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Bucharest: Transylvania Day Trip to Dracula Castle & Brasov

1. Bucharest: Transylvania Day Trip to Dracula Castle & Brasov

Enjoy a full-day trip from Bucharest to discover the Bran Castle, the inspiration for Dracula's Castle. Explore the city of Brasov on a guided tour and see the Peles Castle, the former home of the Romanian royal family. The first stop on your Transylvania adventure will be in the picturesque landscape of Sinaia, the so-called Pearl of the Carpathians. Here, discover Peles Castle, a masterpiece of design with unique turrets and great attention to detail. After taking in some unbelievable views across the mountains from Peles Castle, the trip continues to the medieval Bran Castle, better known as Dracula's Castle due to its association with Vlad the Impaler. In Brasov, follow your guide on a walking tour to admire sights such as Brasov's Council Square and the Black Church, one of the main attractions in Brasov.

3-Day Medieval Transylvania Package Tour

2. 3-Day Medieval Transylvania Package Tour

Explore some of the most important sites in the legendary Transylvania region of Romania on a 3-day package tour from Bucharest. With bed and breakfast accommodation in a 3-star hotel, you will explore the city of Sibiu, once ranked by Forbes Magazine as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live.” Visit medieval castles and monasteries, and explore the fable of Count Dracula. Day 1: Depart from Bucharest and visit the Moorish Monastery of Curtea de Argeș, built by the ruler of Wallachia, Prince Neagoe Basarab, in 1514. Continue to the small Cozia Monastery to discover one of the most important monuments of national medieval art in Romania. After a break for lunch in a traditional Romanian restaurant, drive through the stunning Translyvanian landscape to Sibiu, historic capital of the Principality of Transylvania. The former German medieval citadel, with documentation dating back to 1191, is one of the most beautiful towns in Romania, with many historic buildings that you will explore on a walking tour of the Old Town. In the evening, enjoy a traditional Romanian dinner, with overnight accommodation in Sibiu town center. Day 2: After breakfast, depart Sibiu for the Biertan commune, where you will tour one of the most important Saxon villages of fortified churches in Transylvania, including the largest fortified church in Transylvania, built between 1490 and 1524. Continue to the medieval citadel of Sighișoara, which dates back to 1280 and is home to the only medieval citadel in Europe still populated. During a walking tour, visit the city’s landmark Clock Tower for panoramic views across the ancient houses. After lunch, head to Brasov, surrounded by the Southern Carpathians. The first documented evidence of the medieval citadel dates back to 1235. Birthplace of the Romanian national anthem – and briefly renamed “Stalin City” during the Communist era – Brasov boasts beautiful Gothic churches, medieval buildings, and the narrowest street in Romania, which you will explore on a guided walking tour. Day 3: Following an overnight stay in Brasov, start your day at the city’s Black Church, built in 1383, and the most important tourist site in Brasov. Then, drive to the legendary Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle), perched on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Marked as the home of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, explore the castle grounds and museum, before a traditional lunch. Continue your tour at Sinaia, a lovely mountain resort in the Prahova River valley, and visit Peleș Castle, built by the first king of Romania, Carol I. Tour the exquisite Neo-Renaissance building, built between 1875 and 1914, and end your tour of Transylvania’s architectural delights at Sinaia Monastery, founded by Prince Mihail Cantacuzino in the 17th century upon his return from a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai. After exploring the Old Church and the 19th century Great Church, drive back to Bucharest for the end of your tour.

Peles Castle & Wine Tasting Tour - Full-Day from Bucharest

3. Peles Castle & Wine Tasting Tour - Full-Day from Bucharest

This full-day tour includes a visit to the Sinaia Monastery, the Royal Peles Castle, and wine tasting and traditional 3-course lunch at Azuga Wine Cellars. The winery dates from 1892 and was the official wine supplier of the Romanian Royal Family. Meet your driver in Bucharest and be taken to Sinaia, where you’ll visit the Sinaia Monastery. Founded in 1695, it was named after the famous monastery on Mount Sinai. There is a collection of valuable jewels here that belonged to the Cantacuzino family, and also a Romanian translation of the Bible, dating from 1668, and considered to be the earliest translation. Next on the itinerary is a stop at Peles Castle, also located in Sinaia. This is considered to be one of Europe’s most beautiful castles. Constructed of wood, stone, brick, and marble, the castle comprises over 160 rooms. It was built in the German Renaissance style, with elements from the German Baroque, Gothic, Italian Renaissance, and French Rococo styles. From Sinaia you’ll head to Azuga for wine tasting and lunch at Azuga Wine Cellars. You’ll enjoy the sparkling wines produced here and a 3-course lunch as well.

