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From Bucharest: Vlad the Impaler Royal Court Private Tour

1. From Bucharest: Vlad the Impaler Royal Court Private Tour

Forget about legends and travel to see Vlad the Impaler's Royal Court and his Fortress in Poienari village, where Vlad use to hide the country's gold. Stop to see Curtea de Arges Monastery, a real beauty of the Royal Family, and where the graves of the Romanian Kings are located. See the biggest dam in Romania nearby, Vidraru Dam, and get ready to take pictures. You will travel by private car and have your own guide while visiting some of the most historical and interesting sites in the area. Travel to Targoviste Fortress, one of the most important medieval monuments in Romania with a history that goes back to the 15th century. Explore the former princely court, that was used as a residence by some of the most famous princes of Southern Romania, including Constantin Brancoveanu and the legendary Vlad the Impaler who built the emblematic Chindia Tower. Learn the history of Tragoviste, from its small beginnings as a fortress to its expansion to a princely residence by Vlad Dracul. Move on with a walk up to Chindia Tower, the symbol of the princely court of Targoviste. Admire the view from the tower’s balcony, especially the ruins of the two princely palaces, and also observe the silhouette of a church dated back to 1415. Finish walking around what remains of the palace and visit the two churches that still survive in the area, the small Holly Friday Church and the Great Princely Church, the only monument built in the 15th century in Southern Romania still conserved in its original form. Reach the old town of Curtea de Arges, with its rich and eventful history, and see the ruins of the Wallachian princely court, the 13th century Royal Church, as well the famous Arges Monastery. Learn the interesting and sad history of the sites from the guide. Enjoy visiting Poenari Castle, a perfect stop for history lovers and fans of Dracula. Experience the perfect chance to discover the wildlife in Transylvania.

Day Trip to Transfagarasan

2. Day Trip to Transfagarasan

Drive to the former capital of Wallachia, Targoviste, and visit the remains of the court of Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula. Next stop is in Curtea de Arges where you’ll visit one of the most beautiful churches in Romania, also the burial site of the first Romanian kings. From this holy place keep on driving to the ruins of Poenari Castle, Dracula’s fortification which overlooks the Carpathian Mountains.  Experience the Transfagarasan Road, built by Ceausescu with the help of the army. It offers a breathtaking view and takes you all the way up to the summit of the mountain where you can discover the astonishing glacial lake of Balea. From here, start your long but beautiful drive back home.

Targoviste: City tour of Chindia Tower & Royal Court & Park

3. Targoviste: City tour of Chindia Tower & Royal Court & Park

The guided tour of Targoviste city in Dambovita, Romania, will take you to the most relevant landmarks of this city, famous all over the world. You will discover the Chindia Tower in Targoviste, the symbol of the city, dating from 15th century (~1400 AD). You will climb the rotary stair up to the top for an amazing view over the entire Targoviste city and also the surrounding area. There are stops along the way up, where you can catch a glimpse at the way our ancestors used to live or to fight wars whenever the Turkish army was threatening the Christian world. Discover the famous rulers that used to live in Chindia Tower one of the most famous one being Vlad The Impaler (the bloodiest ruler of Romania). He did not staid only in Bran castle, he actually ruled from Targoviste as well. Find out his innovative war techniques. Find out how he managed to stop the huge Turkish armies from the safety of this tower, that lives on from 15th century til today. Then discover also the Royal Court, where important rulers from those times used to live. Today it is possible to actually climb the walls and see the original stones used back then to build this magnificent edifice. The guided tour in Targoviste will then take you to the biggest park in the city: Chindia Park. Take a guided walk, sip on the history and discover more amazing things. We also know the best locations to take amazing pictures, too! You can continue your tour with a visit to the local Zoo or take a boat ride on the lake in the park - we will provide you with the details and facilitate booking, if you wish. A hidden part of the history is just one step away from you - book this guided tour to Targoviste, now! Admission tickets are included!

