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Sheep MeadowFamily-friendly activities

Our most recommended Sheep Meadow Family-friendly activities

NYC: Central Park Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride (up to 4 Adults)

1. NYC: Central Park Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride (up to 4 Adults)

Experience the allure of Central Park as you embark on a horse-drawn carriage ride, passing by a multitude of historical landmarks. This activity is ideal for a romantic promenade or a joyful outing with friends and family. Step into a lavishly decorated carriage, complete with plush seating, and let the clip-clop of the horse's hooves transport you through the park's captivating scenery. With a knowledgeable driver to guide you, prepare to be immersed in the park's rich history. Cruise by the Dairy, a place where New York's children once gathered to obtain fresh milk. Catch a glimpse of the magnificent horses on the carousel and admire the statue of William Shakespeare. Pause at the Bethesda Fountain and the Angel of the Waters sculpture, allowing for memorable photo opportunities before continuing towards Cherry Hill. Surrounded by cherry and gingko trees, Cherry Hill serves as a picturesque location where wealthy 19th-century New Yorkers showcased their elegant buggies. Ascend to the hilltop and discover the Imagine mosaic at Strawberry Fields, paying homage to John Lennon. Clop by the English lawn-bowling court, where you can admire the bronze statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman and the bust of Italian philosopher Giuseppe Mazzini. Take in the breathtaking views of the legendary Tavern on the Green, adding to the charm of your experience. Join us for a captivating horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park, where historical landmarks and natural beauty combine to create an unforgettable adventure. Immerse yourself in the park's ambiance, capture cherished memories, and discover the allure that has captivated visitors for generations.

NYC: Guided Standard Central Park Carriage Ride (4 Adults)

2. NYC: Guided Standard Central Park Carriage Ride (4 Adults)

With this ride, you will get the lucky opportunity to witness many of Central Park's historical landmarks from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage. This activity is perfect for a romantic promenade or a fun ride with friends and family. The ride takes 40-minutes on a 2.5-mile trail. It has one stop at Cherry Hill/Friends Fountain where you can take some mesmerizing holiday pictures or simply just enjoy the view. During the ride, you will see various landmarks such as The Wollman Rink, Carousel, Chess & Checker House, The Dairy, Plaza Hotel, 5th Avenue/Upper East Side, Literary Mall, Balto Statue, Summer Stage, Boat Pond, The Loeb Boathouse Restaurant, Bethesda Fountain, and much more. The nice park scenery alongside the magnificent views of the city from the park is a must-do during your visit to NYC.

NYC: Central Park Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride with Photos

3. NYC: Central Park Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride with Photos

Discover the famous Central Park on a horse carriage ride with an experienced coachman. Learn about the history, famous landmarks, movie locations, celebrity residences, and fun facts surrounding Central Park.  Enjoy two photo stops during the tour. Stop at Cherry Hill Fountain for breath-taking photos, and help feed the horses. Then, stop at Strawberry Fields/The Dakota which are forever linked to the life of famed Beatle, John Lennon. See other famous locations such as Wollman Rink, Balto Statue, Loeb Boathouse, Bethesda Fountain, The Bow Bridge, Tavern on the Green, and many more.

NYC: Guided Central Park Bike Tour in English or German

4. NYC: Guided Central Park Bike Tour in English or German

Explore Central Park in a unique and fun way with a 2-hour guided bike tour. This trip will take you through the park faster than by foot, thereby giving you more opportunity to see all the sights. With a top-notch guide leading the way, you will not only be shown a comprehensive look of the park, but also given the opportunity for a customized tour that ensures you see all the spots you want to. From Bethesda Fountain to Strawberry Fields to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, you will see it all. Your guide will also lead the group to visit lesser-known sights like Cleopatra's Needle, Sheep Meadow, and the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater.

Manhattan: VIP Private Horse Carriage Ride in Central Park

5. Manhattan: VIP Private Horse Carriage Ride in Central Park

Indulge in the ultimate VIP experience with our Private Horse Carriage Ride in Central Park, New York City. Step into a world of luxury as you embark on a personalized journey through the enchanting landscapes of one of the world's most iconic parks. From the moment you climb aboard our exquisite horse-drawn carriage, you'll be treated to unparalleled comfort and elegance. Our experienced coachman will guide you through Central Park's picturesque trails, sharing fascinating insights and stories along the way. This exclusive private ride allows you to customize your itinerary, ensuring that you visit the park's most enchanting spots and hidden gems. Whether you're seeking a romantic outing, a family adventure, or a special celebration, our VIP Private Horse Carriage Ride promises an unforgettable experience tailored to your preferences. Capture stunning photographs at iconic locations such as Bethesda Terrace, the Bow Bridge, and the stunning Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. Immerse yourself in the park's tranquility and marvel at the lush greenery, charming bridges, and serene lakes that define Central Park's allure. Relish the intimacy of this private carriage ride, as you and your loved ones savor the moment together. Our attentive staff will ensure that every detail is taken care of, making this an extraordinary experience that exceeds your expectations. Book your VIP Private Horse Carriage Ride in Central Park today and treat yourself to an exclusive adventure that combines elegance, charm, and the timeless beauty of one of New York City's most treasured landmarks.