From Brasov: Wine Tasting, Peles Castle and Monastery Visit

4. From Brasov: Wine Tasting, Peles Castle and Monastery Visit

After getting picked up from your hotel in Brasov, head to the Rhein Wine Cellars, admiring beautiful scenery of the Carpathian Mountains along the way. Visit the cellars where the sparkling wine is produced and see the industrial machinery used for its bottling. At the end of the visit, enjoy a sample of 3 different types of sparkling wines. Next, head to the Peles Castle, the summer residence of the Romanian royal family. Stroll through the castle's 160 rooms and admire its 19th-century architecture, built in the German Renaissance style. You will also get the chance to see woodwork by Bernhard Ludwig. Stop for lunch at a restaurant in Sinaia, before heading to your final stop, the Sinaia Orthodox Monastery, where 8 monks live today. Here, admire the murals of the church walls, painted in 1695, before beginning the journey back to Brasov.

Bucharest: 6-Day Transylvania and Bucovina Experience

5. Bucharest: 6-Day Transylvania and Bucovina Experience

Day 1: Bucharest to Bucovina You will be picked up by a professional guide from either your hotel in Bucharest or Otopeni Airport. From there you will endure a long drive to Bucovina, but you will benefit from a luxury Mercedes Vklass van or a similar car, making your entire vacation comfortable. You will begin by visiting the Humor Monastery and the Voronet monastery, before an overnight in Gura Humorului in a 3-star hotel (with breakfast included). Day 2: Gura Humorului, Vatra Moldovitei, Sucevita, Marginea, and Sucevita On your second day, you will visit the Moldovita Monastery, Ciumarna Passage, the Sucevita Monastery, and the Marginea Black Pottery. At the conclusion of your day you will overnight in Sucevita Village at a guest house, where you enjoy both dinner and breakfast which will consist of traditional local products. Day 3: Sucevita, Arbore, Gura Humorului, Bicaz Gorges, the Red Lake, and Brasov Your third day will begin with the Arbore Monastery, before you advance towards Bicaz Gorge, the Red Lake, and Brasov (including its old historic center). At the conclusion of your day, you will overnight in Brasov's downtown area. Day 4: Brasov, Viscri, Sighisoara, Biertan, and Brasov Day 4 will begin with a tour of the Viscri Saxon Village and fortified Saxon Church. You will then move on to explore the Sighioara Fortress, Dracula's "birthplace", and the Biertan Village. At the conclusion of your fourth day, you will once again overnight in Brasov. Day 5: Brasov, Prejmer, Poiana Brasov, Rasnov, Bran, and Moieciu Today you will visit the Prejmer Peasants Fortress, before exploring the Poiana Brasov Ski Resort and the Rasnov Fortress. You will then discover the magnificent Bran Castle, which is connected with the Dracula legend. Towards the end of your day you will explore Moieciu Village, before you once again overnight in Downtown Brasov. Day 6: Brasov, Azuga, Sinaia, Snagov, and Bucharest Your final day will begin with a Royal Rhein Winery tour in Azuga. From there you will discover Peles Castle, which is the summer residence of the royal family of Romania. Moving on, you will encounter the Snagov Orthodox Monastery, where the dreaded prince Vlad Tepes is buried. Your day will eventually conclude with your exploration of Lake Snagov, before you end your tour in Bucharest.

Bucharest: 2-Day Tour of Transylvania & Halloween Party

6. Bucharest: 2-Day Tour of Transylvania & Halloween Party

Day 1: Bucharest - Sinaia - Brasov - Bran Get picked up directly from your hotel in Bucharest and travel around Transylvania with your guide. First, travel to Sinaia, a mountain resort nestled in the historical region of Muntenia. Visit the exquisite Peles Castle, surrounded by forest and situated at the foot of the breathtaking Bucegi mountains. Admire the castles wooden Viennese decorations that adorn the castle. Next, travel to the charming city of Brasov, where you will visit the Black Church, a celebrated Gothic site that acquired its name after being blackened by smoke from the 1689 great fire. Next, take a walk through the town and admire the clock tower and fortifications.  Then, go to your 3-star hotel and get dressed up as the spookiest ghoul you can for the Halloween party at Bran castle. Get to know the history of the notorious castle that’s shrouded in mystery on a spooky two-hour guided tour. Be welcomed into the castle by Prince Vlad the Impaler himself, and explore the chilly rooms that will be filled with prince and princesses from the Middle Ages. Then, enjoy some blood-red wine and then continue your evening with a party in the castle garden. Dance and drink the night away in a large tent with your fellow ghouls.  Day 2: Brasov- Snagov- Bucharest Awake the next day and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Then, hit the road and stop at Lake Snagov Monastery, originally founded in the 14th century. It is said that Vlad the Impaler requested to be buried there. Visit his tomb and learn about the mysteries of the site. Finally, travel back to your accommodation in Bucharest.

