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Tbilisi: Kazbegi Full-Day Group Tour

1. Tbilisi: Kazbegi Full-Day Group Tour

Explore Kazbegi, the mountainous region of Georgia. Feel the Caucasian Georgian spirit in the Caucasus Mountains. Take many beautiful pictures, hear exciting parts of the history, try the traditional Georgian dish Khinkali (Dumpling), discover the most beautiful part of Georgia, and get unforgettable memories. Your first stop is Zhinvali Water Reservoir on the Georgian Military Highway. The Soviets constructed the dam in the 1980s—a wonderful place to take amazing pictures. Visit Ananuri Fortress, the seat of the Eristavis (Dukes) of Aragvi, a feudal dynasty that ruled the area around the 13th century. See stunning views of the fortress and Zhinvali Reservoir. Have lunch in Pasanauri, the homeland of one of Georgia’s traditional foods: Khinkali. Admire the Friendship Monument of Georgian and Russian people in Gudauri, on the Georgian Military Highway. Contemplate the history of this fascinating monument overlooking Devil's Valley in the Caucasus Mountains. Explore one of the most beautiful places in Georgia, Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi. Get a panoramic view of the whole valley from the church, which is one of Georgia’s most iconic attractions. Be impressed with the view of Mount Kazbegi, standing 5047 meters tall.Go to a local luxury hotel and have a cup of coffee in the stylish restaurant while you relax with stunning mountain views.

Tbilisi: Zhinvali, Ananuri, Gudauri, and Kazbegi Day Trip

2. Tbilisi: Zhinvali, Ananuri, Gudauri, and Kazbegi Day Trip

Start your tour at Zhinvali Water Reservoir on the Georgian Military Highway. Learn the history of this Soviet dam, constructed in the 1980s. Then, arrive at the Ananuri Fortress, the seat of Aragvi's Eristavis (Dukes). Discover the intriguing plots of this feudal dynasty that ruled the area from the 13th century. Explore the site of numerous historic battles and take in the magnificent scenery — ideal for landscape photography. After the Ananuri Fortress, have lunch in Pasanauri, the homeland of the most famous traditional Georgian food, Khinkali. Admire the Friendship Monument of Georgian and Russian people in Gudauri. Located on the Georgian Military Highway between Gudauri ski resort and the Jvari Pass, the memorial consists of a large round stone arch and concrete structure overlooking the Devil's Valley in the Caucasus Mountains. Then, arrive at Kazbegi and explore one of the most beautiful places in Georgia: Gergeti Trinity Church. The church is located under Kazbegi Mountain, 2170 meters above sea level, and offers spectacular panoramic views of the entire valley. Enjoy the serene natural beauty of this isolated marvel. Finish your tour at the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. Relax with a cup of coffee in their stylish restaurant and soak up the stunning views of Kazbegi.

From Tbilisi: Kazbegi, Gudauri & Zhinvali Guided Group Tour

3. From Tbilisi: Kazbegi, Gudauri & Zhinvali Guided Group Tour

!! Please Notice!! In case we cant get up to Kazbegi do not blame us.The goverment closes the road in case of snowfall. Road is cleaned daily but there are situations that we are not allowed to go to Kazbegi due to your own and our safety Please understand before booking.!! Embark on an exhilarating journey to Kazbegi, a majestic mountainous wonder in Georgia! Traverse the iconic Georgian Military Highway, unveiling the breathtaking Main Caucasian Range. Marvel at the Zhinvali reservoir, and explore the enchanting Ananuri fortress—a must-see attraction. In Pasanauri, witness the captivating spectacle of the black and white Aragvi rivers refusing to mingle. Indulge in the natural wonders of healing Georgian honey, savoring the essence of this unique region. Cruise past the renowned Gudauri ski center, relishing panoramic mountain vistas that will leave you in awe. Ascend the heights to the Ark of Friendship, granting you a spellbinding view of a turquoise lake. Pause at Mount Travertine, where mineral water flows, offering a refreshing and invigorating experience. As you arrive in Stepantsminda, formerly known as Kazbegi, soak in the rich history and witness the iconic Mount Kazbegi standing tall at 5033 meters. Visit the Monastery of the Holy Trinity "Gergeti" perched at an awe-inspiring altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. Your journey will be guided by an enthusiastic English and Russian-speaking guide, ensuring not just a tour but a captivating immersion into the incredible tales and history of this Georgian gem! Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that promises unparalleled landscapes and unforgettable memories! **As well we provide Degustation of Wine, Chacha(Georgian traditional Drink), Churckhela(Traditional Georgian sweet), Honey and much more.*** Join us for paragliding in Kazbegi, where we are the exclusive licensed company in Georgia. Feel the thrill anytime, with pricing available upon request.

