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3-Day Medieval Transylvania Package Tour

1. 3-Day Medieval Transylvania Package Tour

Explore some of the most important sites in the legendary Transylvania region of Romania on a 3-day package tour from Bucharest. With bed and breakfast accommodation in a 3-star hotel, you will explore the city of Sibiu, once ranked by Forbes Magazine as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live.” Visit medieval castles and monasteries, and explore the fable of Count Dracula. Day 1: Depart from Bucharest and visit the Moorish Monastery of Curtea de Argeș, built by the ruler of Wallachia, Prince Neagoe Basarab, in 1514. Continue to the small Cozia Monastery to discover one of the most important monuments of national medieval art in Romania. After a break for lunch in a traditional Romanian restaurant, drive through the stunning Translyvanian landscape to Sibiu, historic capital of the Principality of Transylvania. The former German medieval citadel, with documentation dating back to 1191, is one of the most beautiful towns in Romania, with many historic buildings that you will explore on a walking tour of the Old Town. In the evening, enjoy a traditional Romanian dinner, with overnight accommodation in Sibiu town center. Day 2: After breakfast, depart Sibiu for the Biertan commune, where you will tour one of the most important Saxon villages of fortified churches in Transylvania, including the largest fortified church in Transylvania, built between 1490 and 1524. Continue to the medieval citadel of Sighișoara, which dates back to 1280 and is home to the only medieval citadel in Europe still populated. During a walking tour, visit the city’s landmark Clock Tower for panoramic views across the ancient houses. After lunch, head to Brasov, surrounded by the Southern Carpathians. The first documented evidence of the medieval citadel dates back to 1235. Birthplace of the Romanian national anthem – and briefly renamed “Stalin City” during the Communist era – Brasov boasts beautiful Gothic churches, medieval buildings, and the narrowest street in Romania, which you will explore on a guided walking tour. Day 3: Following an overnight stay in Brasov, start your day at the city’s Black Church, built in 1383, and the most important tourist site in Brasov. Then, drive to the legendary Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle), perched on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Marked as the home of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, explore the castle grounds and museum, before a traditional lunch. Continue your tour at Sinaia, a lovely mountain resort in the Prahova River valley, and visit Peleș Castle, built by the first king of Romania, Carol I. Tour the exquisite Neo-Renaissance building, built between 1875 and 1914, and end your tour of Transylvania’s architectural delights at Sinaia Monastery, founded by Prince Mihail Cantacuzino in the 17th century upon his return from a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai. After exploring the Old Church and the 19th century Great Church, drive back to Bucharest for the end of your tour.

From Bucharest: Romania Private Trip 4 Cities in 2 Days

2. From Bucharest: Romania Private Trip 4 Cities in 2 Days

Trek across Romania and admire the remarkable architecture and natural beauty of this richly historical region. From views of the vast Carpathian Mountains, to bone-chilling church grounds at Biertan, to a charming night in Sighisoara. Your guide will lead you on the trip of a lifetime. Marvel at the magnificent Peleș Castle, and watch out for Dracula at the famous Bran Castle. Feel blessed at the serene grounds of Sinaia Monastery, cared for by Christian monks. Before spending the night at Sighisoara, and take a stroll on the cobbled streets, we will do a small Brasov City Tour! The nearby church at Biertan is a testament to the skill of ancient settlers. Explore the charming city of Sibiu, before viewing the masterfully built monastery and tomb in Cozia. Let your guide take the hassle out of getting around, and enjoy the picturesque scenery. You won't want to miss a minute.

Transylvania: 3 Day Tour from Bucharest

3. Transylvania: 3 Day Tour from Bucharest

This 3-day tour will reveal the most beautiful and fascinating sights in Transylvania and the nearby area. The trip first takes you to the region of the Olt Valley, where you will visit Cozia Monastery, built by Mircea the Elder. Here you will be able to view old manuscripts and prints, embroideries and other objects of worship. Next you will visit Sibiu, an amazing medieval city in Transylvania which was once one of the largest and wealthiest strongholds in Europe. Nowadays a city of art and culture, Sibiu has the power to fascinate you during your walking tour of the Old Center where you will see sites such as the Big Square, the Liars Bridge, the Brukenthal Palace and the Clock Tower. After Sibiu you will explore other two amazing cities, full of medieval charm and history: Alba Iulia and Sighisoara. Alba Iulia is like a journey to the past where you can visit the Alba Carolina fortress, Alba Iulia Museum, Catholic Cathedral of Alba Iulia, The Obelisk dedicated to Horea, Closca, and Crisan. Sighisoara is a unique well-preserved medieval citadel, part of the UNESCO World Heritage and still inhabited today. Landmarks you will have a chance to see there include the Clock Tower, the Church on the Hill and the Dracula’s House. This trip will also give you an opportunity to discover Brasov, a perfect mix of wonderful mountain scenery and medieval history with German influence. You will admire the best of Brasov in a walking tour, which includes the Main Square, the Old Council Hall, the Black Church and the medieval walls and defense towers. After Brasov, the trip continues revealing one of the most popular sight in Transylvania, namely Dracula’s Castle, the Sinaia Monastery and Pele's Castle, one of the most stunning castles in Europe and a masterpiece of architecture, which offers visitors a breathtaking mountain scenery. You will also see one of the oldest and most famous mountain resorts, known as 'The Pearl of the Carpathians', which once also used to be a summer residence of the Romanian royal family. The tour includes a 1-night stay in Alba Iulia in a double room and a 1-night stay in Brasov in double room with breakfasts included.

