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Sarajevo City Hall

Sarajevo City Hall: Our most recommended tours and activities

Sarajevo: Grand Walking Tour

1. Sarajevo: Grand Walking Tour

Join us on a journey through the past where the guide will reveal the small and big secrets of this city and introduce you to the mysticism of Sarajevo streets and alleys. The tour will take you to the main sights of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture and will show you a unique line where East meets West. Discover more about the city that is commonly associated with a siege of the 1990s. Learn about how the First World War started as a result of events in the city, and where the first Winter Olympics were held. Enjoy the scent of fresh made coffee, flavors from hookah, the sound of church bells, and the call from the minarets. Learn about the assassination that triggered the First World War and discover why Sarajevo is called European Jerusalem.

Sarajevo: Guided City Highlights Tour with Sarajevo Tunnel

2. Sarajevo: Guided City Highlights Tour with Sarajevo Tunnel

War tunel in Sarajevo is one of the most popular tour provided by Meet Bosnia Travel agency.Learn about the Sarajevo’s history from a local licensed a guide and hear stories about the life during the war.Visit Sniper Alley and the War Tunnel, passing by the City Hall of Sarajevo, Latin Bridge, the Defenders’ Cemetery, Olympic Stadium Kosevo, Republica Srpska, etc. Hotel pick-up is available, if required. From the stories of our experienced Sarajevo local guides, you will be able to understand better the rich and sometimes violent history of this city and the whole Balkan region. The facts presented in this war tour are delivered from an intellectual perspective,greatly insightful if you want to learn about what it was like to have been affected by the war,as well as the big picture of these tragic events. Total Duration: 100 - 150 minutes: * Meet Bosnia Travel - Sarajevo Tours, Days Out, Excursions and Activities, Gazi Husrev begova 75 at crossroad of Mula Mustafa Baseskija and, Gazi Husrev-begova, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10 minutes * Pijaca Markale, Mula Mustafa Baseskije, Sarajevo 71000 Bosnia and Herzegovina, pass by without stopping * Sniper Alley, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15 minutes * Sarajevo City Hall, Obala Kulina Bana, Sarajevo 71000 Bosnia and Herzegovina, pass by without stopping * Bascarsija, Sarajevo 71000 Bosnia and Herzegovina, pass by without stopping * Sarajevo War Tunnel, Tuneli 1 Ilidža - Donji Kotorac, Sarajevo 71210 Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2 hours * Meet Bosnia Travel - Sarajevo Tours, Days Out, Excursions and Activities, Gazi Husrev begova 75 at crossroad of Mula Mustafa Baseskija and, Gazi Husrev-begova, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10 minutes

Sarajevo Walking Tour In Small Group

3. Sarajevo Walking Tour In Small Group

Sarajevo is a city of love, multi-ethnicity, rich history and extraordinary food. Experience Sarajevo with one of our local, certified guides, who primarily want to familiarize with You and present their city in the best possible manner. One of the best ways to acquaint yourselves with the new place is with the help of licensed guide. If you love learning about new cultures, traditions and customs, then Sarajevo will definitely enchant you. Ever since its foundation, this city has been a home for different nations, religions and cultures. Today, we often refer to it as European Jerusalem or blend of east and west. Currently, Sarajevo prospers in its full glow, however, not so long ago, it went through great destruction and war. Consequences are still visible all over the city. Also, Sarajevo is a place where the First World War started. The guide will make sure to fulfil your educational, preferred and gastronomic enquiries which will not leave you indifferent. Important location and monuments visited: The most famous spot - Franz Ferdinand Assassination - Latin bridge City hall - most extravagant building constructed in Sarajevo Baščaršija - Sarajevo's old bazaar and the historical, cultural center of the city Sebilj - Ottoman-style wooden fountain Emperor’s Mosque - Sarajevo’s oldest mosque Jewish Museum - situated in the oldest synagogue in BiH Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque - first mosque in the world with electricity Sacred Heart Cathedral - largest cathedral in BiH Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos - largest Serbian Orthodox church in Sarajevo Sarajevo meeting of cultures - spot where two dominant cultures that once shaped Sarajevo merge Tour is available every day.