From Tbilisi: Guided Day Trip to Ananuri, Gudauri, & Kazbegi

4. From Tbilisi: Guided Day Trip to Ananuri, Gudauri, & Kazbegi

Important Notice!!! : Please be aware that if we are unable to reach Kazbegi, it is beyond our control. The government may close the road due to snowfall. While the road is cleared daily, there are situations where we might not be allowed to proceed to Kazbegi for the safety of both you and our team. Kindly understand this possibility before making a booking. Thank you for your understanding. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Kazbegi, Georgia's mountainous region, and experience the true essence of the Caucasus Mountains. Capture breathtaking moments, discover intriguing historical anecdotes, indulge in the traditional Georgian dish Khinkali (Dumplings), and create unforgettable memories in the most picturesque part of Georgia. Begin your journey at Zhinvali Water Reservoir, an impressive dam along the Georgian Military Highway. Take in the stunning scenery and seize the opportunity to capture remarkable photographs. Next, visit the magnificent Ananuri Fortress, once the stronghold of the Eristavis (Dukes) of Aragvi in the 13th century. Marvel at the panoramic views of the fortress and the adjacent Zhinvali Reservoir. Indulge in a delectable lunch in Pasanauri, the birthplace of Khinkali, one of Georgia's traditional culinary delights. Contemplate the rich history of the Friendship Monument in Gudauri, a symbolic testament to the bond between the Georgian and Russian people. Perched majestically on the Georgian Military Highway, this monument offers panoramic views of Devil's Valley in the Caucasus Mountains. Explore the iconic Gergeti Trinity Church, nestled in one of Georgia's most scenic locations, Kazbegi. From this vantage point, enjoy a sweeping panoramic view of the entire valley, with the towering Mount Kazbegi standing proudly at 5047 meters. Join us on this remarkable journey and let the beauty of Kazbegi leave an indelible mark on your heart. Book now for an unforgettable experience that blends nature, history, and gastronomy in the stunning landscapes of Georgia.

From T'bilisi: Kazbegi, Gudauri, and Ananuri Guided Day Trip

5. From T'bilisi: Kazbegi, Gudauri, and Ananuri Guided Day Trip

Embark on an immersive group tour through the picturesque landscapes of Georgia, exploring the enchanting destinations of Gudauri, Ananuri, and Kazbegi on this guided day trip from T'bilisi. Travel in a comfortable Mercedes Sprinter minibus and stay connected along the way with the included on board Wi-Fi. Be picked up from the activity provider's office in T'bilisi and hop aboard the climate-controlled minibus. Relax on the scenic drive into the majestic Kazbegi Mountains, where the iconic Gergeti Trinity Church stands against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery. Admire the thrilling of winter landscapes at the Gudauri ski resort which offers an adrenaline-filled experience for adventure enthusiasts. Journey into the past at the medieval Ananuri Fortress, a historical gem on the shores of the Aragvi River, showcasing architectural splendor and rich cultural heritage. Savor the perfect blend of adventure and cultural discovery, as Georgia's diverse landscapes and centuries-old history unfold before you. Indulge your sweet tooth by sampling some locally-produced honey. After seeing what the buzz is about, have some chacha (pomace brandy), a specialty only produced in Georgia. Return to your meeting point in T'bilisi with unforgettable memories of the mountains, winter landscapes, medieval fortresses, and flavors of Georgia.

