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Verona from Above: Lamberti Tower Entry

1. Verona from Above: Lamberti Tower Entry

Look over the sights of Verona 84 meters above street level with an entry ticket to the Medieval Tower of Lamberti, still in use as a clock tower for the city. This tower is located in the heart of the city center, Piazza delle Erbe, a few minutes walk from the most important attractions of Balcone di Giulietta and Arena. If you're feeling sporty, 289 steps are waiting for you! Or, if you simply want to get to the top as fast and easy as possible, you can take the internal elevator to the terraces to admire the characteristic spires from a fresh perspective.

Verona: Juliet's House & Piazzas Skip-the-Line Private Tour

2. Verona: Juliet's House & Piazzas Skip-the-Line Private Tour

Visit the iconic Juliet's House in Verona with a private, local guide. Save time by skipping the line, learn about the House's rich history, and explore the stunning Piazza dei Signori and Piazza del Erbe. Begin your tour with a visit to Juliet's House. Fans of Shakespeare's famous Romeo and Juliet can see Juliet's Balcony and imagine themselves in the middle of the tragic love story. Skip the line and learn the house's secrets from your guide on a private tour. After Juliet's House, wander through the nearby squares and narrow streets. Check out Piazza dei Signori and its monument to Dante and towering arches. After, head to Piazza del Erbe and see the famous fountain in the middle of the square.

Verona: Walking Tour with Skip-the-Line Juliet’s Balcony

3. Verona: Walking Tour with Skip-the-Line Juliet’s Balcony

Experience the beauty and history of Verona with this small group walking tour. Visit Juliet's House and see the Scala family tombs, Castelvecchio, the Arena, and more. Meet your official Verona guide in the center of the city and start your exploreation of the streets of Verona’s UNESCO World Heritage historical center. See the remarkably well-preserved Area and learn about its history and how it has survived all these years.  Next, head to Castelvecchio castle, an important military monument build by the Scala family. Stroll to Piazza delle Erbe. View Piazza Dante and the Scala family tombs. Go to Romeo and Juliet's House and look out from the world famous balcony. Find out more about Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy that inspires hundreds of people every year.

Mantova City Center and Ducal Palace: 3-Hour Guided Tour

4. Mantova City Center and Ducal Palace: 3-Hour Guided Tour

Surrounded by 3 small lakes, Mantova rises almost magically from the waters. The relationship between Mantua and water is a very close one: the Mincio River, the lakes and the medieval canal known as Rio are all entwined in Mantovan traditions. On a 3-hour walking tour in the city center you’ll discover how water and earth are unexpectedly interwoven. See stunning buildings, squares and churches. Learn about the importance of the Gongaza family in fine art and how they transformed their home into what is today the largest museum in Italy. The Ducal Palace was built between the 14th and the 17th centuries as the family’s royal residence in the capital of their duchy. The buildings are connected by corridors and galleries and feature inner courts and gardens. The complex includes about a thousand rooms and occupies an area of 34,000 square meters. Although most famous for Mantegna's frescos in the Camera degli Sposi (Wedding Room), there are many other very significant architectural and painted elements. Visit Rigoletto's House, see the exterior of the Saint George Castle and visit Piazza Castello, Piazza Santa Barbara and Piazza lega Lombarda. At Piazza Sordello you’ll have views of the Ducal Palace façade, the Cathedral, Vicolo Bonacolsi, Piazza Broletto with the medieval Palazzo del Podesta and Palazzo del Massaro and Arengario. Piazza delle Erbe is surrounded by the Palazzo della Ragione, the Clock Tower and the Saint Lorenzo Church. See the façade of the Merchant's House, Piazza Mantegna with the Basilica of Sant'Andrea built by Leon Battista Alberti and Piazza Leon Battista Alberti with the former cloister of the Sant'Andrea Monastery. No entrance tickets are needed on this city center tour, unless you’d like to visit the beautiful Bibiena Theatre where Mozart played when he was 13 years old (entrance €2). Churches close at noon and re-open at 15.00. During services entrance to visit churches is not permitted. For the Ducal Palace the entrance fee is €13. The Castle and Ducal Palace limit entrance to groups not larger than 25 people. For larger groups additional guides are needed and bookings are required in advance. On the first Sunday of every month, entrance to the Ducal Palace is free of charge, but cannot be booked in advance. As only 1,500 people per day can enter the room painted by Mantegna, on these special Sundays it may be impossible to enter that particular room.

