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Olbia: Dolphin Watching & Snorkeling Boat Tour near Figarolo

1. Olbia: Dolphin Watching & Snorkeling Boat Tour near Figarolo

Set sail for a dolphin watching boat trip from Moys Marina in Olbia Yacting Service, a 5-star port with ample free parking in front of the meeting point. Climb aboard a comfortable, latest-generation inflatable boat, an 8.50-meter 2Bar with a 250 horsepower Honda engine, equipped with every comfort. Enjoy an unparalleled experience with a small group of no more than 10 people. Take an adventurous excursion in the splendid emerald sea of Sardinia, near Figarolo Island and enjoy the view aboard a new small-group motorboat. Sail in search for a pod of wild bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat where the sighting probability is of approximately 80%. Enjoy several snorkeling stops to swim and explore the seabed rich with colorful fish. See a limestone cave and cliffs, and a world famous place where wild birds live. This excursion is fun and relaxing, suitable for everyone, and a great choice for friends and families. Savor an aperitif based on typical Sardinian products and a choice of water, tea, fruit juices or Sardinian beer. Allow our expertise in boat excursions in Sardinia and our captain with 30 years of experience at sea to guide you on this wonderful adventure.

Tavolara: Grand Tour of Archipelago from San Teodoro

2. Tavolara: Grand Tour of Archipelago from San Teodoro

Dinghy departure will take place daily from San Teodoro - La Cinta Beach. Aboard our dinghies we will guide you to discover all the natural beauty of the Tavolara Archipelago. After a stop at Cala Brandinchi also known as the "Little Tahiti," due to its particularly exotic appearance reminiscent of Polynesian, we will skirt the promontory of Capo Coda Cavallo with a visit to the Oven Cave of Proratora Island and the bay of the same name. This will be followed by a stop at Molara Island to admire its natural pools with crystal clear turquoise waters and snorkeling opportunities. An additional snorkeling stop is planned under the limestone cliff of Tavolara Island, and then disembark on the island itself where a stop for lunch will take place. During the stop on the island, it is possible to go on a completely independent visit to a really impressive place - Cala Tramontana. We will finally continue to Cala Girgolu to admire the remains of the "Rock Turtle" where a final stop is planned. Return to the embarkation point by skirting the Spiaggia delle Vacche (Cows' Beach) and the Sassi Piatti (Flat Stones) of Punta Molara.

Sardegna: Tavolara Boat Tour with Snorkeling

3. Sardegna: Tavolara Boat Tour with Snorkeling

Your tour departs at 9:30 AM from the Marina of Olbia Marina. Throughout your day, discover the "Caribbean of Europe" in a small group with a maximum of 10 people. After visiting the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, you will visit the Ulisse Ear Cave before returning to the port at 1:30 PM. After departing from the Marina of Olbia, travel along the granite promontory of Capo Ceraso and continue towards Tavolara. Admire the different shades of blue of the crystal clear waters of the Marine Protected Area and discover 4 beaches of fine white sand, red granite cliffs, and tiny islands. You will be able to enjoy breaks to swim or snorkel in places of undisputed beauty. The boat is equipped with an awning parasol, a small refrigerator, ample sunbathing, and pillows, and there are 4 stops that can vary depending on the weather conditions to best enjoy your day.

Alghero: Guided Quad Bike Tour with Swim Stop

4. Alghero: Guided Quad Bike Tour with Swim Stop

Explore the beautiful Alghero in the picturesque northwest area of Sardinia through an exciting Quad adventure! Our experienced guide will take you through dirt roads, offering breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Porto Conte Natural Park. After a short briefing to familiarize yourself with the 4x4 vehicles, you will begin a journey through unspoiled nature, lush greenery and crystal clear sea. Close to the Natural Park, you will have the opportunity to spot various species of wildlife. Along the way, you will admire places of extraordinary beauty such as Cala Viola and Porto Ferro beach along with other exclusive coves, where you can also take a refreshing dip! At the end of the tour, the guide will offer a refreshing drink to toast this wonderful experience together! The guided tour is available for people with disabilities, as Quads are equipped with all the controls in the handlebars. The fee is to be considered for the rental of a Quad. Quad can carry up to two people: a driver and a passenger; once the driver has been decided, it cannot be changed during the excursion. The itinerary has a duration of about 4 hours and includes a fun and suggestive path of about 50 km, on dirt roads but always in safety, with at least 4 stops: Cala Viola, Cala dell'Acqua Dolce, Porto Ferro with a visit to the first tower and in which there will be a 15-minute stop at the beach (who wants, can swim into the sea); Passage along Lake Baratz and return to Maristella.