Sarajevo: Nighttime City Highlights Walking Tour

4. Sarajevo: Nighttime City Highlights Walking Tour

Welcome to the city of love, good people, great atmosphere, but also a city that witnessed wars that have shaped Europe. A place where different ethnicities, religions, and cultures have molded since time immemorial. Discover the history, culture and lifestyle of the city of Sarajevo and its people, a place with an irresistible charm and a unique mixture between East and West. During this unique walking tour in the city, you will find out what Sarajevo’s spirit means to you. Tour Spots: 1. Franz Ferdinand Assasination – Visit the most famous corner in Sarajevo. 2. Emperor’s Mosque – See the first mosque in Sarajevo and find out the story of how Sarajevo got its name. 3. The Spite house – It was on one side of the river but suddenly they moved it on the other side. 4. City Hall – Find out where the mayor of Sarajevo sits. 5. Baščaršija – The main trading center of Sarajevo. 6. Bravadžiluk and Kazandžiluk streets – Find out how we prepare traditional food. 7. Sebilj fountain – Choose the side and drink clear water from the citizen’s favorite fountain. 8. Morića Han – Visit the only Ottoman Inn left preserved in the city. 9. Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque – Visit the yard of the central mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 10. Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures – See the spot where East and West meet. 11. Old Jewish Temple – Find out the story about Sarajevo Haggadah. 12. Cathedral of Sacred Jesus Hearth – Send a message of peace and tolerance in front of Sarajevo’s Notre Dame. 13. Serbian Orthodox Church – The city’s largest Serbian Orthodox church boasts five impressive domes, a gilded baroque belfry, and beautiful murals.

Sarajevo: Guided Walking History Tour

5. Sarajevo: Guided Walking History Tour

Sarajevo is often called the Jerusalem of Europe. Throughout this tour you will discover how different religions and empires shaped the history of this beautiful city. Join a group of other travelers or have your guide all to yourself in a private group. Your local guide will explain what caused the Sarajevo Assassination of 1914, as well as how this event changed the course of the world’s history. You'll learn how to make and drink Bosnian coffee, before discovering what to eat and where to party during your Sarajevo adventure. You will also find out the differences between the Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian languages, including whether or not the different countries actually need a translator when they speak to each other.

Sarajevo: City Highlights & Hidden Gems Private Walking Tour

6. Sarajevo: City Highlights & Hidden Gems Private Walking Tour

Sarajevo, is a magical place! And with the local host of your choice, you are going to experience it all. So get ready; culture, history, and local lifestyle await! Dive into the origin of Sarajevo as you see the city’s main landmarks like Bascarsija, Sarajevo City Hall, and the Yellow Bastion. And how about the hidden gems? Oh, you’re in for a surprise! Every host has its own story to tell, so pick your favorite, and you’ll discover the city through their eyes. Experience their Sarajevo to the max based on their passions and expertise. They’ll make sure you have fun enjoying a unique and local perspective of Sarajevo. Want to take a break? Leave it up to your host! This is the perfect opportunity to visit that special eatery where only the locals come and your chance to enjoy a local treat hand-picked by your host. Feel free to ask your host more about their life in their city or get recommendations about the top things to do in Sarajevo. Remember, the locals know best. The best part of any city tour is definitely the unique stories. Everybody has a story to tell, especially your host. Each one of the local hosts has a different background ranging from arts to history. They can’t wait to share their knowledge with you and exchange ideas and perspectives! Feel like changing the route a bit? No problem, the hosts will be happy to personalize the tour to your wishes and make their Sarajevo, your Sarajevo!

Experience the Best Walking Tour of Sarajevo

7. Experience the Best Walking Tour of Sarajevo

This tour will show the old town Sarajevo through the lens of its people; the oldest streets of the city, its religious heritage, and elaborate architecture. This tour enables you to understand the city better, see the landmarks, and to hear the sounds of Sarajevo such as church bells, the Muslim call to prayer, and the din of the coppersmiths crafting their pots, pans, and coffee sets. Surely, the Sarajevo Walking Tour will entice your imagination and make you want to explore the city even more. 🤝 We’ll meet at Sarajevo City Hall. The Austro-Hungarian part of Sarajevo, out of numerous elaborate buildings the Sarajevo City Hall is the most extravagant example. ⏭️ Then will we go to #bascarsija Square, the heart of old town Sarajevo, and explore the ottoman quarter and the oriental charm of cobbled streets. ⏭️ European Jerusalem. We will visit the Jewish quarter as well as mosques and churches in an attempt to understand better European Jerusalem and the multi-confessional essence of Sarajevo. First is The Old Orthodox Church, then we will visit Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque. After the mosque, we will visit the Jewish quarter. Later on, we will visit the Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart. After visiting all three multi-confessional religious objects you will see how they are just 100 square meters apart and that is what makes Sarajevo so special. ⏭️ Latin Bridge and the Assassination spot.We’ll explore the Latin bridge, next to which the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and WWI began consequently. 🕐 Duration of the tour is around 1.5-2 hours. At the conclusion of the walking tour, our tour guides will provide their suggestions for the best food and beverages to try in the area as well as locations and activities to see. Information as to where to eat vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free food will be shared with you, also. If you are interested in nightlife, our tour guides will recommend the places to go. Ask questions or provide suggestions without holding back; our kindness and generosity are something we are proud of.

