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Rabo de Peixe: Sperm Whale Sanctuary Expedition by Speedboat

1. Rabo de Peixe: Sperm Whale Sanctuary Expedition by Speedboat

Set out on a speedboat expedition to see sperm whales, the largest of the cetacean family. On this learning adventure, explore the northern coast of São Miguel and its diverse flora and fauna. Discover facts about sperm whales from marine biologists as you look for them in their protected habitat.  Your tour begins with a briefing from marine biologists at the yacht club on the northern side of the island. You'll find out about the different species you might see, learn about the whale watching history in the Azores, and understand how biologists and whale watchers respect the animals. Next, board the boat and set out for the Atlantic waters. Enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape and keep your eyes peeled for marine life. On the coast, you may see dolphins, Portuguese man-o-war, or turtles. As you enter the deeper waters of the sanctuary, stay on the lookout for sperm whales.  Finally, return to Rabo de Peixe Harbor. The team of marine biologists will tell you more about the species you just saw. Hear more about the cetaceans, their habits, and their routes to round out your tour.

São Miguel: North Coast Whale Watching Cruise

2. São Miguel: North Coast Whale Watching Cruise

Discover the whale population of the Azores Islands on a boat cruise along the northern coast of São Miguel. Observe these majestic giants of the ocean in their natural habitat, at a respectful distance. Set off from the fishing village of Rabo de Peixe on the north coast of São Miguel. Explore the sea north of the island, known for its strong tides and whale population. Explore on a semi-inflatable craft, and observe the whales from a respectful distance so as to not disturb the whales. With the help of your onboard spotter, identify the whales as they breach the ocean surface. Be amazed by their grandeur and grace as the whales frolic in the ocean. See their gigantic tailfins, and hear the sound of the blowholes. As you cruise through the ocean, learn about the behavior and feeding habits of the whales with your expert crew. Afterward, return to the port in Rabo de Peixe.

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What people are saying about Ribeira Grande

What joy and emotion to come across all these dolphins jumping around the boat. We saw twice a sperm whale which said goodbye to us with a flick of its tail. The trip was splendid, the boat comfortable and the crew very friendly. Only small downside for our taste, the guide who spoke non stop… in these magical moments we sometimes want silence to hear the breath of the animals.

We had a very good time! The team was nice and super helpful, they do everything so you wan see different species. We saw two different species of dolphins, in big pack, while they were hunting. And we also saw several sperm whales, amazing! I recommend to do the North cruise: we were the only boat to take the sea from here!

Perfectly organized, very well carried out, equipment and boat very good, guide knowledgeable - and above all: dolphins in droves and sperm whale females with baby sighted - we were in the right place at the right time. Chapeau!