New York City: Pedicab Tour Through Central Park

6. New York City: Pedicab Tour Through Central Park

ChatGPT Embark on an immersive one-hour Pedicab Tour through the enchanting landscapes of Central Park, New York City. Sit back and relax in the comfort of our pedicab as we take you on a captivating journey through the park's scenic pathways. During this tour, we make strategic photo stops at various picturesque locations, allowing you to capture the beauty and essence of Central Park. Take a moment to pose against the backdrop of iconic landmarks such as Bethesda Terrace, with its stunning views of the lake and the magnificent architecture of the Bethesda Terrace Tunnel. As we continue, we'll pause at Cherry Hill/Friends Fountain, where you can enjoy the serene ambiance and snap photos amidst the surrounding natural beauty. Capture memories at Strawberry Fields, paying tribute to John Lennon, and soak in the peaceful atmosphere of this special memorial. Throughout the tour, our experienced guides will provide insightful commentary, sharing fascinating stories and historical facts about the park's landmarks, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of Central Park's rich heritage. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Central Park, with its sprawling greenery, charming bridges, and tranquil lakes, as our Pedicab Tour offers a unique and intimate way to explore this iconic destination. Don't miss the opportunity to create lasting memories and capture stunning photographs as you discover the hidden gems of Central Park. Book your one-hour Pedicab Tour today and embark on a delightful adventure through the heart of New York City's most beloved park.

New York City: Central Park Private Pedicab Tour

7. New York City: Central Park Private Pedicab Tour

Choose between a 1-hour or 2-hour tour of Central Park by Pedicab 1-Hour Tour If you would like to get familiar with the basic places of interest in Central Park, take a ride on a 1-hour pedicab tour through New York City's famous park. Visit Strawberry Fields, the Dakota Building, Cherry Hill, the Bethesda Fountain, Bow Bridge, Summer Stage, Sheep Meadow, Tavern on Green, and more. You'll see it all! No matter what season, you will be taken on a dreamlike ride in one of the world’s most celebrated landscapes, filled with authentic New York culture and architectural splendor. Along the way, your guide will inform you about the history and significance of the various sights you pass. 2-Hour Tour (2-hour tours are not possible in winter time because of cold temperatures.) See the sights of New York’s Central Park on a unique 2-hour pedicab tour. Your tour guide will show you the sights of Central Park and tell you about its history as you travel at a leisurely pace. There are 5 stops on the 2-hour tour. Each stop is around 5-7 minutes, where you walk to see the sights up close. Some of the sights you’ll see on your 2-hour pedicab tour include: Strawberry Fields The Dakota Cherry Hill Bethesda Fountain Bow Bridge SummerStage Sheep Meadow Tavern on Green The Reservoir Alice in Wonderland The Great Lawn Delacorte Theater Metropolitan Museum of Art The Obelisk The Boathouse Turtle Pond American Museum of Natural History San Remo Belvedere Castle

Cental Park NYC: Horse & Carriage Rides

8. Cental Park NYC: Horse & Carriage Rides

This ride takes you through the Southern Side of Central Park where you will witness the park's historic sites in combination with a trip to the iconic Rockefeller Center. Enjoy both of these locations from the comfort of a Horse & Carriage. Perfect for families, couples & special occasions.

Official Exclusive VIP Horse Carriage Ride in Central Park

9. Official Exclusive VIP Horse Carriage Ride in Central Park

Indulge in an exclusive horse carriage tour that takes you deep into the heart of Central Park, New York. Delve into the rich history and iconic attractions of this urban oasis, guided by a seasoned expert. Climb aboard a luxurious horse-drawn carriage, where your adventure begins. As you traverse the park's enchanting pathways, you'll encounter a series of famous landmarks. Glide past the delightful Wollman Rink, where laughter and ice skating fill the air. Admire the intricate craftsmanship of the Carousel and the timeless charm of Chess and Checker House. Your guide will regale you with captivating stories about The Dairy, a historic treasure nestled within the park's embrace. As you continue your journey, the allure of Central Park unfolds before your eyes. The Literary Mall stands as a tribute to literary giants, while Bethesda Fountain exudes an air of grandeur and tranquility. Pause by The Lake, a shimmering expanse that mirrors the park's natural beauty, and linger at the Boat Pond, a serene haven. Amidst the lush surroundings, two distinct photo stops await. Capture the essence of Bethesda Fountain, an emblem of elegance, and venture to Cherry Hill, known as the Friends Fountain, for another picture-perfect moment. But the exploration doesn't end there. Traverse the sprawling Sheep Meadow, where picnics and leisurely afternoons are a way of life. Pass by the historic Tavern On The Green, a beloved establishment that has stood the test of time. Gaze upon the Balto Statue, a tribute to courage and determination, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Summer Stage. The Boathouse Restaurant beckons with its charming allure, and the Bandshell echoes with the melodies of countless performances. Your carriage ride through Central Park culminates in a sensory journey, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the park's captivating beauty. Experience the magic that has captured the hearts of visitors for generations, as you create lasting memories on this unforgettable horse-drawn adventure.

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Joshua our guide was FANTASTIC!! He looked very smart , shared lots of information about Central Park !! Even managed to professionally defend his job to an annoying woman who hassled us about their horses on the way round. He stopped to take family photos of us which he did with thought .. well worth the experience- my husband even enjoyed it

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Our guide Luis was fantastic. He was personable, well informed, and went above and beyond to give my wife and I an unforgettable tour through Central Park.

Really enjoyed our trip around part of Central Park, although cold and wet it was most enjoyable. It’s one of the things I most wanted to do whilst in New York and it didn’t disappoint.

The trip was very relaxing and enjoyable. Our driver was knowledgeable about Central Park and was a great guide. I recommend the experience!

Great guide, very knowledgeable. Took his time and gave us good history of the park and it’s surroundings. Great way to see the park!