Bucharest: Private Last Days of Ceausescu Tour in a Dacia

4. Bucharest: Private Last Days of Ceausescu Tour in a Dacia

On the 22nd of December 1989, 12:07 Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife run with the helicopter from the roof of the Communist Party Headquarter Palace escaping the fury of 100.000 persons who surrounded the building asking for his resignation. Having in mind to regroup and fight back to keep his supreme power over Romania that he had for almost 24 years Nicolae Ceausescu runs towards Pitesti to find support from the working class and the army but he is captured in that day near Targoviste. A classic car tour with a fully restored Dacia which explores both the geographical as well as the emotional roadmap covered by Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena on the 22nd of December 1989. Discover all the key moments from when they got in the helicopter to leave Bucharest until the last day of his 24 years of communist Presidency. We will explore the pivotal moments of Ceausescu’s last day as a President and cover a route of 90 km towards Targoviste- and back to Bucharest- the place where he was captured, detained and executed on the 25th of December 1989. Feel the terror and the fear which overwhelmed Nicolae Ceausescu after losing in just one day the supreme power he had over the country for 24 year and discover his lesser known attempts to get it back. Highlights •A 5.5 hours private tour with a classic car which crosses the city landmarks - such as The Revolution Square and Palatul Primaverii, the personal residence of Nicolae Ceausescu •Leave towards Targoviste •Stop where the Dictator abandons the helicopter and continues his run with a Dacia •Stop at The Steel Factory and The Militia station where Ceausescu tried to organize support but he gets arrested •Stop and visit the building where Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were detained, judged and executed on the 25th December 1989 •Return to Bucharest You will hop on or hop of the car on the main stops of the circuit, you’ll get the best photo shots of your travel, and you will hear the most amazing life stories that portray the way a real. You will discover in a 180 km itinerary towards Targoviste the rural Romania, the fears of Nicolae Ceausescu who lost everything on that day! Be ready to feel drive with a car that made the nation, a Classic Dacia car!

From Bucharest: Multi-City Dracula 8-Day Private Tour

5. From Bucharest: Multi-City Dracula 8-Day Private Tour

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the heart of Transylvania and uncover the truth behind the world's most famous vampire with the "Dracula Beyond the Legend" private tour. This eight-day adventure takes you to 14 eerie destinations throughout Romania, immersing you in the dark and mysterious history of the region. The journey begins and ends in Bucharest, a city shrouded in myth and legend, with a rich history dating back to the 15th century. From here, you'll be transported to some of the most haunted and mysterious landmarks in Romania, including the real Dracula's castle, where you'll learn about the twisted history of the bloodthirsty count. Throughout the tour, your expert guide will take you on a bone-chilling adventure through the most haunted and strange locations in Transylvania. Every step of the way is designed to evoke the ominous aura of the vampire that has captivated imaginations for centuries. From the frightening forest where the count is said to have roamed to the macabre town of Sighisoara where he was born, you'll experience the true terror of Dracula's legacy. The in-depth cultural experience of this tour is not for the faint of heart. You'll stay in a hotel with an eerie past, and your meals, transportation, and other amenities are all included. Throughout the journey, your senses will be overwhelmed by the spooky atmosphere that permeates every location you visit. At every destination, your guide will bring to life the dark and twisted history of Transylvania. You'll hear stories of the vampire's wickedness, his thirst for blood, and the terror that he brought upon the people of the region. You'll discover the origins of the legend of Dracula and how it has evolved over the centuries to become one of the most enduring and captivating myths in popular culture. At the real Dracula's castle, also known as Bran Castle, you'll experience the chilling atmosphere that inspired Bram Stoker's famous novel. From the castle's eerie corridors to the dark and forbidding dungeon, you'll be transported back in time to the era when Dracula ruled the land. The tour also includes visits to other landmarks that are steeped in legend and mystery, such as the fortified churches of Biertan and Viscri, the spooky Hoia Baciu Forest, and the medieval town of Brasov. You'll have the opportunity to explore these locations at your leisure, soaking up the atmosphere and discovering the hidden secrets of Transylvania. The tour plan: Day 1: Bucharest OTP Airport - Bucharest City Day 2: Bucharest – Targoviste Royal Court – Poenari Castle Day 3: Poenari citadel – Transfagarasan Highway – Sibiu Day 4: Sibiu – Corvin Castle – Sarmizegetusa Regia – Densus church – Deva Day 5: Deva – Alba Carolina – Turda Salt Mine – Cluj-Napoca Day 6: Cluj-Napoca – Hoia Baciu Forest - Biertan – Sighisoara Citadel Day 7: Sighisoara – Bran Castle – Brasov Day 8: Brasov - Snagov Monastery - Bucharest city or airport

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Such an amazing tour! we visited several places, each with a meaningful historical background for the country, specially about Vlad Tepes legacy. Tour guide was very friendly and kept a nice conversation and profesionalism, even when Poenari castle was closed, he filled the time with other nice places around and the oportunity to try traditional food, I learnt a lot thanks to his knowledge of every place we saw.

It was a pretty awesome day with my very so knowledgeable and professional guide Alex. Alex was great explaining the history and culture of the visited places and the most memorable thing was spotting brown bears 11 times and enjoying a Romanian lunch after reaching the summit

Adrian was a great host and had lots of knowledge to share. Made sure I was comfortable and enjoying the experience the whole day. Would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see more of this beautiful country.

The tour was amazing! Nicolas is a very knowledgeable guide who prioritizes the guest experience. I definitely recommend checking it out! Very fun adventure that I would do again.