Verona: Museo Nicolis Villafranca Entrance Ticket

5. Verona: Museo Nicolis Villafranca Entrance Ticket

Visit one of the most thrilling and innovative private exhibitions on the international scene. Museo Nicolis near Verona tells the story of 20th-century technology and design. Book your entrance ticket and check out the 10 fascinating exhibitions consisting of the best of cars, technology, and mechanics. The museum was given the most prestigious award in the world of classic cars, Museum of the Year 2018 at The Historic Motoring Awards, assigned by a qualified international panel in London. It was also deemed Ruoteclassiche's "Best in Classic". The museum owes its foundation to the enormous passion of Luciano Nicolis. The passion found its ideal location in a 6000-square-meter exhibition area when it opened in 2000. The totally accessible and ultra-modern building enhances the quality of the exhibits on display. The wide range of the collection includes over 200 classic cars, 110 bicycles, 100 motorcycles, 500 cameras and movie cameras, 100 musical instruments and jukeboxes, 100 typewriters, airplanes and instruments, and a military area with WWI and WWII relics, models of cars, airplanes, and trains.

Verona: Walking City Highlights Tour

6. Verona: Walking City Highlights Tour

Follow your guide through the ancient streets of Verona on this private tour. Admire the Verona Arena and famous squares like delle Erbe and dei Signori.  Meet your local guide at Piazza Bra. Walk by the Verona Arena, a well-preserved Roman amphitheater. Listen to anecdotes and historical information as you stroll through the delle Erbe and dei Signori squares.  Head to a statue of the characters of Romeo and Juliet. Walk by the house of Juliet, a Gothic-style house that is said to have inspired the love story. Continue to the Church of Sant'Elena which is over a thousand years old. View the picturesque Piazza Duomo. 

Verona: Sightseeing and Heritage Tour

7. Verona: Sightseeing and Heritage Tour

Verona is a beautiful and romantic city, a prosperous medieval town in its own and also a popular tourist destination. Step back into Shakespearean times and call for your Romeo from Juliet's balcony or visit the exceptionally preserved ancient Roman Arena where during the summer concerts and operas are still performed. Your tour will also include free time to explore the narrow medieval streets and the renaissance palace that make up Verona's historic center.

From Milan: Guided Private Romeo and Juliet Tour to Verona

8. From Milan: Guided Private Romeo and Juliet Tour to Verona

Verona is a popular destination for a day trip from Milan. On this private tour by car you can discover a historic city with beautiful architecture and cultural heritage. Hear the true story of Romeo and Juliet and fall in love with the Italian City of Love! This 9-hour guide-on-site tour includes private transportation from Milan to Verona with pickup and drop-off directly at your accommodation. Enjoy a hassle-free experience as you travel through Northern Italy. A Local Guide will meet you in Verona and show you the best things to do here. You will wander around Piazza Brà, Verona’s largest public square featuring the magnificent Palazzo della Gran Guardia and Verona Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheatre that is older than the Colosseum in Rome. You will also walk past Porta Leoni, an ancient Roman gate. At every turn, you will discover thousands of years of history. William Shakespeare has lured many visitors to Verona through his plays Romeo and Juliet and The Two Gentlemen of Verona. On this tour you will have a chance to enter the inner courtyard of Juliet’s House to see the legendary balcony where a young girl is said to have cried for Romeo! You will also see the 84-meters-high Torre dei Lamberti and visit the Basilica of Saint Anastasia, Verona’s largest church in Verona with a beautiful Italian Gothic interior. Other places of interest include the old Roman arch bridge Ponte Pietra and the Verona Cathedral. The guided tour will end at Porta Borsari and you will have free time for lunch or souvenir shopping before the driver takes you back to Milan.

