Sardinha do Bairro Tuk Tuk & Van Tours

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Lisbon is booming and you want to see what all that buzz is about. But perhaps you happen to feel like a fish out of water. Well, not anymore. Join us and feel like a Sardine – Portuguese popular fish gave the name to our company Sardinha do Bairro. We'll take you to navigate in the Lisbon sea, as to say in the city streets and picturesque neighborhoods. You have to think outside the box and take that spectacular route to a different level: the rickshaw or tuk tuk level. Talking about Eastern wisdom, hey? Three wheels, one engine and very knowledgeable drivers ready to show you all the best spots in the city. Go up and down, up and down… What more could you want? You want Sardinha do Bairro service: your very own “can of sardines” running on the most authentic experience of Lisbon, whether on a tour or on any other memorable occasion. No preservatives added, no artificial flavours. This is what Portugal is all about! Our tuk-tuks are the perfect solution for touring the narrow streets of Lisbon, fun and environmentally friendly. Each eco-tuk can accommodate up to 6 people.

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