Alghero: Guided Horseback Ride at Lake Baratz & Porto Ferro

5. Alghero: Guided Horseback Ride at Lake Baratz & Porto Ferro

Set out on a relaxed ride through the charming landscape of Sardinian countryside. On this two-hour trail ride, embrace the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Sightsee and saunter down seven kilometers of winding forest paths and beautiful sandy beaches. Once you've met your tour guide and equine trail partner, begin your tour at Lake Baratz. As you ride around Sardinia's only freshwater lake, breathe in the smell of pine forest. Travel deeper into the forest, then ride past expansive sand dunes down to the beach. Continue your ride along the picturesque Porto Ferro Beach. Retrace the border of the Riviera del Corallo, where red coral has been harvested for jewelry since the days of ancient Rome. As the blue waves roll in, see three different Spanish watchtowers that date back to the 17th century. After about two kilometers of riding on the beach, your guide will escort you back to the barn to dismount and finish your tour.

Sardinia: Morning Kayak Tour with Snorkeling and Fruit

6. Sardinia: Morning Kayak Tour with Snorkeling and Fruit

Discover the Marine Park of Tavolara Paddle on the mesmerizing emerald sea between small islands and white beaches. Discover the marine park and meet wild herons, gulls, and cormorants. It’s an unforgettable experience! Dive into the crystal clear water of a lonely bay. Snorkel with colorful fish, octopus, and starfish, then relax on the warm white sand. We have easy-to-use double kayaks for beginners and single kayaks for experts. We’re professional guides, and we provide you with a great day out at sea.

Alghero: Lake Baratz Guided Horseback Ride

7. Alghero: Lake Baratz Guided Horseback Ride

Discover the beautiful Lake Baratz on a horse and experience the beauty of the Sassari province in a unique way. Depart from Alghero and dive into the diverse surrounding ecosystem on a guided tour. Come across a variety of colorful trees and plants along the way. Meet your guide in Alghero and receive an informative briefing before heading out. Hop onto your horse to begin your quiet journey through nature, around the pristine Lake Baratz. Immerse yourself in a lush pine forest, rich in Mediterranean vegetation, including the strawberry tree, myrtle, rosemary, and lavender, as well as numerous species of wild orchids. Seize the possibility to spot rare animal species, such as the freshwater tortoise, the coot, and the mallard. Passing the pine forest, find yourself in a completely new environment that opens onto an expanse of sand dunes up to 5 meters high. End your scenic journey right back at the starting point in Alghero.

Alghero: Dinner in the Vineyard with Wine in Sassari

8. Alghero: Dinner in the Vineyard with Wine in Sassari

Experience an evening of wine and food in a winery located in Alghero, north-western Sardinia. As the sun sets, indulge in a blend of modernity, relaxation, and tradition amidst the serene surroundings of Porto Ferro and Lake Baratz with a dinner under a starry sky. Visit a winery that has become a benchmark in the production of quality wines in Sardinia. Before tucking into dinner, take a self-guided tour of the winery and its charming cellar, adding to the unique sensory journey. Visit the charming wine cellar and walk through the lush vineyards. Then, delve into a specially curated menu featuring typical Sardinian specialties, perfectly paired with wines produced on-site. Be treated to local products and seasonal produce from the local vegetable garden. For hors d'oeuvres, enjoy cold meats, cheeses, olives, caramelized onions, omelets, savory pies, and bruschetta with tomatoes. Next, relish a first course of ricotta ravioli, pasta (tagliatelle, malloreddus, or fregola) with tomato sauce or lamb ragu, Campidanese sauce, vegetable ragout, or sheep stew sauce. Next, get a second course of porcetto, lamb, sheep, wild boar, and mixed grilled or zucchini bread. Finally, satisfy your sweet tooth with local desserts such as seadas, fig and apple tart, fruit tart, or Papassini – all accompanied by water, a liter of wine for every 4 people, coffee, and liqueur. If you opt for a vegetarian menu, savor an appetizer with olives, cheese, omelets, vegetables in oil, and bruschetta with tomatoes, followed by vegetable ragout or tomato sauce, and a second course based on pies and omelets.

