sardinia. An evocative experience awaits you among wild itineraries with a unique charm. You will rediscover the pleasure of moving without having to deal with the daily stress of traffic and parking. A real adventure in comfort, discovering the island in a slow, fun and sustainable way. Ebike details: 2016 Giant e-bike, SyncDrive engine, daily autonomy of about 80 km The deposit for the rental, to be paid on site at the time of collection of the bike, is 150 €, which will be returned at the time of delivery of the vehicle if it will be returned in the same state in which it was rented.

Cagliari: Barumini and Giara Park Tour

5. Cagliari: Barumini and Giara Park Tour

On the Giara, there is an important variety of animal species. Forests of cork and oak alternate with Mediterranean maquis, garrigues, prairies, and ponds to make this plateau a rich fauna shelter, in which the most famous specimen is the Giara horse. These wild horses of medium height (no more than 120 centimeters at the withers) are not a native breed, but they have been on the plateau since time immemorial. Driving about 1 hour from Cagliari in to the country side of Sardinia, you'll reach Barumini and you'll see this wonderful place that from 1997 has been enrolled in the UNESCO World Heritage Lists because of its uniqueness. After lunch(not included), you'll drive towards Gesturi, where you can have a walk tour in the Giara Park and meet the Sardinian Wild Horses. Also in the park you can visit the older kind of Nuraghe "Proto Nuraghe". The fauna of the Giara includes some of the most common species of mammals that are normally present in the woodlands of Sardinia: wild boars, foxes, martens, wild rabbits, hares and hedgehogs. Besides these, it is worth mentioning the many species of permanent birds, such as Sardinian partridges, sparrowhawks, and peregrine falcons, and a large number of migratory birds, both terrestrial (thrushes, blackbirds, woodcocks, wood pigeons) and aquatic (herons, ducks, snipes, marsh harriers). Nesting species include hawfinches, mistle thrushes, woodlarks, shrikes, black buntings, Dartford warblers, great spotted woodpeckers, jays and bee-eaters.

Cagliari: Guided Shore Excursion to Santa Cristina Village

6. Cagliari: Guided Shore Excursion to Santa Cristina Village

This combination tour will take you into the heart of Sardinia, into a little town called Paulilatino. On the tour, learn about Sardinian history, the Nuragic civilization and their monuments. Discover the Nuragic village walking through Nuraghe, the temple and cemetery. The well temple of Santa Cristina (12th-century BC) is one of the finest examples of the elaborate religious architecture of the Nuragic era. The nuraghe structure consists of an entranceway (dromos) with steps leading to an underground, circular domed chamber (tholos), all surrounded by an enclosing wall (temenos). The walls of the stairway and underground chamber are made from finely cut ashlar blocks of alkali basalt rock. Santa Cristina can without a doubt be considered the most representative structure of the Sardinian well temples. In the area surrounding the temple, you'll find the remains of a village, at the front of which stands a 'meeting hut' with a circular stone seat. Visit an old village and church from the Middle Ages. Your local guide will be keen to make the tour as personal as possible. He will assist you with his expertise and recall interesting anecdotes for you before bringing you back to your cruise ship.

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