Private Walking Tour of Verona With Tickets Included

9. Private Walking Tour of Verona With Tickets Included

Immerse yourself in the magic and romance of Verona with this private walking tour, offering a deep dive into the city's history, architecture, and culture. Verona is not only famous for being the setting of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," but also for its rich historical sites, including the well-preserved Arena di Verona - a true testament to the city's Roman past. Begin your tour at the magnificent Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheater that is among the world's largest and best-preserved. Imagine the echoes of gladiatorial spectacles and grand events that once filled the air. Today, the Arena comes alive each summer as it hosts a prestigious opera festival, continuing its legacy as a space of spectacle and public gathering. Your guide will bring to life the arena's vibrant past, detailing its construction, its function in Roman society, and its lasting impact on Verona's culture. From there, stroll down Via Mazzini, Verona's luxurious shopping street. This bustling thoroughfare offers an elegant blend of history and modernity, lined with boutiques housed in historic buildings. Here, you can admire the exquisite Italian fashion and design that fills the shop windows. Your next stop is the Piazza delle Erbe, an old Roman forum that is now the city's bustling marketplace. Surrounded by beautifully frescoed buildings, the square is filled with stalls selling fresh produce, local delicacies, and handicrafts. The vibrant atmosphere here makes it a great place to people-watch and soak up the local culture. Of course, no visit to Verona would be complete without paying homage to the city's most famous fictional residents, Romeo and Juliet. As you walk towards Juliet's house, your guide will recount the tragic love story that has captured the imaginations of people worldwide. Stand beneath the famous balcony and maybe even rub the statue of Juliet for good luck in love. Continue your exploration by visiting the Piazza dei Signori and the Verona Cathedral, other essential stops that testify to Verona's rich historical and architectural landscape. Each site has its unique charm and story that your guide will happily share. Your walking tour of Verona concludes with a visit to Castelvecchio, a 14th-century fortress that now houses a museum. Admire the striking architecture of the castle as your guide paints a vivid picture of Verona's past. Throughout your private walking tour, enjoy the undivided attention of your guide, who can cater to your interests and answer any questions you may have about Verona's history, culture, and daily life. This tour is perfect for those who want to experience Verona beyond its surface, taking the time to appreciate its lesser-known gems and understand its deep historical roots. Remember, this private walking tour is just for you. The itinerary can be tailored to suit your pace and preferences.

Private Walking Tour of Verona

10. Private Walking Tour of Verona

Embark on a private 2.5-hour walking tour of Verona, a city renowned for its rich history, breathtaking architecture, and as the setting for Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". This experience is not just a tour, it's an intimate journey through the lanes of this UNESCO-listed city, an opportunity to immerse yourself in its culture and history with the guidance of a knowledgeable tour guide who is as passionate about Verona as you will be. As you wander through Verona's cobbled streets, your private guide will lead you to the most significant sights and hidden gems of the city. Starting from the ancient Roman amphitheatre, the Arena di Verona, you'll be transported back to gladiatorial times. This well-preserved architectural masterpiece hosts world-famous opera performances and is a living testament to the city's Roman past. From there, visit Piazza delle Erbe, a vibrant market square that has served as the city's social and economic hub for centuries. Here, amidst frescoed houses and a bustling market, experience the authentic Veronese lifestyle. Follow your guide to the renowned Juliet’s House, where the legendary balcony conjures the timeless tale of love between Romeo and Juliet. Delve into the story behind the fiction, while exploring the captivating 13th-century building. Venture to the Verona Cathedral, a magnificent example of Romanesque architecture. Marvel at the intricate carvings, the stunning frescoes, and learn about the cathedral's transformation through the centuries. The tour concludes at the majestic Castelvecchio, a testament to Verona's military past. Walk across its iconic bridge, the Ponte Scaligero, while your guide shares tales of Verona’s history and the city's status in the Middle Ages. Beyond these highlights, expect to be led to hidden corners and lesser-known sites that showcase the authentic Veronese character. This private tour promises a personalised experience, offering flexibility and the opportunity to explore at your own pace. Whether you're an aficionado of architecture, a history enthusiast, or a romantic at heart, this private 2.5-hour walking tour of Verona caters to all interests, ensuring a captivating and enriching experience. Allow the essence of Verona to leave a lasting imprint on your travel memories. Unearth the secrets of this beautiful city and indulge in the charm of its culture, history, and people with this unique private walking tour.

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Bellissima vista dal Lamberti tower. Andate a vedere