Transylvania: Two-Day Castle Tour

7. Transylvania: Two-Day Castle Tour

Join your guide for a two-day tour through the castles of Transylvania, from early medieval stone fortifications to modern, lavish royal summer residences. Depart from Cluj and head to Sighișoara. Admire the most beautiful medieval townscape in the country, so picturesque and authentic that it's often used as a film set. Visit the Clock Tower, the Church on the Hill, the Citadel, the fortified walls and towers of the town, as well as the birthplace of the Wallachian leader Vlad Dracul, who later became known as Count Dracula in Gothic literature and film. Then travel to Râșnov Castle, a 14th century fortress built by Teutonic Knights to withstand invasion from Turks and Tartars. More a fortified village than a military outpost, Râșnov was built to protect common people from attacks and contained everything a small community of village people would need in order to survive a long siege. Learn how the castle was put to use through the centuries, undergoing several periods of reconstruction. Afterwards, head to Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle. Let historical fact and fiction combine as you take in the atmosphere of the place where Bram Stoker's famous early 20th century novel was set and learn about its history as the homestead of Vlad the Impaler and an important defense of the trade route between Transylvania and Walachia. Enjoy plenty of time to explore the most visited attraction in Romania, including the Bran Castle Museum. Afterwards, have dinner and head to your accommodation in Bran for the night. On day two, things get more modern with a visit to Peleș Palace, the summer residence of the Romanian royal family (and one of the most beautiful royal summer residences in Europe). Wander through a unique a modern palace built at the end at the 19th century to resemble castles from the late Middle Ages. Spot artistic masterpieces like the fresco by Gustav Klimt scattered throughout its generously furnished rooms. Then head to Kalnoky Castle, a 17th century countryside castle belonging to a family of Hungarian noblemen. Admire the true melting pot of styles that coalesce in a castle built with a mixture of late Renaissance and neoclassical architecture, surrounded by a 19th century English-style park. Drive back to Cluj later in the afternoon where your tour ends.

From Bucharest: 5-Day Private Guided Tour of Romania

8. From Bucharest: 5-Day Private Guided Tour of Romania

5 Days Tour in Romania An adventure of a lifetime, for this 5-day tour of Romania we have chosen an assortment of rich sensory experiences, from medieval sites to a taste of the wilderness, with deep forests, vibrantly colored wildflowers and fresh mountain air (in the right season), all the way to modern exhibits, and a dash of traditional herbs and spices with the delicious foods we will be trying in every medieval town we visit. Total Duration: 5 days Day 1 : Bucharest City Tour 8 hours - Overnight in Bucharest Itinerary steps: 7 Meals not included Accommodation included: Overnight Stay in Bucharest - Accommodation not included Day 2 : Curtea de Arges Monastery, Poienari Castle, Transfagarasan (only between June and September), Overnight in Sibiu Itinerary steps: 4 Meals not included Accommodation included: Overnight Stay in Sibiu - Accommodation not included Day 3 : Biertan Fortified Church, Sighisoara’s Citadel, Overnight in Sighisoara Itinerary steps: 2 Meals not included Accommodation included: Overnight Stay in Sighisoara - Accommodation not included Day 4 : Brasov Old Town, Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle) - Overnight in Brasov Itinerary steps: 2 Meals not included Accommodation included: Overnight Stay in Brasov - Accommodation not included Day 5 : Peles Castle, Sinaia Monastery, Snagov Monastery - Dracula's Tomb - Back to Bucharest Itinerary steps: 3 Meals not included Accommodation included: Overnight Stay in Bucharest - Accommodation not included

