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Republic Square, Yerevan

Republic Square, Yerevan: Our most recommended tours and activities

Yerevan: Private City Tour

1. Yerevan: Private City Tour

This amazing tour will give you an opportunity to discover the hidden story of the capital of Armenia, either on your own or with a knowledgeable and professional private guide. The tour will take you to the heart of Yerevan City, the Republic Square, where you can get in touch with the great history of Armenia through the magnificent architectural ensemble that surrounds the area. After refreshing yourself with some natural spring water from right out of the ground, you will then head to one of the oldest parts of the city. The Opera and Ballet Theater is another 10 minute walk from the Moscow Cinema Theater. This is one of the absolute masterpieces of world architecture that the city of Yerevan hosts, and is undoubtedly one of the principal landmarks of Armenia. The Freedom or Theatrical Square in front of it is one of the most popular leisure places for local young people who come here to bike or skate. The Swan Lake near the Opera House is tightly connected by its history to the Opera Theater, and is another perfect spot to enjoy walking and meeting local people. Continuing your way through French Square and the park of the Yerevan State Conservatory, you will reach the Cascade, or as the locals call it the "Stairway to Heaven”. This is a key structure in Yerevan City's architecture which was constructed in the 70s, and has been revived since the early 2000s, undergoing major restoration works. Today this is one of the beloved places of not only the locals but also tourists, with multiple cozy cafes, bars, and restaurants. Concerts and traditional dance events are also periodically held here to entertain the public. After learning some of the history of Yerevan and climbing some 572 stairs up the Cascade, you will unveil the extraordinary beauty of the city on the background of the majestic Mount Ararat. Here you will be more than welcome to use the escalators inside the Cascade Art Center, to assist you in enjoying the modern art pieces in the galleries.

4 nights 5 days in Armenia

2. 4 nights 5 days in Armenia

If Armenia is your next destination , then you are welcome to our 4 Nights 5 Days Tour Program in Armenia! Explore the scenic beauty of Armenia with our customized tour package that takes you on a journey to the most beautiful destinations in the country. Our tour program is designed to provide you with a memorable experience filled with cultural, historical and natural wonders. Day 1 Your adventure begins as you arrive at the airport, where our friendly guide will meet you and transfer you to your hotel. After you freshen up and settle in, we'll take you on a city tour of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Yerevan is known for its wide avenues, green parks, and beautiful architecture, and on this tour, you'll get to see it all. You'll be amazed by the stunning Republic Square, the famous Cascade, the Opera House and more. Day 2 - Garni pagan temple, Geghard monastery, and lake Sevan On the second day, we'll take you on a tour to the ancient pagan temple of Garni, one of the few Hellenistic-style temples still standing. Then, we'll visit the magnificent Geghard monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built into the surrounding cliffs. After that, we'll take a trip to the crystal clear waters of Lake Sevan, known as the "blue gem" of Armenia. We You'll have the chance to relax, take in the scenery, and enjoy a delicious lunch by the lake. Day 3 - Echmiatsin, Hripsime, Zvartnots The third day of the tour will take you on a journey to Echmiatsin, the spiritual center of Armenia and the seat of the Armenian Apostolic Church. You'll see the Holy See, St. Hripsime Church, and Zvartnots, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You'll be amazed by the beauty and history of these ancient sites. Day 4: Khor Virap, Noravank, and Areni winery On the fourth day of your tour, we will visit Khor Virap, an ancient monastery located in the shadow of Mt. Ararat, where according to the Bible, Noah's Ark came to rest. From there, we will travel to Noravank Monastery, a magnificent medieval complex situated in a narrow gorge. Finally, we will visit Areni Winery, where you will have the opportunity to taste some of Armenia's finest wines and learn about the local winemaking traditions. Day 5: Departure On the final day of your tour, we will transfer you to the airport, where you will depart for your next destination, with memories to last a lifetime

Cultural Walking Tour in Yerevan

3. Cultural Walking Tour in Yerevan

I am cultural storyteller, passionate about music, art, history and architecture. I love to tell stories about the fascinating people and wonderful places that give Yerevan its unique fabric. As a storyteller through words, images and music, it is a great pleasure for me to meet new people and to share with them some of Yerevan's most exciting stories. ***On my tour you'll see the best highlights and hidden gems*** Hope we shall meet soon! We set off to explore and we begin our walk from beautiful Republic Square the (central town square in Yerevan which contains a pool with musical fountains) through the city center and up the strikingly modern Cascades for views of Biblical Mount Ararat. We visit Khachkars's park(known as an Armenian cross-stone khachkars are characteristic of Medieval Christian Armenian art). During our walk we are getting acquainted with Armenian History; Economy; Geography; Geopolitics; Traditions; Religion History; Hiking Routs and many more ) Itinerary - We start our walking tour from your hotel / apartment / or any other city center location you would like - Republic Square(the central town square of Yerevan) - Mirzoyan liberary(A gem in the city. Filled with books, journals related to design and photography, and a bar and gallery, the space is peaceful and amazing.) - Walk to statue of Garegin Nzhdeh(key political and military leader of the First Republic of Armenia (1918-1921)) - Vernissage open air market - Visit to "Republic Square" metro station(soviet modernist architecture and stories about Yerevan metro) - Andrei Sakharov square( Russian nuclear physicist also activist for peace and human rights) - Walk to Egor Khanzadyan's house(built 1895) - Walk in Abovyan street(oldest street of Yerevan) - Opera House - Statue of Hovhannes Tumanyan(Armenian famous writer) - Walk to Cascade Stairs(giant stairway made of limestone which afford unobstructed views of central Yerevan and Mount Ararat)

Discovering Yerevan's Hidden Gems in a Classic Car

4. Discovering Yerevan's Hidden Gems in a Classic Car

Touring Yerevan is a captivating experience in and of itself, with its stunning architecture, vibrant atmosphere, and rich culture. But to truly immerse yourself in this culture, you need to experience it from inside a classic car. It's like stepping into a time machine, transporting you from one place to another and giving you a sense of what it was like to live in another era. The classic car, which hails from the Soviet era, has a fascinating history all its own. As you visit different places throughout the city, you'll feel like everything is connected in one cohesive journey. And there's nothing quite like sipping a drink while sitting in the back of a retro, luxurious car. It's like taking a trip back to the future and experiencing the best of both worlds. You'll feel like a star as people take pictures of you while you pass, soaking up the rich history and culture of Yerevan in style.