From Tbilisi: Ananuri,Gudauri,Kazbegi Guided Group Tour

6. From Tbilisi: Ananuri,Gudauri,Kazbegi Guided Group Tour

Embark on a captivating journey from the lively meeting point in Tbilisi to the awe-inspiring Mount Kazbegi, traversing the legendary Georgian Military Highway. Prepare to be entranced by the enchanting landscapes and cultural treasures that unfold, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for every traveler. Your adventure commences with a scenic drive along the shores of the Zhinvali reservoir, a breathtaking gem nestled amidst the verdant Georgian countryside. Pause to savor the moment, capturing the serene beauty of the surroundings. Continue your odyssey to the historic Ananuri fortress, where centuries-old tales come alive amidst the ancient stones. Explore the intricately designed towers and walls that whisper stories of a bygone era, creating a connection to Georgia's rich history. Journeying further, arrive at Pasanauri, a charming locale where the black and white Aragvi rivers converge in a mesmerizing dance of contrasting hues. Stand witness to this unique meeting point, surrounded by the natural beauty of the region. Immerse your senses in the richness of natural Georgian honey, a delicacy that embodies the diverse and delectable culinary offerings of the area. Before reaching the renowned Gudauri ski center, indulge in an exquisite honey tasting experience, allowing your palate to be delighted by the nuanced flavors unique to Georgia. Additionally, partake in a chacha tasting, savoring the traditional Georgian grape brandy that captures the spirit of the region. Let these tastings be a sensory exploration, immersing yourself in the gastronomic delights that define Georgian culture. As you continue your exploration, the Gudauri ski center awaits, inviting you to admire the snow-covered slopes and feel the excitement of the possibilities that lie ahead. Ascend to the Ark of Friendship, a vantage point offering panoramic views of a turquoise lake, creating a stunning canvas of colors that will forever linger in your memory. Arrive in Stepantsminda, formerly known as Kazbegi, where the grandeur of Mount Kazbegi beckons. Marvel at the awe-inspiring sight of this towering peak, and ascend to the Holy Trinity Gergeti Monastery perched at a breathtaking 2200 meters above sea level. Allow the spiritual energy of this sacred place to envelop you as you take in the panoramic views of the surrounding vistas. Throughout your expedition, let the enchanting tales of the region's incredible history unfold through the knowledgeable narrative of your English and Russian-speaking guide. Each story adds depth to your experience, creating a tapestry of cultural richness that intertwines seamlessly with the natural wonders of Georgia. Let this journey be not just a trip but a symphony of sensations, a melody of moments that linger in your heart long after you bid farewell to this captivating land.

From Tbilisi: Kazbegi Highlights Guided Day tour

7. From Tbilisi: Kazbegi Highlights Guided Day tour

The Kazbegi Tour is the trip most of the visitors of Georgia take. Kazbegi is the pearl of Georgia which has recently become very popular because of it’s untouched beauty. With this tour, you will visit all the must-see sights in the Kazbegi Region. We begin the day by visiting Zhinvali water reservoir. Zhinvali dam was built in 1980’s because Tbilisi was growing rapidly and needed a new water supply. As a result we have a beautiful lake, where we stop to enjoy the stunning views of the water and surrounding colorful forests. Afterwards, we’ll continue to explore the famous 17th century Ananuri Fortress, known for its amaizing history. Attacked many times throughout the centuries, it still stands strong and attracts each and every guest. Then we’ll head up the breathtaking military highway of Georgia to Gudauri, where we’ll see the Friendship Monument. Here you’ll also have a chance to have an unforgettable experience of paragliding over the Caucasus mountains. Finally we’ll head to Stepantsminda also known as Kazbegi, here you’ll switch to a 4WD off-road car (The additional cost of which will be 20 GEL per person ) to go up to the stunning Gergeti monastery under the 5047 meter mountain of Kazbegi. Which was Built in 14th century. Gergeti used to be a secluded monastery. Ever since, there have been monks living here throughout the year, even through the freezing temperatures of -35 Celsius! Group Tour duration: at 9:00 until 19:00 . Locations you will visit Zhinvali Reservoir Ananuri castel River – Black and White Aragvi Gudauri ski resort – “Friendship monument” Mineral Springs Kazbegi – Stepantsminda Gergeti trinity church ‎Include: professional two language speaker guide (eng/rus) comfortable mini bus ( a\c) pick up and back in Tbilisi Organize details :‎Group members are gather, our meeting point area is central street : Tbilisi. Shota Rustaveli ave. 36 (near Opera)* during tour bus stop in restaurant, but price is not inlcude.

Tbilisi: Kazbegi & Highlights of Caucasus Mountains Day Trip

8. Tbilisi: Kazbegi & Highlights of Caucasus Mountains Day Trip

The tour covers several breathtaking places along the way. We can Easily Say that this is the highlight of your trip to Georgia. You have so much fun with charming people laughing and dancing on the way. The groups here are international; you can meet many incredible people.(For solo travelers, it is a great option!). Remember, it is a long ride, but no worries, our guides always create the mood and the atmosphere of celebration with beautiful stories about Georgia. This ride is challenging even for our safe and experienced drivers in winter. We have some tips on what you should do in the winter. First, be prepared for freezing weather, take everything warm you have, and get good sleep the night before. Sometimes roads are blocked, and we cannot go beyond Gudauri, but in this case, we have more time to spend at Gudauri ski resort, where you can try many activities like paragliding ATV bikes, Horse riding, etc. You can also try rafting experience during the summer period.