Transylvanian 2-Day Castle Tour

9. Transylvanian 2-Day Castle Tour

Explore a tour in a Transylvanian atmosphere. Starting from Bucharest you will first visit the wonderful Peles Palace from Sinaia. The second day is dedicated to visiting Bran Castle and the beautiful medieval center of Brasov.  Don’t forget to taste the local food with Romanian, Hungarian and German influences. Day 1 – BUCHAREST – POIANA BRASOV Leave from Revolution Square in Bucharest in the morning at 08:00. Transfer by car, van, minibus, or coach to Poiana Brasov Mountain resort 13 kilometers from Brasov and visit the fabulous Peles Castle – former summer residence of the Royal family. Continue with a visit of the Rasnov Fortress. Built in 1331, the fortress was a shelter for the inhabitants of Rasnov in case of enemy attacks. In the middle of the courtyard there is a 146 meter deep well and the ruins of an 11th – 12th century Orthodox church were discovered here. Nowadays the fortress houses an interesting museum. Finish the day with dinner and accommodation in the Hotel House of Dracula in Poiana Brasov. Day 2- POIANA BRASOV – BRAN - BRASOV – POIANA BRASOV Take a morning drive to Bran to visit Dracula’s Castle (1377). Continue to Brasov, formerly Kronstadt, a lovely city founded in the 12th century by Saxon colonists, that has preserved its medieval look in the old districts. Next is a panoramic city and guided walking tour through the old town center, including a visit to the Black Church. Have some dinner at the hotel and rest for the night.  Day 3 – POIANA BRASOV – BUCHAREST Return to Revolution Square in Bucharest after breakfast.

Dracula’s Castle & Sighisoara 2-Day Tour from Bucharest

10. Dracula’s Castle & Sighisoara 2-Day Tour from Bucharest

This 2-day tour from Bucharest takes you on a discovery of the ancient medieval towns and fortresses of Transylvania. A walk on the narrow medieval streets of the ancient towns will make you feel the mysterious atmosphere of the past. Appreciate the beauty of Peles Castle and discover the legend of Dracula at Bran Castle. Explore the sights in the fortified town of Sighisoara including the Clock Tower, the Church on the Hill, the House of Dracula, and the Covered Staircase. Detailed Itinerary Day 1: Bucharest – Peles Castle – Bran Castle – Sighisoara Departing from Bucharest you will first visit Peles Castle located in the town of Sinaia, 44 kilometers from Brasov. Peles Castle is considered by many as one of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe. With the natural backdrop of the Carpathian Mountains, the castle is a masterpiece of German Renaissance architecture. You will then visit Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle. The legend of Dracula was based on the life of Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), a ruler revered by Romanians for standing up to the Ottoman Empire. Known as one of the most dreadful enemies of the Turks, Vlad started organizing the state and enforcing the law by applying the death penalty and impaling all those he considered enemies. You will then head to Sighisoara, where you will stay overnight. Day 2: Sighisoara – Bucharest Sighisoara is one of the few inhabited fortified towns in the world and it provides a splendid example of medieval town planning. Here, all the elements of the medieval world have been perfectly preserved. On your tour of Sighisoara you will visit the Clock Tower and History Museum, the Church on the Hill, the House of Dracula, and the Covered Staircase. At the end of the tour you will transfer back to Bucharest.

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Totally recommend this tour if you’re visiting Romania for a short time but still want to see some major sites outside of Bucharest. Rodica was an experienced, professional, and knowledgeable guide. I felt like she gave information about the history at all the right times and didn’t try to over explain or overwhelm us with facts and stories. She was always clear about when the next bathroom break would be available and when we’d have free time. The van was very comfortable, too. Everything was well-paced, and it hardly felt like it was as long of a day as it was. Dracula’s Castle was really crowded and over-rated, but Brasov is an absolute gem.

Very well organized and well detailed experience. The tour was challenging, especially for the late return due to traffic, but it was definitely worth it. Exceptional transport, really admirable guide, professional but also very nice, he really involved us a lot. I highly recommend the experience.

Our tour guide Monica was on time and everything was well-organized. The tour bus has an on board wifi. The view from Bucharest City going to the Peles Castle and Bran Castle was very heavenly from the beautiful pine trees to the stunning Carpathian mountains.

Great! Out tour guide, Eugene, was very educated, told us a lot about history of Romania while moving in a comfortable bus from Buchurest to Transylvania. Also, very helpful and gave us quite enough free time, too. Highly recommended!

Really well organized, the guide was really good! Prepared, friendly, he speaks Italian very well. He explained a lot of things about the history of Romania, the castles and the cities we visited. Also super helpful! Super recommended