Sarajevo: Trebević Mountain Summit Hiking Tour

8. Sarajevo: Trebević Mountain Summit Hiking Tour

If you are looking for a fun way to spend the day in nature, but you don't want to go way too far from Sarajevo city, the perfect solution is to take a short hike on the mountain Trebević. Experience the joy of slow travel and spend a day in nature. As the city of Sarajevo is surrounded by mountains, one of the go-to choices for locals and travelers is spending the day outdoors at Trebević mountain. This is the closest mountain to the city and you need less than 20 minutes with the cable car ride to reach one of the peaks. This particular mountain was very important, since during the 14th Winter Olympic games, many visitors came to see the bobsleigh tracks. Being one of the 13 bobsleigh tracks in the world, one would imagine it would stay popular to this day. In a way, it definitely is popular but not with athletes but with artists who use it as a canvas to paint various graffiti. Overview The tour starts from the old town of Sarajevo, where you will take a cable car and enjoy the sightseeing views. As you reach the top of the mountain Trebević, our journey starts from the Pino Hotel, from where we will go through foresty paths and pass by several natural springs of clear water of the Tri Budalasa spring. Following a short break, our journey continues along the ridge of mt. Trebević, from where we ascend towards the summit. At this point, the elevation is 1629 m above sea level. As we reach the summit, a mesmerizing panoramic view of the city will be presented. This peak holds a very important place at the heart of locals, as it's their closest mountain and it's often nicknamed "the lungs of Sarajevo". On our way back, we will descend through the old Austro-Hungarian trail. It's important to note that you will also be able to see frontlines and war trenches from the Bosnian war, as well as the abandoned Olympic bobsleigh track. Our very knowledgeable guides will provide you with insights and stories of war, its impact, and the aftermath that struck the people of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The return to the city will be guided through local mahale neighborhood, where you will learn about the daily life of the locals. The goal of the tour is to promote not only hiking but sustainable travel as well as lowering your carbon footprint. Join us for this amazing and exhilarating hiking adventure!

Sarajevo: Private Food Walking Tour with 10 Tastings

9. Sarajevo: Private Food Walking Tour with 10 Tastings

Fall in love with the flavorful Bosnian cuisine on this delicious food tour in Sarajevo! Enjoy a selection of 10 food and drink tastings hand-picked by your foodie local host, just for you. From yummy must-tries like Sarma to unique dishes typical of the city such as Cevapcici; you’re in for a treat, so bring your appetite. This culinary tour in Sarajevo is a cultural journey that takes you further than the food you’ll eat. As you enjoy authentic local bites ranging from savory, sweet as well as drinks, you’ll also discover the city and its highlights. Stop to admire the Bascarsija, Sarajevo City Hall, and Eternal Flame and hear about their local relevance from your host as you hop from one food hot spot to the other - what can be better than that? Want to know what this food tour has in store for you? Your local foodie has you covered! And because sharing is caring, you and your group will get to try bites of famous dishes. Each of the hosts has carefully selected the tastings you’ll enjoy during this food tour. All of them passionate about food and their city, know the best spots to get the most authentic and typical bites. Pick your host according to your interests and you’ll be a part of a unique and flavorful experience catered to your taste buds. Looking for a vegetarian alternative? It’s possible! The tour has been created with alternative tastings to fit your preferences. Just let your host know! The foodie locals are ready to take you on the best food tour in Sarajevo. All you have to do is check out their profiles and pick your favorite local for a delicious culinary experience. This Sarajevo food tour can be 100% personalised to match your diet and allergies.

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The guide was really great, his English was very easy to understand. The tour group was just the three of us. He took us up the mountain toward the ruins and around a cemetary. Allowed us to get fresh pomegranate juice and drink a coffee with a beautiful view. Highly recommend this as a familiarisation tour when you first arrive! We even got the full story and to see the site where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Thank you to the your guide who made this a great tour!

We were able to spend 3 instructive and exciting hours with Adesa. She told and showed various places and elements in the city in great detail and always with reference to the historical background.

Our Guide Bojan did an excellent job. He is very knowledgeable and gave us an extensive tour through this impressive city. A really great way to start your visit.

Very interesting tour with a knowledgeable guide. We paid for a one to one tour and had an enjoyable morning walking around central Sarajevo.

Incredible and informative tour with lots of yummy and local snacks/drinks - thank you Bojan!