Kazbegi, Ananuri , Gudauri and Zhinvali (Group Tour)

9. Kazbegi, Ananuri , Gudauri and Zhinvali (Group Tour)

Enjoy a fun-filled and productive day on a group tour of Kazbegi and Dariali Gorge from Tbilisi. There's a lot to do on this trip with an 8-stop itinerary, tour start from Tbilisi and including Jinvali water reservoir, Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble, Pasanauri, Kvemo Mleta, Mineral Springs, Gergeti Trinity Church, Dariali, and Russian Georgian Friendship Monument and then back to Tbilisi. Finish up the tour by relishing amazing Georgian traditional cuisine in the evening. Bond with others in the small group and widen your network on the trip.

From Tbilisi: Guided tour Kazbegi-Ananuri with mulled wine

10. From Tbilisi: Guided tour Kazbegi-Ananuri with mulled wine

During our journey along the Georgian Military Road, we will be enchanted by the picturesque Zhinvali reservoir and the majestic fortress of Ananuri. The Ananuri ensemble captivates from afar, strategically positioned on a small cape where the Aragvi and Vedzathevi rivers meet. As we venture further, we'll come across Dusheti — a formidable fortress that once dominated this road, standing as a testament to high fortification art. The buildings that constitute the ensemble were erected between the 15th and 18th centuries, with only the citadel surviving from the vast castle complex. Ananuri belonged to the influential Aragvi Eristavas, who were among the most powerful feudal families of late medieval Georgia. Their relentless pursuit of power led them to confrontations and conflicts, with no Aragvi eristavas dying of natural causes, as chroniclers report. The Ananuri ensemble's earliest construction is a twenty-meter watchtower (15th century) featuring a pyramidal-stepped ceiling at the heart of the citadel. Subsequently, during the 15th-17th centuries, a small church was built between two lines of fortifications, followed by a medium-sized domed temple on the mountain ridge. The construction of the magnificent temple inside the citadel, known for its exquisite facades, was completed in 1689, showcasing the brilliance of late Middle Ages architecture. Continuing our journey along the Georgian Military Road northwards after leaving Ananuri, we will traverse the narrowing Aragvi gorge and reach Pasanauri, where a captivating natural phenomenon awaits: the confluence of the White and Black Aragvi. Our path will lead us through the scenic Gudauri ski resort, featuring a mesmerizing mountain serpentine, until we arrive at the "Arch of Friendship" atop the mountain. From this vantage point, we'll be treated to the sight of a turquoise lake, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and dotted with various architectural monuments, including ancient towers. Our next destination, which stands out against the magnificent backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains and Mount Kazbeg, is the Gergetis Sameba ensemble. This 14th-century church of the Holy Trinity in Gergeti is a small yet remarkable masterpiece comprising a domed temple, a bell tower, and a fortress wall. Rising at an impressive height of 2200 meters, Gergeti is not only an outstanding example of Georgian architecture but also a stunning marvel of landscape architecture.

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Our journey from Tbilisi to Gudauri to Kazbegi was an absolute delight, and our experience exceeded all expectations. From the moment we stepped onto the bus, we were greeted with comfort and convenience. The promise of timing and route accuracy was fulfilled to the tee, ensuring a seamless travel experience. But what truly made this tour stand out was our guide, Timur. He wasn't just a guide; he was a master storyteller and a consummate professional. His anecdotes and insights added layers of depth to each destination we visited. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to experience this tour with Timur before bidding farewell to Tbilisi. He's not just a guide; he's an entertainer in every sense of the word. Our time on the bus was more than just a commute; it was a party on wheels. Thanks to Timur's infectious energy, we found ourselves dancing, laughing, and reveling in the moment. We were so immersed in the fun that we hardly noticed the 40-minute traffic jam we encountered.

The Best Tour ever! Amelia was fantastic guide, very knowledgeable, funny and kind, she really worked hard so people can have a great trip. It was the best tour ever! Hey folks! TIP THE GUIDE please. There people work so hard for little pay, as a thanks for their hard work, pls tip the guide after the tour.

We had an amazing time on today's tour with breathtaking views of mountains. Thanks to Roni we had best memorable time and exciting iterary. I would highly reccommend this tour and tour guide.

If you are in Tbilisi you can't miss it. Incredible landscapes, and if you, like me, aren't used to mountains, you'll be in awe all day, especially in the winter! Just book it and enjoy!

We visited some of the coolest places I have ever been to