Porto San Paolo: Vintage Cruise Tavolara & Molara with Lunch

9. Porto San Paolo: Vintage Cruise Tavolara & Molara with Lunch

The 7-hour boat experience to Tavolara and Molara offers a complete immersion into the natural beauty of the archipelago. From start to finish, our goal is to provide a memorable experience, combining adventure, relaxation, and discovery. The adventure begins with check-in aboard, where you'll be welcomed by our team and registered for the excursion. The captain will be there to greet you and explain the safety rules on board, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for all participants. Throughout the journey, the captain will be your point of reference, providing detailed information about the destinations we'll visit and guiding you through the wonders we'll encounter along the way. Our philosophy is to offer flexibility and customization, allowing you to decide the timing of stops based on your preferences and marine weather conditions. The first stop might be the Isola dei Cavalli or Isola Piana, where you can explore pristine beaches and snorkel among rich marine life. Next, we'll head towards the imposing Tavolara, an iconic island with breathtaking cliffs and crystal-clear waters. Here, you'll have the opportunity to take a walk on land or enjoy a refreshing swim in its turquoise waters. The Island of Molara will be our next destination, unless weather conditions suggest exploring the western side of the Marine Protected Area, where numerous secluded coves and natural pools are located. Here, you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of enchanting landscapes and vibrant colors, savoring the peace and beauty of the surrounding environment. Our route may also include the area of flat stones - cala Girgolu, famous for the turtle rock and its crystal-clear waters. At each stop along the journey, the captain will be happy to share stories and anecdotes about the region, enriching your experience with their local knowledge. During the tour, you'll have the chance to visit 4-5 different locations, ensuring you discover the best that Tavolara and Molara have to offer. After a day of exploration and adventure, the captain will offer you a refreshing aperitif, allowing you to relax and enjoy your memories on the boat as we head back to the port. The flexible approach without a fixed itinerary allows us to adapt to sea conditions and fully enjoy the colors and clarity of the waters. Our priority is to ensure that every guest has an authentic and unforgettable experience, immersing themselves in the natural beauty and unique atmosphere of Tavolara and Molara.

Olmedo: Saffron trail with Sardinian Shepherd & tasting

10. Olmedo: Saffron trail with Sardinian Shepherd & tasting

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of saffron at our specialized laboratory in Olmeno, where an expert and skilled shepherd will guide you through the process of creating a truly remarkable cheese: the Saffron cheese inside a traditional Pinnettu, the typical Sardinian shepherd's hut. This unique experience unfolds amidst the serene nature of the Sardinian countryside in the north-west region. As you embark on this journey, prepare to be treated to a delightful tasting session featuring an array of typical products, skillfully seasoned with the precious saffron spice. Indulge your senses as the sight and aroma of the surroundings blend harmoniously with the exquisite flavors on your plate. Discover the fascinating stories, insights, and techniques shared by our knowledgeable shepherd, making this experience both enriching and entertaining. Don't hesitate any longer, let yourself be enchanted by this remarkable adventure of flavors and traditions. - The experience will take place at a farm specialized in the organic cultivation of Saffron - The cultivation method is organic according to the law and certified



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What people are saying about Sassari

My partner and I travelled from Dorgali for this excursion and it was well worth the trip! Our guide (I believe his name was Antonio) was very friendly and made us feel welcome and at ease. Our guide made the whole trip very enjoyable while making sure we were informed and safe throughout. I felt really comfortable and would happily book any excursion with this provider. We were lucky enough to see dolphins at 3 or 4 points during our trip and it was absolutely incredible. I know this isn’t guaranteed, but I feel like we would have had a wonderful day regardless. The food and drinks were a lovely addition. We travelled in early October and the weather was still lovely and warm. My partner and I got engaged at the beginning of our holiday and this excursion was a highlight of our celebrations that we will treasure forever!

It was an very amazing trip with such beautiful places! We went to three different places for snorkeling and saw lots of fishes. It makes a lot of fun to jump in the ocean. Francesco was very a nice guide and told us a few historical stories during the ride. The boat is also comfortable. Thank you a lot for having us!

Michelle and the other family members were great. Attentive to safety and comfort. The place is just beautiful. The lake and the beach are nature at its best at this time of the year.

We had a wonderful time, thanks above all to our commander.... top, we will certainly return

Great boat tour with a friendly guide. All expectations were met!