Bucharest: 3-Day Best of Transylvania Tour

4. Bucharest: 3-Day Best of Transylvania Tour

Your epic journey through the heart of Transylvania will begin as you are picked up by your professional English-speaking guide from your hotel, early on day 1. From here you will visit the best attractions situated north of Bucharest, including Mogosoaia Palace, the Snagov Monastery (considered by some to be Dracula's final resting place), Salina Prahova (an impressive salt mine), the Sinaia Monastery (a late 17th century Orthodox establishment), and Peles Palace (the summer residence of the Romanian Royal family). At the conclusion of this action-packed day, you will spend the first night in the beautiful town of Brasov. Your second day is reserved for a visit to the "LiBEARty" bear sanctuary in Zarnesti, the famous Bran "Dracula" Castle, the Rasnov Peasant Fortress and the Prejmer fortifications. Your second day will then conclude with an overnight in the Medieval city of Sighisoara. On your final day, you will endeavor to explore the Biertan Fortified Church, Sibiu City and the Cozia Monastery, before returning back to Bucharest in the evening.

Bucharest: 2-Day Transfagarasan Road & Medieval Sibiu

5. Bucharest: 2-Day Transfagarasan Road & Medieval Sibiu

Day 1: Bucharest – Curtea De Arges – Vidraru Dam – Transfagarsan Road - Sibiu (430 kilometers) This tour begins with a morning pick-up from your hotel in Bucharest. Start your journey with a stop at Curtea de Arges Monastery, an important pilgrimage site in the southern part of Romania located at the foot of Fagaras Mountains. During the visit, you will also be told the amazing legend associated with the building of this monastery. The visit will be followed by a stop for lunch at a traditional Romanian restaurant. After lunch, you will reach the beginning of Transfagarasan Road and enjoy a short stop at Vidraru Dam, an impressive engineering feat, being the first arch valley dam in Romania built during the Communist period. These days, it is a favorite place for people passionate about extreme sports. Driving along Vidraru River, you will leave behind the region of Wallachia and head to the region of Transylvania. On your way to the next stop, Balea Glacier Lake, take in gorgeous landscapes and amazing mountain scenery as you cross the longest tunnel in Romania. Surrounded by the stunning mountain peaks of the Fagaras Mountains, Balea Lake will be the perfect location for some beautiful photos. Continuing your journey through the northern part of Transfagarasan Road, the tour guide will tell you more about its construction and how Transfagarasan Road came to be considered the most beautiful high altitude road in the world by British “Top Gear” in 2013. By the end of the first day, you will reach the city of Sibiu, one of the seven German medieval citadels in Transylvania. Spend the evening in Sibiu. Day 2: Sibiu – Cozia Monastery - Bucharest (280 kilometers) In the morning, enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Sibiu. After breakfast, the tour guide will lead you on a short walking tour through the old city center of Sibiu, where you will see the Large Square, the Small Square, Huet Square, the Council Tower, Brukenthal Palace, the Liars Bridge, the Stairs Passage, the Evangelical Cathedral, and hear exciting stories about a town that was declared a "European Capital of Culture" in 2007. On your way back to Bucharest, you will also make a stop at Cozia Monastery, a valuable monument of Romania’s architecture and culture erected between 1386-1388 by the ruler Mircea the Elder. In the evening, arrive back to your hotel in Bucharest.

From Bucharest: Private Beekeeping Lesson and Local Lunch

6. From Bucharest: Private Beekeeping Lesson and Local Lunch

Learn about the rich beekeeping tradition in Romania, a country with over 20,000 beekeepers. Imagine what it would be like to retreat to the countryside for weeks at a time with only the bees and the meadows of fragrant flowers as your company. Join your knowledgeable, English-speaking guide on a trip to a thriving apiary and get ready for a fascinating beekeeping immersion.  Start your apiary tour with a detailed beekeeping lesson. Study the behavior of the bees and learn some key facts about bee lifecycle and habitat necessary to being a successful beekeeper. Watch a mesmerizing demonstration of the harvesting process and learn how a beehive works firsthand. Get to know the different products that can be harvested from the hive, including honey, propolis, beeswax, pollen, bee bread, and bee venom. And don't forget Apilarnil, the hive product discovered by a famous Romanian beekeeper with immense health benefits.  After working up an appetite, enjoy a local lunch featuring traditional Romanian foods and drinks from ecological sources. Taste a number of healthy and delicious honeybee products for dessert.