Gems of Yerevan Walking Tour

5. Gems of Yerevan Walking Tour

Join this 2-hour walking tour and explore some of Yerevan's most iconic landmarks. Begin at Republic Square, the city's central hub, and learn about the history and culture of Armenia. Then, head to the History Museum of Armenia and discover the country's rich past through its extensive collection of artifacts and exhibits. Afterward, take a stroll to the Opera and Ballet Theatre, a stunning architectural masterpiece that hosts some of the world's most renowned performers. Next, visit the tranquil Missak Manouchian Park, named after an Armenian resistance fighter, and enjoy its picturesque surroundings. Finally, end your tour at the Blue Mosque, a beautiful mosque with distinctive blue tiles, and learn about its unique history and significance in the city.

Christmas Spirit of Yerevan Walking Tour

6. Christmas Spirit of Yerevan Walking Tour

Experience the magic of Christmas in Yerevan with this 2-hour walking tour that takes you to some of the city's most festive locations. Begin at Luxe Gifts & Home Decor and get into the holiday spirit with its collection of unique and stylish Christmas decorations. Then, head to Republic Square, where you'll be dazzled by the stunning Christmas lights and decorations that transform this central hub into a winter wonderland. Next, visit the Yerevan Christmas Market and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Finally, end your tour at Swan Lake, a serene oasis in the city center, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of this tranquil location during the holiday season.

Yerevan Private Walking Tour for Couples

7. Yerevan Private Walking Tour for Couples

Embark on a romantic 2-hour walking tour for couples in Yerevan, Armenia, and explore some of its most charming landmarks. Begin at Republic Square, the heart of the city, and take in the stunning architecture and ambiance of the area. Then, head to the History Museum of Armenia and learn about the fascinating history and culture of the country. Next, visit the cozy and charming neighborhood of Dalan, known for its cobblestone streets and picturesque buildings. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets, and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Finally, end your tour at Swan Lake, a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city, and enjoy its serene beauty.

Armenia: 4 Day Private Guided Driving Tour

8. Armenia: 4 Day Private Guided Driving Tour

During our 4 days we will get familiar with the Armenian historical and religious monuments, ancient culture and national cuisine. We will visit memorials, markets, temples, monasteries and many more to learn about Armenia's history. We will take a journey back in time, and find the treasures of an ancient land that is landlocked and mountainous. Armenia, with its dry landscapes to dense forests and steep is ideal for hiking. National capital Yerevan remains one of the world's least explored ancient cities. Day 1 / Airport pick up and drive to your hotel / City Tour(Visit Erebuni fortress which is an Urartian fortified city) / walking tour / Lunch / back to your hotel We start our city walking tour from Republic Square / Statue of Garegin Nzhdeh / Walk in Cultural Genocide park / Visit backyards of Pushkin street / Walk to Egor Khanzadyan's house(built 1895) / Cascade stairs Duration: 7 hours Day 2 / Echmiadzin / Geghard Monastery / Garni Temple We start our day trip from your hotel / Drive to Standing stones at the ruins of Metsamor Castle / Visit Echmiadzin mother Cathedral / Photo stop at Charents Arch / Drive to Geghard Monastery / Lunch / Drive to Garni Temple / back to Yerevan Duration: 8 hours Day 3 / Khor Virap Monastery / Noravank Monastery / Areni winery We start our day trip from your hotel / Drive to Khor Virap Monastery / Drive to Noravank Monastery / Lunch / Visit Areni winery and wine tasting / Drive back to Yerevan Duration: 7 hours Day 4 / Lake Sevan / Dilijan forested city / Goshavank monastery We start our day trip from your hotel / Drive to Sevanavank Monastery / Dilijan forested city / Lunch / Goshavank Monastery / Drive back to you Yerevan

Yerevan: Self-Guided Tour for your Audio Device with Map

9. Yerevan: Self-Guided Tour for your Audio Device with Map

Discover the highlights in Yerevan with this audio tour that can be played on your smartphone device. Put in your earphones and immerse yourself in the city's rich history. Find your way around easily with the points of interest marked on your map. Download your tour while connected to the internet and use the downloaded audio files and map offline to save your data. Walk through the streets of Yerevan to see sights like the Aram Khachaturian House Museum, which covers the life and work of the renowned 20th century composer. Admire the singing fountains of Republic Square and the fantastic artistic creations in the Sculpture Park. Hear the history behind the monuments to Alexander Tamanyan and Avetik Isahakyan. Soak up the vibe on Ring Boulevard. See the statue that represents the friendship between Yerevan and its sister city Carara. Discover stunning religious architecture at the Holy Mother of Kathoghike Church, the Zoravor Surp Astvatsatsin Church, the Blue Mosque and the Saint Sarkis Church. Uncover th secrets Old Yerevan and explore Mesrop Mashtots Avenue. Find out about local art at the Yerjan Museum of Contemporary Art, Children’s Art Museum, the Stanislavsky Russian Drama Theatre, the Moscow Cinema, and the Khachkar Stonemasons Workshop.

Other Sightseeing Options in Republic Square, Yerevan

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