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Katakolo Cruise Port: Roundtrip Transfer to Ancient Olympia

1. Katakolo Cruise Port: Roundtrip Transfer to Ancient Olympia

Explore the Archeological Site of Olympia on your own with a roundtrip transfer from the Katakolo Cruise port. Drive through the scenic mainland of western Peloponnese and explore the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Return to the port, just in time for your cruise departure. Meet your guide outside of the cruise terminal and board an air-conditioned bus to Ancient Olympia. Buy your admission ticket upon arrival and enter the archeological site. Learn of the origin of the Olympic Games in classical times, held from 776 BC until 393 AD. Marvel at the Temple of Hera and the Olympic flame that burns outside during the modern-day games. See the Temple of Zeus that once housed one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Golden and Ivory statue of Zeus. Witness where competitors once swore an oath to honor the rules at the Stadium and Bouleuterion. Feel free to explore at your own pace and choose to visit the modern Village of Olympia for shopping or a traditional meal. Take a moment to swim at the nearby beach before returning to your awaiting cruise ship.

From Athens: Ancient Olympia Small Group Day Trip

2. From Athens: Ancient Olympia Small Group Day Trip

Step into ancient history with a visit to Olympia. On the way to Olympia, stop at the Corinth Canal, a masterpiece of modern engineering. Upon arrival, embark on a guided tour of the site. During the tour, see the Temple of Zeus, the Gymnasium, the Altar of Goddess Hera, and the site where the Olympic flame is lit every four years. During the tour around this UNESCO World Heritage Site, see the Leonidaion, where all the important visitors to the Olympic games were hosted, and the Stadium which was designed to hold up to 40,000 spectators. Not far from the archeological site and through a park full of trees, there stands the Archeological Museum of Olympia, which opened in 1982 and is the home to an outstanding collection of statues and artifacts found during the excavations.

From Athens: Olympia Private Day Trip & Temple of Zeus

3. From Athens: Olympia Private Day Trip & Temple of Zeus

Travel to the birthplace of the Olympic Games in comfort on a private day trip to ancient Olympia. Olympia is the site of the Olympic Games, the ancient Greek athletic contests that were one of the four great Panhellenic festivals. The name Olympia, in ancient Greek, means "house of the olympian gods." The Olympic Games were sacred games held every year in honor of Zeus and the other Olympian gods. They were held every four years, with one or two games every olympiad, as part of a festival to Zeus. The word "Olympiad" is derived from the name of this festival. Athletes and visitors from all over Ancient Greece came to compete in the festival and to honor Zeus. Children who did not live in Ancient Greece often learn about these games by reading books such as The Adventures of Hercules, a fictional story featuring the Greek hero Hercules and his famous twelve labors. The best-preserved ruins there include the Temple of Hera (much of which still stands), the Philippeion (a circular building with a central dome that once housed the Olympic throne), and the stadium, where many significant events took place including the first recorded Olympic games.

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They have very good communication and are punctual. The only think I didn't like is that I booked for 09:00 and they texted me the day before to tell me they've my time to 10:00 die to the previous tour. I am assuming I was the only one booking at 09:00 so they moved me to 10:00 which messed up my schedule a little bit but it wasn't a biggie because o didn't have other activities booked but if I would it could be an issue. I still think they deserve 5 stars due to punctuality, communication and price!

Vasilika the guide was great, adding good explanations on the bus and good recommendations to eat. The only thing to comment is the map that is indicating the address for meeting point is a bit wrong. Me and others bypassed the travel agency and continued forward following the map. That needs to be changed. The agency is at the very start of the street.

Nice reception at the agreed meeting point. Creek Land is a shop with blue awnings. Everyone got a bottle of water for free. The lady also accompanied us to the Olympics on the bus. A little bit about the country and its people. Even with the punctual pick-up at the agreed point, the lady welcomed us again. Everything perfect

Professional, punctual, gives his phone number to be contacted in case of problems, some tourist information on the trip, facilitator! Impeccable and air-conditioned bus.

Everything as expected, punctual departure and after a 3-hour stay, a quick return to the starting point.