From Sibiu: Transfagarasan Highway Private Full-Day Trip

7. From Sibiu: Transfagarasan Highway Private Full-Day Trip

Travel through Romania’s Fagaras mountains via the vast Transfagarasan Highway. Let your driver navigate the winding roads while you take in views of mountains, valleys, and lakes spread over 150 km. Watch out for highlights like Balea Lake, Argeș Monastery, and Cozia Monastery along the way. Start your journey with pickup in Sibiu and drive onto Transfagarasan Highway, one of Romania’s highest pass roads. Stay alert as your driver points out the glacial Balea Lake, with depths reaching 2034 m. After some tunnels and hairpin turns, see the hydroelectric dam with views of Vidraru Lake. Pass by the ancient orthodox monastery of Curtea de Arges. Learn about the Arges region’s importance as a site of pilgrimage and prayer since the 16th century and as the burial place of the Romanian royal family.  On the way back, see Cozia Monastery, one of Romania’s oldest monasteries. Discover the story of its construction by Mircea the Elder in 1388 and its current use as a tomb and a home to medieval art.

Transylvania: Guided Overnight Historical Sightseeing Tour

8. Transylvania: Guided Overnight Historical Sightseeing Tour

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Romania on this overnight sightseeing tour. Visit Mures County, Sibiu, Peles Castle, and Bran Castle among many others, and learn about the city's past and people's way of living. Day 1Start by going to Peles Castle, the royal family's summer residence and one of the most important tourist attractions in Europe. Then, explore history, culture, and nature in the city of Brasov. There, you'll have a short break, perfect for exploring a bit of the old town. End your first day by visiting Dracula's Castle. Learn about why it is the most visited tourist attraction in Romania and how it became a symbol of the country. After a long day of exploration, spend the night at the Sighisoara Citadel. Day 2Continue your sightseeing on the second day with a tour of the Sighisoara Old Town and have the chance to visit the Sighisoara Clock Tower and Weapon Museum. Afterward, wrap up your day by making your way to the Calimanesti natural springs and Cozia Monastery.

From Bucharest: 2-Day Transfagarasan Highway Private Tour

9. From Bucharest: 2-Day Transfagarasan Highway Private Tour

Discover the magnificent scenery and charming towns along the Transfagarasan Highway on a guided 2-day excursion from Bucharest. Explore the town of Curtea de Arges, Poenari Castle, the city of Sibiu, and Cozia Monastery on a scenic adventure through Transylvania. Day 1: Start with pickup from your hotel by minivan in Bucharest and first travel to Curtea de Arges, the capital of the historic region of Wallachia. Discover the ruins of the former Wallachian Court, the 13th century Royal Church, as well the famous Arges Monastery. Continue along the Transfagarasan Highway and admire the stunning scenery along this winding mountain road. Often deemed to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world, be amazed by the vast mountain peaks as you descend through the valley. Arrive at the ruins of Poenari Castle, a former residence of the infamous Vlad the Impaler. Situated on a mountaintop, climb the 1480 steps that lead up to the castle as you follow in the footsteps of Dracula himself. Make a short stop at Vidraru Damn for some picturesque views of the lake. Finally, arrive in the city of Sibiu for an overnight stay. Day 2: On the second day of your tour, take a guided tour through the cobbled streets of Sibiu. Discover charming squares surrounded by historic buildings such as the colorful Orthodox Cathedral and the majestic Lutheran Church. Hear of the legends associated with Bridge of Lies and the remarkable stories of the medieval guilds. Learn more about the historic and cultural history of Sibiu, the region of Transylvania, and Romania as a nation, with your guide. Next, make a stop at Cozia Monastery, which was erected in 1388. Discover one of the most significant monuments of medieval art and architecture in the country. Arrive next at Călimănești, a town in Vâlcea County. Situated in the historical region of Oltenia and the northern part of the county, this spa town is known for its popular thermal hot springs. After exploring the town for a short time, relax on the journey back to Bucharest.

Ramnicu Valcea: 1-way Private Fast Transfer to Bucharest

10. Ramnicu Valcea: 1-way Private Fast Transfer to Bucharest

Enjoy a convenient private transfer from your accommodation in Ramnicu Valcea to your preferred location in Bucharest. Relax knowing that you are traveling safely in a licensed vehicle. Your driver will be waiting for you at your location in Ramnicu Valcea. Experience a comfortable journey in an air-conditioned vehicle. Let your driver navigate you through the traffic smoothly. Travel conveniently without having to worry about pre-booking or last-minute searching.

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